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Does autumn protect skin what to bad habit there is? What does autumn protect the good convention of skin to have?

The schoolgirl loves the United States, any skin problem does not miss generation, if you are in daily life,can be carelessly the word of a few habits that protect skin, a lot of skin problems can appear for certain on your face, everybody considers the true measure that protect skin know, and autumn is the crucial period that protects skin, so after all does true autumn protect skin what to bad habit there is? What does autumn protect the good convention of skin to have?

Does autumn protect skin what to bad habit there is? What does autumn protect the good convention of skin to have? (1)

1, autumn protects skin bad habit

Protect skin bad habit 1, before going out, do not besmear prevent bask in frost

The expert expresses, illuminate basking in is skin consenescence solarly one of the mainest reasons, and no matter the ultraviolet ray in sunlight is sunshine, cloudy day, wet, Xue Tian, indoor, outdoor, harm and can be invaded of ultraviolet ray, accordingly, beautiful eyebrow people before going out prevent on certain daub bask in frost, do not think by good luck urgent went out, prevent without daub bask in frost, also did not concern, wrong, as long as once not daub is prevented bask in frost to be able to be basked in by sunshine the skin, as time passes, not anile ability blames the skin.

Protect skin bad habit 2, the discharge before sleeping makeup insufficient and clean

Busied daylong, especially the beautiful eyebrow of office worker people, be disinclined after returning the home move, some beautiful eyebrow come home even tumble into bed, do not lift careful strip makeup. Beautiful eyebrow people often be to make up to use a heart exceedingly, and discharge makeup however of careless undertake, get through hastily at will, this meeting makes cosmetic and the dust that deposit comes down by day and dirt jam badly pore, block up cutaneous breathes, cause all sorts of skin problems thereby, acne ah stain can following sb's heels and come, more the consenescence that quickened skin. Accordingly, beautiful eyebrow people before sleeping must discharge makeup discharge is clean, ability is unapt skin slowly ageing.

Protect skin bad habit 3, often change protect skin is tasted

Beautiful eyebrow people often be to chose to use a kind to protect skin to taste, but the effect that feels without what too big, changed immediately of other protect skin to taste will use, little imagine, such not only the effect that does not have to protect skin, what can skin quickly instead is anile. Usually, the newer cycle of skin is 28 days, and the effect that the likelihood ability that the absorption that skin tastes to protecting skin also must want to use a month sees ideal is medium, accordingly, not often better protect skin to taste, those who choose a moist skin, what can be skin complement nutrition is enough, use for long come down, skin can get the result that expect is less than, and use to protect skin to taste from beginning to end, be helpful for antagonism consenescence!

Protect skin bad habit 4, negligence hand ministry is mixed cervical

We are nursing when skinning, often can ignore a hand ministry and cervical, but, cervical skin is connective of facial skin, if caress bad, same meeting makes facial skin becomes coarse, dry, and hand ministry skin is women more mark of young, attractive, accordingly, like wanting to resemble treating facial skin to hand ministry skin and cervical skin caress and maintain.

Protect skin bad habit 5, often stay up late, sleep bad

The beautiful eyebrow that often stays up late people, it is the photograph partner that has panda eye from beginning to end certainly, the insufficient meeting of Morpheus causes deposit of black rim of the eye, pouch, facial pigment, the skin crosses the happening of the problem such as early consenescence, accordingly, in skin nurse in the center, staying up late cannot be taken most, because, once stay up late,the skin cannot get enough rest, not only whole person becomes brokenhearted, skinning repeatedly also is same, become do not have burnish more, lose flexibility, accordingly, beautiful eyebrow people should put an end to stay up late, reject to turn yellow face into the mother-in-law!

2, protect skin good convention

The face that 1. does not touch him as far as possible

This is very important step. The bacterium on the hand is much, with the hand the meeting that touch a face changes them the face. Bilge is tired in pore, cause one caboodle not to enrol the whelk that the person loves next. If must touch a face, wash clean thoroughly with soap and warm water handle first, or it is use face-cloth. Oil absorption paper is OK also, but paper of every pieces of oil absorption can be used only, repeat use meeting to transfer grease and bilge to the face afresh, to improving skin of no use.

2. affirms skin type, buy suit protect skin is tasted

This is very important step, if you were bought,do not fit cutaneous product, they not only invalid, and may make skin condition exasperate. In addition, you also should consider the specific problem that the skin faces. You need to buy clean range water of skin of breast, bright, protect Shi Shuang, chamfer qualitative frost, make up film of cotton knead dough.

3. no matter you think more, can be not carried or squeeze blain blain

Crowded blain blain very hurt the skin, let it look worse, and the scar that can leave malformation finally. Simple for, crowded blain blain cannot improve the skin, can make a circumstance more serious only.

4. uses gentle clean the face breeds

Water of skin of breast of face of every day use clean, bright and protect Shi Shuang twice (before making up in the morning, mix face in the evening before sleeping) .

This will give the skin one whole the time rehabilitate in the evening and breath, is not be stemmed by bilge or cosmetic. The simplest way has made the move that protect skin when bath namely, because you are OK,rinse the skin incidentally.

After awaiting several minutes after 5. clean face, water of the skin that use bright is mixed make up cotton tightens up the skin

The skin when clean face may be stimulated by basic material, and changed soda acid value, bright skin water can be helped restore cutaneous value of natural soda acid, make it can resist the bacterium is mixed more inbreak microbially. There are a lot of different bright skin waters on market, some can restore skin soda acid to be worth only, some returning can antiseptic or have the part that fight blain.

Ramble different shop, search the bright skin water that suits your skin type most. It is right oily skin person the most important. If your skin blame is oily, can choose the bright skin water that makes for sensitivity skin technically.

After 6. clean face and bright skin, keep wet white with what suit you moist skin

Skin of this pair of drying person especially important, although you are oily skin, also can not omit this measure. There is a lot of protecting on market Shi Shuang chooses for you, protect wet gel for example (the skin that suits to grow blain oily or easily) , protect Shi Shuang (suit drying or sensitivity skin) and preserve wet elite element (suit neuter or oily skin) . Some protects Shi Shuang to have the effect that prevent blain, some fights wrinkle, some has beautiful black effect, some can be protected only wet.

You should go to 7. every week cutin 1 or 2

Use the clean face breed that has chamfer qualitative effect to replace directly daily lacteal clean face milk-like liquid. Ensure breast of face of chamfer qualitative clean is excitant not quite, should not feel like using skin of sand paper attrition. It is very important that chamfer pledges, can take out dead skin (they make color of skin looks dim, jam pore) .

8. on time apply Facial mask

There are a lot of Facial masks to choose for you on market, the skin of long blain suits to use rip film of the face that uncover pattern, drying skin suits to use contain a lot ofthe Facial mask that keeps wet part.

Apply Facial mask is the strongest move in the program that protect skin, why to loosen by this opportunity, caress oneself well?

9. holds on

The skin needs time to be used to clean frequency and the product that you use. Occasionally, negative effect can appear when just beginning the new program that protect skin, but should suit only to the skin for some time, these negative effect can disappear.