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How to apply again after the expiration of the US signature?
Expert answers:
As for the US signature, the common misconception among the applicants is that it is overdue and can be renewed directly.
In fact, the expiration of the US signature means that everything starts again.
Even if the applicant has a US signature, it does not mean that the re-application can pass smoothly.
Since November 2014, the United States has formally issued a 10-year valid multi-round trip visa for Chinese citizens applying for short-term visas for business and tourism (B1/B2), commonly known as the "10-year visa".
This means that the application requirements will be stricter and the audit will be more accurate than the one-year limited US signature issued in the past.
In addition, in recent years, some cases of illegal activities in the United States with tourist visas have occurred frequently, such as illegal work with tourist visas, going to school, staying in the United States and so on.
As a result, the visa officer keeps a high degree of vigilance against every applicant, because in the eyes of the visa officer, every applicant has the tendency of illegal immigration, whether or not they have had a US visa, which is called "killing the wrong, not letting go".
Therefore, applicants who have had US signatures should not be negligent.
If they rush to apply for US signatures with misunderstanding, they will only increase the history of refusal to sign.
It is worth noting that whether it is the first time to apply for a U.S. visa or the second time to apply for a U.S. visa, the application process is roughly the same.
When applying again, some eligible applicants can use visa interview-free to speed up the application process.
In most cases, there is no need to go to the embassy/consulate for an interview to use the service.
However, as with interviews, exemption from interviews does not guarantee the success of visa applications.
Moreover, in some cases, the consulate may require the applicant to come to the interview in person after examining the application submitted through the exemption from interview.
The importance of face-to-face performance should not be neglected in applying for US Signature.
In addition, according to different circumstances, applicants also need different schemes.
Some applicants blindly pursue shortcuts, even hide fraud from embassies in order to pursue the passing rate.
The final result is not the US signature, but the rejection for life.
Prepare well in advance and customize the professional face-to-face signature scheme is the correct way for applicants to get the US sign smoothly.
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