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Why does the girl grow whelk easily? Why does adolescent girl grow blain easily?

Long blain blain is a lot of people very a thing that be fed up with, long blain wants a lot of days commonly to a process of dispel blain, and after blain blain disappears, return leave blain particularly easily to imprint, a lot of people can discover general and young woman student grows blain particularly easily, be in especially adolescence when some people grow one face, why does that girl grow whelk easily? Why does adolescent girl grow blain easily?

Why does the girl grow whelk easily? Why does adolescent girl grow blain easily? (1)

1, why does the girl grow whelk easily

The whelk that common people often says says in medicine " acne " , in recent years research shows acne is a variety of elements the disease of wool bursa sebaceous glands of integrated action be caused by, include leather fat to secrete mouth of bursa of overmuch, wool among them excessive horn is changed, reaction of immunity of hyperplasia of acne third acerbity bacili, exceeding; Additional, still concern with heredity and psychological element.

To cope with aggravating whelk, some people exert all over skill: Clean seriously facial, do not eat hot food, on time to be taken orally or external use all sorts of fighting " blain " medicaments. Even if is such, whelk still long treat do not heal, encounter this kind of situation, might as well go to a hospital checking a microelement, the analysis issues the pathogeny.

The expert points out, zinc is human body one of indispensible microelement, be short of zinc to be able to send inadequacy of A of the vitamin inside the organization, influence skin is epithelial normal become divided. Because this zinc element can prevent and cure,wool bursa horn is changed, stimulative epithelial tissue increases repair capacity. In the meantime, zincic element still conduces to enhance function of airframe immunity defence, restrain and exterminate local cause of disease microbial.

And, consider to make clear in great quantities, on the low side of content of the zinc in the blood of partial whelk patient, then the influence goes to a variety of containing inside body the metabolization with enzymatic zinc, make sebaceous glands secrete unusual, it is inflammation even.

2, how the blain of purify whelk imprints

1, ginger goes blain imprints law

Jiang Pian is stuck in the place of mark having blain, OK also desalt blain mark.

2, vitamin E goes blain imprints law

The method with good effect of report of a lot of people is to be in face every night before sleeping, the transparent appearance thorn bolus of vitamin E glue defeats besmear to be in the place that has mark, massage slightly, hold to two weeks mark to be able to have apparent desalt so.

Remind: The MM that has adipose bead does not use this method please.

3, boiled water of of the previous night goes blain imprints law

Before sleeping in the evening, after washing clean face, with the tea water of of the previous night besmear is on the face, after be being massaged appropriately, wash. Can be blain imprints not only become shallow, still can make the skin whiten.

4, pearl powder goes blain imprints law

After washing a face, immerse to there is milk, honey, olive oil in add with Facial mask paper () in the nutrient fluid with right amount pearl powder, the apply after Facial mask bubble leaves gets off 20 minutes, clean facial ministry, again the bright skin water that the add on daub has pearl powder, pat dry, besmear again latex.

5, thick salt egg white goes blain imprints law

With one teaspoon salt (had better be thick salt) with an albumen agitate, wait for even hind honey of rejoin a few, again mix is even, besmear next in facial, want the place such as escape eye and corners of the mouth, after film waiting for a face works, wash with Wen Shui, reoccupy warm water is clean.

6, red wine honey goes blain imprints law

Add one cannikin red wine 2 after be being moved to ropy condition to 3 spoon honey, even ground apply is on the face, after working 8 minutes, with two Wenshui is rinsed clean finally. The bishop acid in red wine of film of face of red wine honey is fruit acid, can promote corneous metabolism, desalt pigment, make the skin whiter fair-skinned, smooth. Honey has the function that maintains Shi Hezi to raise.

Remind: Should try easily to notice to the person of alcohol allergy.

7, very light blue goes blain imprints law

Tear down from the bottom of green a small, apply is on fabaceous scar, but not too long, have stimulation to the skin, 5 minutes went, the attention should wash the apply after the face in the evening. Insist to use those who have mark to go mark, do not have the also can have beautiful Bai Danban effect of mark. But whatever method, return or should pay eventually hold to and patient, want to hold to only, cross what you can discover breathtaking effect for some time.

8, the apple goes blain imprints law

If there is blain on your skin blain or it is blain blain imprints, so this kind of processing technique did not pass again simply. It is good that a week is used twice, choose fresh apple to be beautiful. Specific use means is as follows:

(1) , get on boiling water in an apple first, till,wait a few minutes apple piece molten.

(2) , again will take out from inside water, wait for its refrigeration to come tepid when stick at blain blain to imprint on, maintain 20 minutes.

(3) , get off, the face is washed with clear water clean.

Remind: When blain of the blain on the face just was sent, with dispel of this kind of method blain can make blain blain matures quickly not to leave blain to imprint.

3, method of blain of daily and fast dispel

1. washs a face correctly, blain blain does not see

Want to go blain, the most important cleanness that becomes good basis namely and maintain the job. Washing a face is a foundation those who maintain is essential, the choice washs facial product with what have recuperation effect blandly, have the effect of precautionary blain blain of get twice the result with half the effort absolutely. If because feel the oil on the face is much and fierce,be washed, meet those who cause excessive cleanness combat the effect, let the skin have the illusion with false dry sex, think the face is too dry, then sebaceous glands secretes oil to remedy quickly, get of course wash oilier more. But if be washed not carefully, the incomplete on skin makeup as smudgy as what pile up all the day did not keep clear of clean, create pore block, also can cause blain. The clean face product that should select clean Li Jia, weak acidity, the daily 2~3 that wash a face second best. In addition, also but timely choose contain those who control bacterium of oily, curb or deliquescent and corneous part to maintain article, excessive and active with preventing acne bacili. Such ability improve blain blain effectively skin.

Bug of 2. attention mite causes blain blain

Either can detect on skin of all whelk patient bug having mite, there is mite bug on some people skin, but grow blain all the same. Because,be not the state of the blain of endocrinopathy sex blain that regular work and rest and actuating pressure cause is very much also. Accordingly, not blindly use go mite kind clean face is tasted or be to protect skin to taste, should observe from trifling matters of everyday life, whether be the pressure blain that brings about because of actuating pressure, still be edible exciting kind food. A lot of inducement can cause blain, if your skin is not,be the blain that mite bug causes, use this kind of product for a long time to nurse facial, also can form harm.

Science dispel blain

3. uses special tool winkle blain, blain blain is good hurry up

A lot of whelk patients' certain to the remedial method existence of whelk blindness, grew the remedial method that science does not adopt after whelk, blind is squeezed with the hand, think to squeeze blain blain come out. Think blain system runs shrivelled whelk has been met, such processing are very dangerous, scar, sunken hole leaves very easily on the face, especially the blain of trigonometry area, in buckle after squeezing cause disease of purulent poisonous blood very easily, can endanger life even.

4. society holds to

Whelk of how effective purify, actually the most important is to should hold to, ten million cannot quit quite, achieve a satisfactory result without method for certain otherwise. Additional, if suffer from whelk, so ten million cannot use drug at random quite, cause greater harm very likely to the skin otherwise, appear more and more severe case, cause other skin diseases likely still even.

5. releases pressure

Additional, pressure also can bring about occurrence whelk greatly too, it is so in daily life, must learn how to be released and decompression, make move or be waited a moment a little with friend free for example, can avoid bad mood gloomy effectively to written guarantee so in the heart, the humor is good, the skin is met naturally radiant.