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Can you go tomato patch does blain imprint? Go tomato patch does blain imprint the effect how?

The purify photograph that blain imprints compares blain blain for, occasional is made when more a bit longer, because blain imprints,be commonly when eliminating blain blain because operate undeserved and those who stay, to the problem that dispel blain imprints, it is OK that a lot of people say potato effective purify blain imprints, do not know whether this method is effective, no matter the effect is what kind of, want to try, can you go tomato patch after all so does blain imprint? Go tomato patch does blain imprint the effect how?

Can you go tomato patch does blain imprint? Go tomato patch does blain imprint the effect how? (1)

1, can go tomato patch does blain imprint

1, dispel blain can go blain imprints want cleanness above all facial.

2, the potato of abluent preparation, potato flay.

3, cut tomato patch very thin piece, can cut unlike cucumber tomato patch very thin, potato is very inaccessible the result that oneself predict, so here, teach everybody a method that can get very thin potato, husk at ordinary times with us namely used nifty knife, I think, ability gets very thin potato chips as to how, this is about to see the competence of everybody! Still have potato chips thinner, better stick on the face, facial ministry skin is absorbed more easily!

4, can whole face is stuck, also can stick in the light of the place that blain has blain to imprint first. Time is in 20- - 30 minutes, (Not afraid meeting absorbs cutaneous moisture, this won't) , after arriving at this time, get off old, can affix again new, can count by turns second.

5, after finishing apply face of a day thoroughly, remember clean skin, it is OK to should use face of clear water clean only. Can protect skin to taste with what before he sleeps in the evening at ordinary times, use.

6, must hold on, as to hold to how many days, this blain that should see you child absorb achievement with what blain imprints, apparent disappear estrangement desalt, it is OK place of saw with one's own eyes sees.

2, the effect of potato

1. compensatory nutrition, can decide feed

Contain rich vitamin and the microelement such as calcic, Potassium tomato patch, and digest easily absorb, nutrition is rich. Can furnish the heat energy with much human body, the person relies on potato and complete fat milk to maintain life and health with respect to enough only, home of United States is in Europe especially North America, potato is early make the 2nd staple food.

2. and medium raise a stomach, be good at lienal benefit is wet

Contain a large number of starch and C of vitamin of protein, B a group of things with common features, vitamin to wait tomato patch, can promote the digestive function of taste.

3. is wide bowel is aperient

Contain a large number of prandial fiber tomato patch, can wide bowel is aperient, help airframe excretes metabolization toxin in time, prevent constipation, prevent the happening of alvine path disease.

3. falls candy falls fat, hairdressing is raised colour

Can furnish tomato patch the mucus egg white that human body has special protection effect in great quantities. Can close to those who hold enteron, respiratory tract and articulatory antrum, chorion tune is lubricant, prevent the adipose deposit of heart and vessels and system, preserve hemal flexibility, be helpful for preventing the happening of sclerosis of arterial congee appearance. It is a kind of alkalescent vegetable at the same time tomato patch, be helpful for balance of the soda acid inside body, counteract the acidity material of the generation after the metabolization inside body, the hairdressing with have certain thereby, fight anile action, the person that often has potato is healthy, often get slow.

Detumescence of 4. benefit water

The potassium that contains tomato patch can replace the natrium inside body, at the same time can sodium eduction body outside, be helpful for the rehabilitation of hypertension and nephritis oedema patient.

5. reduces weight

It is tomato patch in containing a lot ofprandial fibrous food, scarcer while contain a large number of vitamins, mineral food, the quantity of heat that every 148 grams produce tomato patch is 100 calorie only, true amylaceous content is less than 2% , contain only of 0.1% adipose, in can controlling people diet effectively of adipose gross absorb.

Can you go really tomato patch blain? Above solved the doubt in the heart to everybody, must undertake cleaning with clear water after face of use potato apply, not like that the rudimental material of potato stays on the face, such to the skin it is very bad, at the same time dispel blain also is to need to hold to, not be 9 days can achieve the result, hope everybody wants to maintain enough patience.

3, go the fruit that blain imprints

1. grape

Grapy effect is very much, the nutrient part that it contains is quite much also, eat a grape to be able to improve the blain scar on our face, still can cause skin closely at the same time, grape taking a place returns can compensatory moisture content, grapy skin and flesh are having a lot of effect, think we can try desalt blain scar to eat a grape more.

2. banana

Does everybody hear banana just understands alvine benefit function? Yes, it is normal to want defecate only, color is good, blain scar nature will be weak drop, meet slowly disappear drops scar of a few blain, want to hold to defecate everyday only, can have this kind of effect.

3. tomato

Tomato can issue dish also can be become the fruit after the meal, tomato also is one of fruits with superexcellent poisonous platoon, tomato can help scar of our desalt blain not only, still can prevent fleck, make color ruddy, make the skin more white fair-skinned.

4. coconut meat

Coco belongs to intertropical fruit, coco whole body is treasure, coco water not only can satisfy one's thirst still can prevent cancer, coconut meat can help beautiful white skin return can of desalt splash and so on, coconut meat still can leave food, for example a kind of characteristic that what coco chicken also is south.