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Does the boy protect skin what to contraindication there is? What does the boy protect skin to want to notice?

A lot of men also can protect skin now, because protect the patent that skin is a woman no longer, the man also needs to protect skin euqally, just the man protects skin so complex without the woman, so a lot of men can be accepted. But the thing that still one part man thinks protecting skin is a woman, the man is done too woman, protecting skin actually do not divide a men and women. So does the boy protect skin what to contraindication there is? What does the boy protect skin to want to notice?

Does the boy protect skin what to contraindication there is? What does the boy protect skin to want to notice? (1)


One, the boy protects skin to have what contraindication

1, body breast

For body daub body breast can protect wet moist skin, but in the skin thinner facial use off base. Most body latex contains more flavor, the photograph is a lot of less than protecting skin to taste nutrient composition, still can make facial skin loses flexibility. The product such as bath fluid should be not used on the face more, that meeting makes the skin more dry, still can cause pore to jam.

2, lemon

Lemon juice shows high acidity, PH is worth 2, no less than sucks lemon to be able to destroy the enamel on the tooth, if use pure lemon on the skin directly, your skin balances those who be destroyed it this strongly.

3, hot water

The sense of hot water shower is very good, but it is met absolutely the cutaneous from you is outer take away moisture secretly, cause the skin dry with water oily unbalance. If you are oily skin or blain blain skin, should avoid hot water shower more. Be in especially in the winter, try to replace hot water with Wen Shui, dry sense also can get alleviating.

4, toothpaste

Although toothpaste can make dental whiteness very unsuited however use on the face, it can make your face dry give whelk, among them chemical composition still can have burnable cutaneous possibility, leave brunet scar finally, bad is you cure it without better idea.

5, sodium bicarbonate

Although we know sodium bicarbonate is OK,chamfer pledges, but common family expenses saleratus is used on the face alkalescent too intense, soda acid is very important evenly, your skin has among them about the healthy PH value of 4.5-5, and the PH value of sodium bicarbonate is 9, use too basic ingredient can be destroyed and damage cutaneous natural protective screen, still can bring about showing moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year, damage itself of your cutaneous adjustment ability.

6, hydrogen peroxide solution

As a gentle antiseptic, hydrogen peroxide solution is precaution infection, or one of nurses in time optimal way after getting hurt, but remember, can not treat acne in order to use it. Besides it caustic, it still is a kind of common allergic cause, can cause inflammation reaction, invite skin infection again.

7, candy

Absorb overmuch candy branch to bring disaster to the skin, facial skin is head and shoulders above your imagination thinly, accordingly, although candy and olive oil chamfer pledge the double leg that can let you looks smooth and gorgeous, but the texture with big rough grain will destroy the skin that injures your face to go up.

8, alcohol

Hydrogen peroxide solution, external use alcohol is to use alexipharmic cut to avoid thereby infection, clean the disinfectant fighting bacterium of your house. Adhere to them on the face you are prickled with respect to meeting feeling, because alcohol is the driest,use one of agents, it can be brought about facial and exceeding dry. Because this is in,should ensure it is nonalcoholic, otherwise your pore is about endure hardships.

9, vaseline

Vaseline can be used at moist and flimsy skin, even mosquito bite, cut can have favorable effect. But it can not regard long-term and moist cutaneous as the product, can feel skin molten at first, but the characteristic that sealed water divides vaseline of no less than, coarse embellish skin lotion also closes dirt in the skin, as time passes can become more dry.

10, fixature

Catch hair product to may produce stimulation when be contacted with the skin for the most part, fixature wants to take seriously particularly here. Somebody is decided with it in crises makeup, but the skin that can cause you more so is dry, and jam pore, cause stimulation and allergic appearance.


2, the boy protects skin to want what to notice

1, do not touch a face with the hand uncontrollably. This often causes a bacterium to be caused in the skin on the face, produce whelk thereby. Of the hair stimulate facial ministry skin easily also sometimes filthily, grow aggravating blain.

2, notice the bed provides sanitation. Should keep the quilt, sheet, pillow, towel that wash a face clean constantly. The insolate of sunshine is best disinfection, ultraviolet ray has the effect that kills a bacterium.

3, control eats sweetmeats amount. Like to eat sweet food and cannot be being abstained is the main factor that causes long whelk. The mug-up with the cake that candy divides and much carbohydrate causes whelk the most easily. Additional, the nutlet such as earthnut kind also should eat less as far as possible. Those who love the United States is little male people had better be opposite these food stay at a respectful distance from sb.

4, moderate campaign. Moderate campaign can promote metabolism, have favorable effect to the body and skin, everyday gymnastics of 3 minutes, be the very secret of success that maintains beautiful skin!

5, do not eat rubbish food. The rubbish food such as snack, snacks, cause constipation easily; Love eats a late food to be opposite not only the stomach is bad, and can cause constipation, can draw blain.

6, eat natural food more. Eat more a few natural the provision that does not contain artificial accretion, fruit of plant fibrous vegetable and yoghurt; Eat vegetable more, because eat red turnip, spinach, green pepper, broccoli,can enhance the strength to the bacterium the flower, balanced of course diet is very important also.

7, maintain the state of mind cheerful. The pressure on spirit can cause leather fat to secrete exuberant, also be the cause of formation of whelk, buoyant meeting lets blain blain be far from.

8, adjust biological clock. No matter much busier, went to bed the latest please at 11 o'clock. The metabolism of skin normally by arrived at 11 o'clock in the evening undertake when 2 o'clock in the middle of the night, the physiology clock you moves pair of time, ability won't embrace blain self-pity.