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How should spring skin nurse? It what spring protects skin to eat is good that spring protects skin to eat?

Spring when, temperature begins to rise gradually, the metabolization speed of human body also begins to accelerate, skin at ordinary times may encounter a few problems, need seasonable settlement, improve a few problems of skin, it is better that skin condition just is met, spring still can eat a few hairdressing to protect the food of skin, so how should spring skin nurse? It what spring protects skin to eat is good that spring protects skin to eat?

How should spring skin nurse? It what spring protects skin to eat is good that spring protects skin to eat? (1)

1, how should spring skin nurse

Glossy is full of, pore is bulky, suntan, bask in blain of injury, desquamate, blain, acne to erupt... as air temperature elevatory, increase of sunshine, ultraviolet ray ceaselessly, chun Xia change garments according to the season, skin always appears particularly easily all sorts of skin problems! This moment, how should we nurse our skin?

Skin difficult problem 1: Glossy is full of, pore bulky

Glossy is full of, pore is bulky it is us in Chu Xia most the problem that often encounters. A lot of people can choose puissant bubble clean face to cream erroneously will resolve this trouble, but, do you know? Clean face creams in contain alkalescent part more, its meeting powerful effect takes away cutaneous grease and moisture, can make the skin secretes more grease instead so, pore also is met bigger and bigger, because this chooses a gentle clean side,breast just is best choice.

Summertime glossy is full of, because the skin lacks water,the problem with bulky pore is more, but when giving the skin compensatory moisture, ten million should notice especially MM of outermost layer of skin should notice more, do not use oleaginous cream, meet only so aggravate is fat, serious also can jam pore, let facial skin feel a responsibility, the summer especially uncomfortable.

It is OK at ordinary times to be in paper of use oil absorption undertakes assisting, if feel the skin,give oil, can undertake wiping with oil absorption paper, drive away facial glossy, but the editor reminds again, using oil absorption paper while should standing one bottle protects wet water to be on the body, fill instantly water can prevent glossy effectively to run rampant.

Skin difficult problem 2: Suntan, bask in, desquamate

Suntan, basking in injury, desquamate also is the skin problem that when the summer comes, often encounters. Should avoid to suntan, the skin that basks in the skin problem such as injury, desquamate to get him ground above all is chosen character bask in a product to preventing, oily skin should choose those who permeate the water the form of a drug with more powerful force, recipe that do not have oil to prevent bask in frost, drying skin should choose quality of a material moist, added filling water effect and enhance skin immunity power prevent bask in article, neuter skin can be used prevent lacteally bask in frost.

The repair work that skin remembers after basking in is indispensable also. Can bathe a cold water, take dozen of skin gently until dry, basking in apply of a packet of refrigerant pea the place of the injury. Later daub cortisone of 1% hydrogen sulfide frost, the after basking in rehabilitate that reoccupy does not contain flavor breeds as protect wet; to be able to use aloe product to skin undisturbedly, be far from insolation, till skin heal.

If bask in desquamate, must not go dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed, use the leather fat that the surface of product complement skin that contains amine of rich nerve acyl falls off, make its moist, drink water complement moisture more even, make the skin restores to come over from inside be basked in, but do not use during this contain the product that refuses anile class status, restore till the skin sensitive the condition before.

Skin difficult problem 3: Blain blain, acne erupts

The tall hair that Chun Xia change garments according to the season also is blain blain, acne period, wash a face to suckle clean skin with what contain salicylic acid or cross acyl of oxidation benzene armour in the evening, this kind of composition can be in the sponge before blain blain, acne erupts. If had grown blain blain and acne, also can use the dispel blain product on the market, also have the effect very much likewise.

2, it spring protects skin what to eat is good that spring protects skin what to eat

1, on the west orchid

The battalion nurturance in orchid is divided on the west, not only content is high, and very comprehensive, basically include C of protein, carbohydrate, adipose, mineral, vitamin and carotene to wait. According to the analysis, every 100 grams are fresh on the west in the ball-flower of orchid, contain protein 3.6 grams, be cauliflower 3 times, 4 times of tomato. In addition, vitamin A content is higher than Chinese cabbage 100 multiple, on the west in orchid mineral into very comprehensive also, the content such as calcic, phosphor, iron, Potassium, zinc, manganese is very rich, comparative with the white cauliflower that belongs to the mustard family together. Besides, orchid can enhance the skin to fight scathing ability on the west, on the west C of rich vitamin A, vitamin and carotene are contained in orchid, can enhance cutaneous to fight scathing ability, still conduce to preserve skin flexibility.

2, carrot

Carrot is one kind pledges fragile the daily life of a family with delicious, rich nutrition is vegetable. According to determining, the carotene that contains in carrot predicts etc than Bailuo 30-40 of all sorts of vegetable tower above Yu Bei. After carotene enters human body, can fall in a series of enzymatic action, the vitamin A with rich translate into, be absorbed to use by the body next, made up for the inadequacy of vitamin A so. Carotene conduces to it is normal to maintain skin cell to organize function, reduce skin wrinkle, exciting cutaneous metabolism, maintain skin moist delicate. Outside dividing vitamin A, contains B a group of things with common features the fascia nutriment such as vitamin and vitamin C also has embellish skin, fight anile action. Naphtha creates the balmy flavor of carrot. Can promotional digest, have antiseptic effect.

3, milk

Milk contains rich mineral, calcium, phosphor, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, molybdenum. Rich active calcium is contained in milk, it is one of the mankind's best calcic sources, place of 1 litre of fresh milk contains active calcium to make an appointment with 1250 milligram, first what reside numerous food, be rice about 101 times, of lean beef 75 times, thin porky 110 times, it not only content is high, and medium lactose can promote wall of human body bowel to be opposite calcic absorption, absorptivity is as high as 98% , adjust thereby the calcic metabolization inside body, maintain serum calcic chroma, the calcify of promotional skeleton. Had absorbed calcic to filling be especially crucial. Not only such, milk is the skin in the late evening most the food that like. It can improve skin cell active, have defer skin consenescence, heighten skin tension, remove the effect such as minor lines.

3, the cookbook of beautiful Bai Danban

Juice of weak spot vegetable: Tomato juice

Daily drink 1 cup of tomato juice or often have tomato, have better effect to fleck of prevention and cure. Because rich vitamin C is contained in tomato, be known as " the storehouse of vitamin C " . And vitamin C can restrain the active with enzymatic acid of ammonia of the cheese inside the skin, reduce the formation of melanin effectively, make the skin white thereby tender, shading subsidise.

Congee of weak spot element: Cucumber congee

Take rice 100 grams, fresh and tender cucumber 300 grams, refined salt 2 grams, ginger 10 grams. cucumber abluent, flay goes heart slice. Rice pan is clean, ginger is abluent pat broken. Water is added to make an appointment with 1000 milliliter inside boiler, on buy fire, issue rice, ginger, after fierce baked wheaten cake leaves, convert slow fire is boiled slowly to rice sodden nowadays enters cucumber piece, boil again to soup stiff, flavor into refined salt can.

A day 2 lukewarm take, can spot of moist skin, dispel, reduce weight.

Weak spot cold drink: Rock candy lemon juice

citric agitate juice, add rock candy right amount and drinkable. Rich vitamin C is contained in lemon, 100 grams contain vitamin C to be able to be as high as 50 milligram in lemon juice. In addition still contain calcic, phosphor, iron and B a group of things with common features the vitamin. Constant drink lemon juice, not only can white tender skin, prevent skin blood-vessel ageing, eliminate facial pigment speck, and the effect that still has arteriosclerosis of prevention and cure.

Weak spot is sweet soup: Black agaric Gong Zaoshang

Take black agaric 30 grams, red jujube 20. Will black agaric is abluent, red jujube goes nucleus, add water right amount, boil half hour left and right sides. Daily after early, dinner each. Classics mufti is fed, can be stationed in flesh of colour dispel spot, strong and handsome abundant, use at treating facial shading, form thin.

Black agaric, in " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " in its can go to account the shading on the face. Black agaric but embellish skin, prevent skin ageing; Big jujube and in beneficial is angry, be good at lienal embellish skin, shading of dispel of conduce black agaric.

Board of weak spot congee: Congee of eight treasures sweetness

Raw material: Aromatic rice 200 grams, bright red jujube 10, bare red bean, lotus seed each 20 grams, unripe yam 30 grams, white hyacinth bean 15 grams, job's tears benevolence, Gorgon fruit each 10 grams.

Practice: Take a clean earthenware pot, enter the raw material outside dividing rice among them, add water to place of earthenware pot 2/3, decoction of fire of the make down after conflagration boil 45 minutes, add rice to be boiled together to congee again ripe wave sweet, transfer into according to individual taste rock candy is right amount, become namely.

Usage: Morning and evening takes 1 bowl each, beautiful of long-term edible effect.

Effect: Congee of eight treasures sweetness has the profit in filling gas, be good at the effect of lienal dehumidify.

Weak spot sweetmeats: Milk walnut is burnt

Raw material: Amber walnutmeat 300 grams, milk, soya-bean milk, black sesame seed each 200 grams.

Practice: Walnutmeat, will black sesame seed enters food mixer molar, mix milk and soya-bean milk to pour mixer slowly next, the edge pours an edge to grind, will thick already stiff walnut papers boil, add white sugar, if want to abound taste, still can infiltrate when boil edge of agitate of unripe egg edge boils an egg to suckle walnut paste.

Usage: Daily 2, edible of morning and evening.

Effect: Walnut paste has the effect that raises moisten the respiratory tract of Yan Meibai, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood.

Board of weak spot soup: The root of remembranous milk vetch stews soft-shelled turtle

Raw material: Fresh soft-shelled turtle () of about 500 grams, the root of remembranous milk vetch 50 grams, ningxia medlar 30 grams.

Practice: section of the root of remembranous milk vetch, take clean gauze to had wrapped up, medlar is abluent, soft-shelled turtle eliminate is splanchnic cut agglomerate, put earthenware pot together, add water to complete immersion, suffer from excessive internal heat is stewed boil, stew ripe hind bag of medicine of refuse the root of remembranous milk vetch, add green, ginger, refined salt, gourmet powder to flavor, can edible.

Usage: Edible of be eaten together with rice or bread.

Effect: Have Qing Dynasty of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood fire, enrich the blood the effect of beneficial kidney, can enhance airframe immunity power.

Weak spot dish: Glutinous rehmannia is sweet crisp duck

Raw material: Duck 1 () of about 600 grams, unripe yam 200 grams, virgin soil is yellow 100 grams, ningxia medlar 40 grams, take right amount green, ginger, salt, gourmet powder, yellow rice or millet wine, white pepper, soup-stock additionally to wait reserve.

Practice: The duck goes splanchnic hind tear open go systemic bone, wipe duck body inside and outside equably repeatedly with salt, pepper, yellow rice or millet wine fully; Add green, ginger, gourmet powder to bloat again a hour; Take a big bowl, good with gauze bag section of unripe glutinous rehmannia mat is by the bowl, yam flay section is in even medlar tile gauze superstratum, big bowl is put after cutting the duck flesh that has bloated small inside, add soup-stock one case evaporate of suffer from excessive internal heat restricts 2 hours, fleshy crisp soup is sweet.

Usage: Edible of be eaten together with rice or bread.

Effect: Content of duck flesh protein is high, not saturated fatty acid and microelement are rich, not only but method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood is raised colour, smooth fill write essence of life, and eat much also won't get fat.