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Does the male protect skin what to move there is? Does the male protect skin what to contraindication there is?

A lot of men think to protect skin is the business that female talent can do, the man needs far from, the man protects skin too woman, actually this kind of idea is wrong, the man also is to need to caress cutaneous, the man's skin also is exceedingly flimsy, if do not take care to nurse, also be harmed very easily, so the man also should take seriously protect skin. So does the male protect skin what to move there is? Does the male protect skin what to contraindication there is?

Does the male protect skin what to move there is? Does the male protect skin what to contraindication there is? (1)


One, the true measure that the man protects skin

1, clean: Advocate " tall relaxed "

Busy job, long overworked rushs about, make a man very easy generation sweat and fat, accordingly, the first job that the man protects skin is clean, the man protects skin to advocate " high-definition bright " feeling.

With man appropriative clean face product, like wanting to resemble brushing one's teeth only, daily 2, every time 3 minutes, the skin that can let oneself is in those silky bubble, in complete cleanness, clear after bilge, sweat and redundant grease, experience relaxed feeling. The skin after the man protects the important step of skin to still cannot leave shave to need at the same time nurses.

2, clear: I should " the most comfortable "

After cleanness passes, be about to clear then cerebral cortex. Normally the man seldom can use close skin water, it is important in that way to use close skin water to be like the water after the beard in fact. The PH that close skin water can help farther cleared and cuticular leftover grease, convergent pore maintain skin weak acidity is worth, some contain the close skin water that defends wet factor more skin of can farther bate, close skin water is taken after clean, shave is needed, can let skin feel more comfortable, because shave must be caused,return OK and effective precaution " inside unripe beard " or allergic state.

3, moist: Go after " 0 burdens "

A lot of men protect skin to always fear to bring overweight burden to facial ministry, do not like to protect skin to taste " burnt " live to feel facially, accordingly, one of requirements that select man product are gone after namely " 0 burdens " . Relaxed model embellish skin dew, not oily not be bored with, won't bring a burden to facial ministry, can permeate skin well, produce a diaphragm, chain the moisture inside skin effectively, abiding and moist skin.

4, correct clean

Common man is in clean face when must have patience, take care of each inches of oneself skin as far as possible. Can use first accumulate contain those who remove dirty part to protect skin to taste scour off of the leather fat skin surface layer, bilge, reoccupy contains the grandma washing a face of nutrient composition to go up in order to massage means daub in the face, while skin assimilates nutrient substance, still can quicken hypodermic haemal circulation, promote skin metabolism thereby, conduce to nutrient better inside infiltration skin, moist skin.

5, protect skin order

The true measure that protect skin undertakes deep-seated cleanness first namely, ensure skin can absorb enough nutrition effectively, next smear can rise to protect skin to taste to what ensure wet, moist result, undertake exterior protection again finally.

The man is being used order also should note when protecting skin to taste, follow the principle that molecular Yue Xiaoyue uses first, for instance frostlike powder of frost of fluid of bright skin water, elite, eye, latex, milk, cream shape protects skin to taste, use quality of a material first relaxed, not so of massiness protect skin to taste, can promote all sorts of nutrition to be absorbed adequately better so.


2, the male protects skin to have why to abstain from

1: The habit uses clear bath face directly in the morning, had been washed clean in the evening before today anyway.

Analysis: The skin is passed one all night metabolic, what what do not imagine like you actually is so clean, use clean face breast to wash a face normally, in complete cleanness while give skin one day original protection, make skin aplomb comfortable, prevent the generation of the problem.

2: Protect skin to taste managing use, the part that takes more is put again.

Analysis: Metamorphism or feculent day are changed article not only the skin of the person that won't let use, hair be able to beautification, make the skin becomes coarse likely still or generation pigment is ad cool-headed. Be in so ferial use cleanness or maintain when tasting, should avoid to be dug with feculent finger as far as possible above all take bottle / the product inside the box, lest bacterial infection arrives inside,the partial; that has not use is like the cosmetic that takes out to have not give out, write down sincerely not again inside replace bottle, lest create soil. After cosmetic is used, want to wipe the incomplete floodwater on low-lying land that takes in opening place clean with paper towel, screw cap again.

3: After washing a face every time, can wipe the moisture on the face with towel.

Analysis: The man often goes up in the skin with dry towel energetically knead, such meetings are harmed and stimulate the skin, let skin grow microgroove. Right way is: Wash a face to press water with towel or face tissues dry, than using wiped method to be opposite cutaneous drag and harm want to be gotten gently much. Grew blain blain on the face especially when, must replace towel with face tissues, the fashion that controls in order to press absorbs moisture, such ability won't cause bacterial infection.

4: Undertake facial when massaging, time heals long had healed.

Analysis: Facial massage time appropriate is measurable, cannot too long or too short, must inspect skin state of qualitative, cutaneous and age will decide. Right way is: Generally speaking, neuter cutaneous massages time to be 10 minutes or so. Drying cutaneous massage time is commonly 10- - 15 minutes. Oily cutaneous massage time should be controlled in 10 minutes in. Irritability skin had better not be done massage.

Cutaneous massage time should be controlled in 10 minutes in. Irritability skin had better not be done massage.

5: Besmear eye frost when, habit fast exert oneself to do sth. again, 29 finished.

Analysis: Eye ministry skin is the weakest position on the face, if you exert oneself to do sth. daub or excessive drag, can make furrow increasing. The method of frost of correct besmear eye is: Point to celiac gentleness daub with middle finger at eye ministry all around skin. The movement should want slow light, can be in eye ministry all around light dub is played, do a bit down certain way massage.