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Can I bring cash when I enter the United States?
How much can I bring?
Need to declare?
Expert answers:
First of all, you can first understand the provisions of the U.S. Customs Official Network.
According to the provisions of the U.S. Customs Official Network, you can read as follows:
1. There is no cap on the amount of money carried:
there is no cap on the amount of cash/cheques carried in or out of the United States; 2. Personal entry:
More than $10,000 in cash/cheque is required to declare and fill in the FinCEN 105 form.
3. Multi-person entry:
multi-person entry with more than $10,000 in cash/cheque, and filling in FinCEN105 form; 4. Non-splittable:
In the case of multiple people entering the country in groups, cash/cheques can not be split into multiple people in the team to carry, so as to "reduce" the carrying amount and avoid declaration; 5. Overconfiscation:
If the amount of money carried exceeds 10,000 US dollars is not declared, it may face full confiscation or even be punished by law.
6. Will tax be deducted when carrying cash declaration?
For better understanding, the U.S. Customs Official Website also gives an intimate example:
If Xiao A and Xiao B enter the United States together, Xiao A carries $5,000 and Xiao B carries $6,000.
According to the customs, they had $11,000 (more than $10,000) to declare and fill out the FinCEN 105 form.
That is to say, the US Customs "only recognizes money and does not recognize people", as long as it carries more than $10,000, it is necessary to declare, regardless of how many people the $10,000 is, regardless of the relationship between the peers, that is, it does not want to be drilled to carry more than $10,000 to declare the gap.
Seriously, prevent money laundering!
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    ABOUT new-jersey local customs, tourist attractions
    New Jersey introduce.
    銆銆銆 Area: 20295 square kilometers In fifty states, ranked forty-sixth.
    Population: 7329000 In fifty states, ranked ninth.
    Trenton state: Trenton The main city of Newark: Newark Jersey city Jerseycity Violet State bird: American finch Jin Mei 銆銆 The state of New Jersey, the State takes its name from the name of the island in the English channel.
    銆銆 The European people in the future, the state had lived some Delaware indians.
    After European arrival, the state belongs to the Holland colony of department.
    16 0 years and belongs to great britain.
    When one of the thirteen independent states.
    Washington in 1777 in the state of Princeton Princeton war, defeated the British people, so independent.
    In 1783, Princeton had a short period as the capital of the United states.
    Here in the capital of Trenton in the north, are very close.
    The state in the United States in December 18, 1787 third.
    Some areas of the state, beautiful scenery.
    Therefore, it is often referred to as the "Garden State" GardenState.
    With violet as the state flower.
    The state motto: "freedom and prosperity" libertyandprosperity.
    銆銆 Trenton is the capital of Trenton, population one hundred thousand.
    Near the Princeton PrincetonUniversity of Princeton University, founded in 1746 and now has five thousand students.
    Roth Gus UniversityofRutgers is the State University, founded 1766, is located in the new Rick Bertram, the existing thirty thousand students.
    Near the coast of Atlantic city as a tourist destination Atlanticcity.
    銆銆 The state has two features: first, the largest population density of state.
    The average per square kilometers, about 37 people (about one thousand people per square mile).
    In section two, the United States, the most dense ground transportation line distribution.
    The state of North New York and Boston, South Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, transportation is very frequent.
    This is the vehicle through the most populous state.
    Railway and highway tunnels and bridges are very much.
    銆銆 The state can be divided into three areas: (A) Northwest Mountain area, which belongs to the part of the Appalachian mountain.
    Mountains of northeast and southwest mountain forest, very beautiful scenery.
    (B) the central low hilly area is empty of life.
    The Newark Newark southwest line to Trenton Trenton highway, railway transportation is the busiest area.
    This area is not beautiful, because of its proximity to New York city, large factory buildings.
    For example: the Jersey city, Newark, Jerseycity, Elizabeth, Paterson and Elizabeth peterson.
    chiwi had a big airport.
    Jersey city and Ealey Elizabeth has seaport.
    The political aspect, the city belongs to the state of New Jersey, the economic main surface, a part of them is in New York city.
    (c) the southern area is potential flat, plain area.
    Fertile land, agricultural production is very rich.
    The main crop is tomato vine, orange, asparagus, spinach, milk, chicken and corn.
    There are many in the refinery, the total refining capacity of more than half a million barrels per day.
    Newark is New Jersey's largest port city, a large part of the city of New York.
    Located in the northeastern state of the Passaic River, near the Atlantic in the Gulf of Newark, 14 kilometers east from New York District of Manhattan;
    the population of 275 thousand (1990), where blacks accounted for about 58% of large urban areas including: Essex county, an area of 2642 square kilometers;
    in 1966 the establishment of immigrant settlement;
    after 1830 with the building of railway and navigation to Pennsylvania Prefecture in the Maurice canal, the industry began to develop.
    A city in 1836. 1915 years after the opening, with great development of city economy.
    During the first World War was one of the major us shipbuilding center.
    Since 30, economic stagnation, until the mid 60's to the recovery and development of the transport industry;
    primacy in city economy;
    Newark port is the main part of New York - New Jersey comprehensive port, covers an area of 292 hectares, there are 36 oceangoing ships berths, 222 thousand square meters of warehouse, and a huge storage facilities in it bear the freight volume of New York sea area 30%, the east coast of the United States is a major importer of cars and the wood and the nearest port;
    Port Elizabeth has a total annual handling 12 million tons of container cargo capacity, the Gulf of Newark is one of the world's largest container handling zone.
    1973 years of the completion of the Newark International Airport, the airport in the New York metropolitan area plays an important role.
    The size of factories and enterprises is not big, but the various departments, the production of leather, jewelry, beer, plastics, electrical equipment, automobile parts and chemical products;
    New Jersey state financial and insurance center;
    there are many parks and cultural facilities;
    the military park with the famous American National War memorial.
    Brench Brooke Park planted in Sheng Sakura known;
    Newark Museum with a unique design and display exquisite decorative art in the domestic reputation.
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