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What does the folk prescription of daily dispel spot have? What does the reason of long spot have?

? The cheek whiteness that believes each female friends are him hope is immaculate, but often have so spot of the wrinkle on the face of friends of a few females, this makes female friends very vexed, because this female friends can consider all method dispel spot, below small the folk prescription that wrote everybody to introduce spot of a few daily dispel, the hope is right female friends dispel spot is helpful. What does the folk prescription of spot of so daily dispel have? What does the reason of long spot have?

What does the folk prescription of daily dispel spot have? What does the reason of long spot have? (1)

One, dispel spot folk prescription

Law of spot of 1. towel gourd dispel

Operation method: Towel gourd insolation, grind for fine not, move besmear scale with water every night, second morning goes with lukewarm bath. If use honey to move besmear, still can go facial furrow.

Opinion: This kind of method has certain effect. A variety of vitamins, protein, carbohydrate and acid of the blood that fight annulus are contained in towel gourd, have stronger blanch the effect, especially the content of phosphor, calcic, iron is richer, still contain xylose glue and plant mucus to wait, these material have sanitarian effect to the skin. Use for a long time, ameliorable skin is exquisite whiteness.

Remind: After adding honey, should not be pass the night. Clean after 20 minutes.

2. litharge dispel spot law

Operation method: Litharge grinds to extremely fine, every night face of put on the skin.

Opinion: Litharge lubricious Huang Youjin belongs to burnish, subsidence of a swelling kills insect, convergent and anticorrosive effect, can use at treating the disease such as a variety of swollen poison, ulcer, eczema, modern research thinks to be able to restrain skin fungus, shading of sex of a few inflammation but try out. " Tang Bencao " carry litharge to treat " the scar on the face is black, the face is officinal " .

3. aubergine 1, section takes juice friction is local, 1 day 3, 15 days get effective.

Opinion: Aubergine is daily life middling sees vegetable, come with it dispel splash is very convenient. Aubergine contains vitamin P, but bate is imperceptible and hemal. Also contain vitamin C at the same time, can restrain cheese ammonia acid enzymatic, prevent the synthesis of melanin, have whitened effect to the skin, can do use daily.

4. is citric 30 grams, bruise, join candy of borax end, Bai Sha each 15 grams, mix seal up for keeping into bottle after divide evenly, 3 enable in the future, everyday morning and evening develops Wen Shui with this a few right amount, spot is in about 3 minutes 1 times, one Duan Houqiao spot but retired. The person that do not have spot uses after this, can make the skin ruddy and delicate.

Opinion: Rich vitamin C is contained in lemon, 100 grams contain vitamin C to be able to be as high as 50 milligram in lemon juice. In addition still contain calcic, phosphor, iron and B a group of things with common features the vitamin. Citric and OK white tender skin, prevent skin blood-vessel ageing, eliminate facial pigment speck. But skin of this method easy stimulation is allergic, sensitive skin careful with.

Pound of flesh of 5. wax gourd takes juice, besmear affected part, a day of number second.

Opinion: Although wax gourd has dispel skin shading, but effect is finite.

6. borax 20 grams, borneol 2 grams, add water 100 milliliter, besmear affected part dips in after dissolving.

Opinion: " a book on Chinese medicine is begged former " in say to be born to change corrupt, forge is withered unripe flesh. This method has inhibition to virus and bacterium, can have remedy appear a gender. Some skins are easy to borneol allergic.

7. washs a face a few feeding is added in water vinegar, a day of number second.

Opinion: The method that this kind of people often says has certain effect to fleck, a Tu Zaiban answers to be in when using. White vinegar has the effect that changes greying skin certainly.

A kind of apple of 8. deadlocked silkworm, white monkshood, Bai Zhi, hill, borax each 10 grams, gesso, steatitic each 16 grams, bai Ding is sweet 7 grams, borneol 2 grams, grind extremely fine pink, water is used before sleeping every night or bovine breast is smooth, put on the skin is facial.

Opinion: In " look of market test jade comes loose " in can find this formula, it is to be in " cure Zong Jinjian " add on the foundation that Yu Rong comes loose decrease. Chinese the secret recipe of for use of an emperor that square Yu Rong comes loose is kind happiness mother of an emperor, can treat shading, skin coarse, also but the United States is mixed in vain go acne. Some prescription are returned to add later have connect those who appear the borneol with strong sex, be hairdressing embellish skin article, can make facial shading subsidise, appearance happiness.

9. white tuckahoe grinds end, add Bai Mi to mediate, every night apply is facial.

Opinion: Come from " grow greatly today " the method of hairdressing dispel spot that go up. Have certain nutrient skin, remove the effect of senile plaque, Chloasma. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks tuckahoe can dissolve shading, scar, with honey collocation is used, already can nutrition skins can desalt pigment spot.

10. white monkshood grinds end, add Bai Mi smooth, on besmear paper. The washable surface before sleeping every night, stick a face.

Opinion: Dehumidify of white monkshood dispel the wind, expedite main and collateral channels, go " face about a hundred Li " (" renown cure is not recorded " ) . But this square poisonous sex, irritability skin and skin having blain careful with.

2, the reason of long spot

1, undesirable clean habit

A lot of things in our life can harm the skin, like fluid of the washing powder, essence that wash clean, clean lavatory, bleacher alkaline, fatty acid is contained in these cleaner these two kinds of main and chemical composition. In eliminated besmirch while also injured the skin, be contacted for long and did not do good cutaneous cleaner to make, stain can climb a face stealthily, must do good cutaneous cleaner to make so, go out to taking protective veil as far as possible to much mist weather in the affair, come home must as soon as possible washs a face, finish skin of clean of clean face serum also should be used after housework is vivid, in case dust smear jams pore. Absolutely not OK and lazy, otherwise regretful.

2, favore thick makeup

Makeup article contain metallic part much, chemical composition has the effect that absorbs light. A few people use the cosmetic that contains the chemical metal composition such as lead, mercury to perhaps add spice more for a long time, cause cutaneous black group very easily. Skin is enclothed for long by grumous cosmetic, cannot get very good breath, discharge makeup is sordid, the pigment in cosmetic and harmful material remain are in skin surface even infiltration skin, can cause pigment build up, it is cutaneous simply evil spirit star.

3, oversight is prevented bask in

The skin produces furrow and stain to be caused because of smooth ageing for the most part, ultraviolet illuminate can activation melanin mother cell, form sick at heart of ammonia of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy enzymatic, arrive as the ceaseless newer elapse of new cell skin surface, precipitation of pigment of as time passes can form stain. Want to be far from splash, must have done prevent round-the-clockly bask in the job! Everybody besides go out must besides the sunshade on the belt, cap, also must do good cutaneous to maintain, prevent bask in and segregation is same important, be the work that must have done together!

4, overspend is beautiful white things

Seeing beautiful white product is to make you more beautiful whiter, the possibility of heavy metal contains to compare other function among beautiful white product actually maintain article should get greatly much, and the beautiful white product with more breathtaking effect is older also to skin harm, be just like undertake to your skin everyday " blanch " , can let the skin more lack water flimsy, increase the chance of long splash. Still some MM are ground to beautiful white meeting is done often arenaceous perhaps do a few chemical desquamate, let layer of cutaneous skin cutin break away from, think it is better to be done morer, do too often actually, the skin is more sensitive to light, become dry, the sun is basked in can remove roseola immediately, occurrence pigment is ad cool-headed more more serious than before instead.

5, love edible pigment kind food

Greatly harmful to us food includes: Potato of carbonic acid beverage, biscuit piece, deepfry food, these things can fall a lot of toxin in the deposit inside body, stimulate cellular growth. Especially in the evening after 10 o'clock, liver, lung, kidney is discharging poison in great quantities, you still are in however late food, the body that meets oneself creates very great burden, bad to the body and skin.

6, face computer for a long time

Computer radiate has 5 crimes: Face minister blain, radiation spot, skin is dry dark and gloomy, eye eyesight drops, black rim of the eye, but expand what apply as computer ceaselessly, our life and job cannot leave computer again. How to do? Besides reduce the time that faces computer conciously, radiation-proof segregation job is very main also. On makeup before radiation-proof segregation is prevented on besmear bask in frost, hold back computer radiate effectively the harm to skin, reduce the chance that pigment precipitates, be far from fleck yellow speckle.

7, do not love to move

Our skin is the organ with the largest body, the cell on the skin has breath and excretive function, the toxin inside eduction body. Relieve oneself and sweat are the best process that discharge poison. Right amount motion can let the dirty stuff in the body come as sweat eduction, especially present office gens, commute in a hurry everyday, after coming off work, still play with friends together, or it is the women that should take care of a family to do not have too much time to estimate his, must arrange a time to give his, discharge a poison well.