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Does morning and evening want to breed with water? Should morning and evening protect skin product with those?

Water breast is the product protecting skin that everybody uses via regular meeting, and it is different that the water breast of different brand uses the effect, the main effect that water breeds is to protect wet won't be, the person of the half is mixed in the morning in the evening when can use water milk-like liquid, have actually morning and evening can use drink the much product that protect skin, does that morning and evening want to breed with water? Should morning and evening protect skin product with those?

Does morning and evening want to breed with water? Should morning and evening protect skin product with those? (1)

1, does morning and evening want to breed with water

Want to use.

Bright skin water and latex are to protect skin to taste in most of the foundation, their itself density is lesser, can be skinned place is absorbed quickly, and won't create a burden to skin, still can be skin complement moisture, keep wet, use water milk-like liquid in the evening, can retain the moisture with nightly skin, use water milk-like liquid in the morning, can manage the water profit with daylong skin.

2, the advantage that morning and evening breeds with water

(1) uses the profit that water breeds in the morning

The main effect of bright skin water is filling water, and the main effect of the latex is to protect wet, besmear water breeds in the morning, can wake up the skin of sleep deeply quickly, and be skin filling water protect wet, in the meantime, these two kinds protect skin to taste still having protective cutaneous effect, a natural covering layer can be formed in skin surface, stimulate in order to reduce outside ambient to cutaneous.

(2) uses the profit that water breeds in the evening

After skin blows insolation through daylong wind, had become very sere, when needing nutrient supply just about, besmear water breeds in the evening, can alleviate quickly of skin dry, it is skin complement moisture and nutrition in time, make skin regain moist condition, at the same time nightly arrived at 11 o'clock before dawn the time 3 o'clock, the skin absorbs force to also can increase greatly to protecting what skin tastes.

3, use water first or use milk-like liquid first

Use water first, milk-like liquid is used after.

The use that protects skin to taste is ordinal, it is a basis of sort of their oneself density, density is smaller protect skin to taste most use first, because the skin is absorbed the most easily, conversely density is bigger protect skin to taste use finally, if bright skin water and latex photograph are compared, the density of bright skin water is the smallest, still have clean effect 2 times at the same time, can help open pore, the absorption that makes the skin better protects skin follow-uply to taste.

4, morning and evening is used protect skin to taste what to still have

(1) washs grandma

The grandma that wash a face also is a kind when protect skin to taste, because it can help pore of clean skin, dredge, make protect skin to taste can be absorbed weller by skin place, and all protecting skin is to build on cleanness, if cleanness works to was not done good, so even if is used again good protect skin to taste also no point.

(2) eye frost

Eye frost also is morning and evening need to use protect skin to taste one of, and not be only middleaged person ability uses eye frostlike powder, 18 years old or so can use, frost of fundamental money eye is having filling water to defend wet action, this is the function that all skins need, can use after 25 years old fight consenescence eye frost, can rise to prevent the furrow, black rim of the eye, function such as pouch.

(3) cream

Cream also is a kind when daily foundation protects skin to taste, for frost kind quality of a material, compare massiness difficult daub, but have however protect wet moist effect very well, can divide the water in the skin as better as nutrient block to be inside the skin, and the job of skin rehabilitate has in night.

5, the use that protects skin to taste is ordinal

The first pace: Clean

A lot of people can make a mistake the concept, think clean face washs a face to take clean face product to wash. Clean face should understand correctly for clean face ministry, so discharge makeup also is clean face measure in. Some females friend thinks makeup look is not thick do not need to use discharge makeup product, perhaps besmeared again prevent clean face product is used directly after basking in, this is wrong way, no matter do not lane makeup perhaps besmeared again prevent bask in need discharge makeup! After discharge makeup is over, do not feel OK, wash hangover with clean face product even.

The 2nd pace: Water

The measure protecting skin of Japanese female is multifarious arrive to be able to have 16 situations allegedly! But small make up think, so multifarious go against skin to absorb instead. Because water can achieve clean result 2 times, so the proposal is to use make up cotton will push, but the essence that should remember using water is to want skin filling water. The ordinary new hand that protect skin should pay attention to clean face, water, latex tripartite face. In front the water of respecting, it is to make up namely water, and make up a general designation that water is this kind of all products. The word of fractionize has bright skin water, elite water, soft skin water, protect wet water to wait a moment.

The 3rd pace: Frost

This kind of view does not know is from when to begin faddish, the ability after 25 years old uses eye frostlike powder. But if you grew grain 20 years old, also want when 25? Believe me, 18 years old begin collagen albumen to be in prediction of a person's luck in a given year, and the girl of large small hole with a few rich expression, likelihood need is earlier! Accordingly, eye frost should be in 18~20 year old begin to use.

The 4th pace: Elite

If want the United States' white word to be about to use weak spot elite,ability can achieve beautiful white result, although the United States is white,the ultimate effect of elite is beautiful white, but distinct composition effect looks big different. Normally cent plants beautiful white composition, one kind is to restrain melanin diffuses and generate, one kind is to accelerate melanin metabolization. Former and main the promotion that is used at making facial color of skin, latter basically uses Yu Danban and blain to imprint.

The 5th pace: Latex

A lot of females can defend filling water wet confuse sth with sth else, but filling water is filling water, protect wet it is to protect wet. The job of filling water basically gives make up water will do, and the latex basically is to be in charge of protecting wet. Remember! You need not use elite after water but must use a latex! Finish water otherwise, air can be connected take away the original moisture in skin, thereby drier.

The 6th pace: Frost

With respect to cream character, the woman with smaller age need not be used. But in the winter that does not carry in the latex, still recommend can use cream. Frost should divide daily expense and night to use model, because the demand of skin is mixed by day,in the evening is different.