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Is autumn nightly how to protect skin? Is autumn nightly what does the method that protects skin have?

Our skin is very fragile flesh, in experience wind of a day blows what rain hits to await, should know more nurse skinned, it is to want to nurse by day not just skin, night is to nurse more the inning of skin, nightly drink same by day, need to maintain the skin, autumn is drier season, should strengthen more nurse, so is autumn nightly how to protect skin? Is autumn nightly what does the method that protects skin have?

Is autumn nightly how to protect skin? Is autumn nightly what does the method that protects skin have? (1)

1, nightly protect skin to stick person

Nightly protect skin to stick person one: Comprehensive cleanness skin

After our skin is blowing insolation through wind of a day, arrived night, can become more flimsy, accordingly, nightly cleanness should undertake to skin thoroughly in the round before the first job that protects skin is doing any skin to nurse namely. The beautiful eyebrow that made up by day should use strip before clean face makeup oil is thoroughly clean bottom makeup and accumulation are mixed in the dust of skin surface foreign matter, choose property again next a little a few gentler clean face breast has complete clean side, the skin can be massaged gently in the process, the blood that can promote skin so circulates, the bilge of surface of effective purify skin.

Nightly protect skin to stick person 2: Complement in time moisture

After comprehensive clean face, should give skin seasonable compensatory moisture, should use bright skin water immediately right now, lest skin is dry,lack water. Involve a decisive issue that protect skin among them, that should choose pair of bright skin water namely. Proposal beautiful eyebrow people when the choice protects skin water, see well those who be aimed at is skin of which seed coat, drying, oily, mixture sex or sensitivity have the water protecting skin of the different character that fits his, the skin skin that is aimed at oneself makes a choice character, can recuperate skin effectively, the water that fills to be measured amply is divided, absorb for skin place better.

Nightly protect skin to stick person 3: Face film sticks water embellish rise

Before night sleeps, film of a piece of face is very important beautiful Bai Bushui keeps the wet weapon that protect skin. Fluid of diurnal bright skin water, elite prevents the Facial mask before basking in a product to sleep not as good as to come more moistly with etc. Nowadays, DIY abstains Facial mask open the brand-new times that protect skin, not only economy healthy and the effect that protect skin is very distinct, a bit milk, a bit egg white, a bit honey, mixed together to make a very good beautiful skin range film, and Jimei is white, keep wet, lock water, except knit, contractive pore at an organic whole, hundred nutrition is moist. The United States sleeps beautifully shut-eye, the following day you meet early morning those who see one piece looks brand-new is handsome Tong Yan, beautiful eyebrow people can try to the top of one's bent!

Nightly protect skin to stick person 4: Moist late frost with rise

Do not think apply is over Facial mask with respect to all OK, back-to-back, still need the late frost with moist daub. The purpose of daub late frost depends on, the nutrition that absorbs skin in Facial mask chains completely, your skin is absorbed completely, one all night Shui Runbao is wet.

Nightly protect skin to stick person 5: Eye ministry nurses do not fall

Facial the most crucial one step in maintaining should belong to eye ministry to nurse. Judgement a woman is young glance her eye can know, eye ministry skin is the weakest part in facial skin, its activity is most frequent, be harmed easily also at the same time, cause furrow very easily, appear even the problem such as black rim of the eye, pouch, so, take the advantage of before sleeping well alimentary eye ministry skins. Frost of eye film, eye cannot little, want to let eye ministry skin absorb more nutrient elements, ability shows the double eye of embellish giving water at any time.

2, the nightly measure that protect skin

1. beauty is white tender slippery wash come out

Because of busy job, days cerebra wastage is very big, skin also sufferred radiant harm. The dirt in air, computer radiate, these invisible bacteria, this meeting lets skin water distribute rapid prediction of a person's luck in a given year, let color of skin look dim without light.

And the petty grain in air, direct adsorption arrives on the skin, jammed severely pore, color of skin appears more easily dark and gloomy does not have light. And the skin cleanness job of facial ministry appears very important, this also is the base that uses the measure that protect skin, the ability after only skin is cleaned clean absorbs nourishment adequately, achieve very strong beauty finally to ensure wet result in vain.

2. beauty is white pat

After cleaning facial ministry in the evening everyday, scarcely should forget to take the effect of bright skin water toward facial ministry, this is the mistake protecting skin that should not make! Bright skin water is by day without giving thought to actually protect skin, the skin that still is evening maintains, this is a measure that cannot fail, have very strong cleanness to fill water action.

Use bright skin water directly, 2 is skin cleanness that this is weighed, can sweep remain quickly to be in the remains of facial ministry, still can promote the stimulative skin absorption to next products at the same time ability. Carry bright skin water can the very rapid quality that improved skin, let skin ready-made is absorbed protect skin to taste, actually this also prays ah very good filling water effect, let skin more water is tender oh!

3. is beautiful Bai Fu comes out

Use beautiful flour film to be able to let facial ministry skin absorb more nutrition, complement skins needs nurture pledges. Accelerate skin metabolism rate, the United States' white achievement can be shown naturally come out. Of course cannot too depend on Facial mask, this also is not immortal medicine, not be 9 can get effective immediately oh, it is OK that weekly apply arrives twice. This need insists for some time to just can get very good result!

4. beauty is white brush come out

In the measure that protect skin, how can little Where is the United States' white product? A lot of females because facial ministry is dark heavy, cadaverous complexion, want to solve this problem, necessary a magic weapon but cannot little! After complete cleanness skins, this can very rapid let skin absorb nutrition, make skin of its face ministry becomes more ruddy and attractive. Nightly beauty protects skin in vain, latex, late frost, the use of elite is very important. Skin achieves very good beautiful white effect in nightly Morpheus process, when after getting up in the morning the following day, the skin that you can find facial department apparently more and more water embellish!