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Go does blain imprint what skill is there? Go does blain imprint what key is there?

Of adolescence we had come up against such experience, had experienced the thing that there is long blain blain on the face namely, although in that way time is not very good,pass, but also be youth is indicative, after blain blain was done not have, bored issue remained blain to imprint as a result of all sorts of reasons namely, blain imprints can not be so good take out, so go does blain imprint what skill is there? Go does blain imprint what key is there?

Go does blain imprint what skill is there? Go does blain imprint what key is there? (1)

1, go blain Yin Xiaofang law

1. avoids radiation, play the radiant thing such as computer mobile telephone less as far as possible, because computer radiate can let the skin,blacken.

2. does not squeeze blain, if crowded blain blain disinfects measure to did not do with great difficulty to leave blain to imprint, if be special,blain should squeeze mature big blain to also need to had done disinfection.

It is so easy that 3. needs compensatory vitamin everyday take out blain imprints, at the same time still many have the in kind that contains a vitamin.

Film of flour of second beauty of 4. weekly DIY2, also can achieve so go the effect that blain imprints.

5. can wash rice bath face with the 2nd, a variety of nutrition material are contained to conduce to improvement skinning in the water that wash rice, make pigment even.

6. washs a face to use Wen Shui, on 1.2 white vinegar are added to be able to have the effect of desalt blain mark inside, need to hold to for a long time.

7. everyday drinking water is in 800ML above, one cup is drunk to be able to clear when rising in the morning intestines and stomach eliminates body endotoxin.

8. does not stay up late, stay up late to make cutaneous pigment becomes ad cool-headed easily, also can make blain imprints deepen, had better go to bed before 11 o'clock. .

9. can be after evening cleanness skin, move water of a cup of white sugar, the autograph that use cotton touchs blain of butcher of white sugar water to imprint, pigment of white sugar desalt, eliminate blain to imprint, hold to in the evening everyday so, one week later you can discover blain imprints become weak, insist for a long time to imprint with blain meet slowly disappear.

10. if your age is female of 25 years old, often should make the Facial mask spread with a few qualitative chamfer, such ameliorable also blain imprint, let the skin look Bai Xi.

On 11. food take suffer from excessive internal heat less, fat thing, eat vegetable fruit to contain the fruit with vitamin rich E more, such to going blain imprints have very good effect.

12. does not use cosmetic as far as possible, do not draw especially thick makeup, cause pore easily in that way to jam blain blain can become more, blain imprints natural also meeting rises more.

2, go blain imprints what should notice

1, no-no one: Often do not wash a face, one day washs a face 2 times is the regulation that must want to abide by, wash a face regularly, the exudation of easy exciting sebaceous glands function, make the grease of skin surface by abluent, sebaceous glands skins for protection own exudation grease, such, sebaceous glands can change more and more not the rule, grease is secreted also can soare suddenly, often be glossy is full of, the dry phenomenon inside the oil outside appearing.

2, no-no 2: Do not use grind arenaceous cream and convergent water mill is arenaceous cream and convergent water will be excessive and exciting cuticular cell, the skin of exasperate agnail, also meet those who stimulate sebaceous glands secrete a function at the same time, what made skin condition changes is poorer, additional, convergent water can make pore contractive, make the pore mouth of a cave that is jammed originally smaller, soil is worse eduction, metabolic suffocate suffocate, wait the heal time of blain blain, leave blain easily also to imprint.

3, no-no 3: The nicotine in wanting smoking cigarette will be contractive capillary tube wall, make blood and lymphatic medium toxin piles up, the answer oxygen rate of skin cell is reduced, make cutaneous heal force drops, form the alternate infection of acne cut easily.

4, no-no 4: If go squashing with hand or tool,do not want the dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed, crowded, blain blain that carries a face to go up, not only won't live in peace with each other, can cause infection because of the bacteria on the hand 2 times instead, or the force because of extruding, cause hypodermic Yu blood, leave 4-6 the scar that the week just can disappear. Additional, the cut that dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed is squeezed and causes, classics again and again the result of hyperplasia of exciting, skin can form ridgy scar.

5, no-no 5: The food that does not take amount of acrimony, deepfry, high fever although these food do not meet what cause blain blain directly to form, but also can worsen the state of blain blain, because these food can raise cardiac negative charge, the vitaminic K character that makes blood medium is reduced, bring those who send blain blain to generate secondhand.