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How does autumn fill is water protected wet? What does autumn filling water protect wet method to have?

When autumn protects skin, should more notice filling water is protected wet, autumn skin will be drier, the meeting that lack water is caused the skin since the skin, corrugate, need has done filling water to keep wet job, it is to use a few products that protect skin not only, live to also need to notice skin filling water at ordinary times, so how does autumn fill is water protected wet? What does autumn filling water protect wet method to have?

How does autumn fill is water protected wet? What does autumn filling water protect wet method to have? (1)

1, how does autumn fill water is protected wet

Defend wet method one: Protect wet make up water

Rise to look in the mirror without doubt of the result that protect skin every morning, the pore that discovers oneself is a bit thick still, the skin still has bit of oil to protect skin skill, the smear after remembering washing clean face at this moment is protected wet make up water, after all our face should bear daylong wind blows insolation, still do not ache with respect to this bit of moment in the morning be fond of it. Remember brushing make up water when it is bit better to must use quality make up cotton protects skin skill, so OK more effective let skin imbibe go in.

Defend wet method 2: Protect wet area film

My skin actually original not quite good, the doohickey that protect skin adds go to work to make a reason want everyday to computer, the skin is long-term and so bad, often dry, but oneself still hold to everyday on apply one piece keeps wet Facial mask in the evening. There is type in Qu Chen the Facial mask of moderate of various, price, vacuum is odd a fast Facial mask that pack is simple convenient, and it is the face diaphragm that protects skin doohickey to immerse in order to protect wet elite fluid normally, the effect is apparent.

Defend wet method 3: Protect wet sparge

Early morning is relaxed go out, flesh goes midday Huang Qifu begins dark and gloomy, take a bottle to protect wet sparge, need to press shower nozzle gently only, go fizzling out to protect wet sparge compactly to be aspersed on the face with respect to even ground, skin instant is drunk full water, new coruscate expression. Dennis, medium inside the big market such as building of general merchandise of annulus general merchandise, Chinese redbud hill, go fizzling out gas can be bought protect wet sparge. Take the advantage of go fizzling out working space, give skin filling water at any time and place.

Defend wet method 4: Protect wet elite

Beautician people often work in the environment that close, their filling water recipe is to use normally protect wet elite. Before giving skin the latex on besmear, tu Meibai goes fizzling out go up some of elite fluid, the latex can resemble a cap same, cover elite liquid below skin surface layer closely, extend the time that moisture evaporates. Additional, protect wet elegant go in vain molecular volume of Huang Hua is even minorrer than the latex, can permeate corneous layer to fall, moist and dry cell.

Defend wet method 5: Protect wet late frost

The optimal period that protects skin namely in the evening, late frost can skin with damage of radiation-proof dialogue weather undertake nightly recuperation, radiation-proof build the product protecting skin that protect. Active part content is higher in general late frost, quality of a material is moister also. This kind late frost also but days is used. A lot of late frost have beautiful white effect, also contain photosensitive part at the same time.

2, filling water defends wet methodological move

Filling water protects wet the first pace: Drink water

The first cup of water, at the same time compensatory body water divides help platoon poison, although " everyday 8 cups of water " it is a concept only, but drink the main source that water is compensatory body moisture really more!

Filling water protects wet the 2nd pace: Clean

Face of clean of morning and evening can keep clear of the redundant grease inside pore, better absorption can be helped keep wet part more while precaution grows blain to grow spot, autumnal choice is moist model clean face breast can be protected to filling water wet add cent!

Filling water protects wet the 3rd pace: Hot compress

After clean face, the towel of dip overheat water the lid is on the face, press gently pressure, let towel stick close facial with eye ministry skin, take after 30 seconds, the blood that can promote facial ministry so circulates, quicken metabolism to had done filling water to protect at the same time wet " preparation " .

Filling water protects wet the 4th pace: Make up water

After clean face, with there is the makeup of convergent action on flapped means water (oily skin uses close skin water or bright skin water, drying skin uses sensitive water with soft skin water, sensitive skin) , in pore greater place mights as well press a few times more, such not only can promote haemal circulation, still can let skin become smooth bouncy. Additional, will make up water is on paper Facial mask, again gently apply face also can achieve filling water 15 minutes to ensure wet result.

Filling water protects wet the 5th pace: Protect wet latex

Make up after water apply passes, the choice has the flower that defends wet action fluid or moist degree of taller milk frostlike powder, with massage means from next upgrade daub even, skin can be helped chain water is divided while promotion skins, maintain long moist nutrition. The choice that wet latex defends here is very fundamental, best this product is to center bright skin water, latex and elite breast at a suit protect wet latex to be able to skin in the help lasting effect is protected wet while, make skin coruscate clean Bai Runze, and make up repeatedly water this one pace can omit!

3, filling water keeps wet note

Face of hot water apply, water is warm unfavorable and exorbitant, lukewarm meeting destroys exorbitant water skin cell.

The quantity that drinks water everyday cannot exceed 8 cups of water, excessive waters can cause water toxic.

Him skin that the foundation wants when choice clean face breeds chooses character, follow the introduction from advertisement or other not blindly.

4, how is winter abstained keep wet noodle film

(Film of 1) tremella face

Practice: Stew tremella with water boil 2 hours left and right sides, the air after waiting for tremella to turn glue into shape is cool (can put freezer) , immerse face of the apply after Facial mask paper 20 minutes, dry before appearing, wash.

Effect: The skin with dry antagonism, use consecutively two months, the skin can become special luster and flexibility.

(Film of powder of 2) cucumber milk

Practice: Clean small cucumber clean juice is made in putting juicer, add right amount milk to debug next, face of the apply after an agitate divide evenly, build a gauze again, wash with Wen Shui after about 20 minutes clean.

Effect: Beautiful Bai Runfu, defend wet filling water.

(Film of face of 3) cucumber yoghurt

Practice: Extract small cucumber into slimy shape, join right amount yoghurt in cucumber mud next, mix agitate divide evenly together. After clean face, direct apply face, water of the reoccupy after 5 minutes is rinsed clean can.

Effect: The skin after apply can become tender, send Bai Xi, closely.

(Film of face of 4) bean curd honey

Practice: Break bean curd with honey agitate is together, right amount flour is joined later, proceed agitate, make it is mushy. Apply of film of right amount face is taken to be on the face later, had waited 15 minutes to be able to use clear water facial clean clean.

Effect: Can rise to defend the action with wet qualitative chamfer to filling water, can make skin relaxed and clean, not dry.

(Film of face of 5) banana honey

Practice: honey assist with banana, smash slimy record with spoon. Get on Facial mask apply at the face 10-15 minute, reoccupy Wen Shuichong is clean can, the likelihood applies every day.

Effect: Have cleanness and alimentary repair the effect that protects skin, it is good to protect specially of wet moist achievement.

(Film of 6) beer face

Practice: Making up freezing beer above all on cotton, till drenched, part next apply at position of forehead, nose, cheek, chin, clear water of the reoccupy after 20 minutes is washed clean.

Effect: Contractive pore, prevent the formation of dark sore, and still have ensure wet result very well.

(Film of face of 7) tomato juice honey

Practice: Adjust tomato juice and honey above all after divide evenly, go up in the face with respect to OK and direct apply, about 20 minutes can be washed with Wen Shui clean.

Effect: Have powerful effect not only defend wet action, still can antiseptic, can prevent dark skiing ulcer, suit to love to grow the female of blain blain particularly.