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Can immigration really give children a better education?
Expert answers:
The answer is not absolute.
However, through the resources of the United States, there is a high probability that children can be better educated.
First of all, let's think about why many drifters in Beijing and Shanghai have to stay in Beijing and Shanghai.
Why can the school district houses in Beijing be speculated at high prices?
One reason is that children can be better educateD.This is because the two places are concentrated in top primary, secondary and university schools in China.
Similarly, although there are not many foreign students going to primary and secondary schools in the United States, there are many undergraduate and graduate students going to the United States.
The top schools in the United States can take up more than half of the university rankings each year.
Although American universities are open to students all over the world, they will obviously have more advantages if they study in the United States from an early age.
First of all, English passes through the customs directly.
Many linguistic studies have shown that adolescence is the key period of language.
After the critical period, although you can still learn a second language, but the efficiency will be much worse.
Secondly, learn the American writing "routine".
Many foreign students have been confused about what kind of composition the grading officer wants when they take TOEFL GRE.
Similarly, many foreign students do not know how to write the application.
These are not only language issues, but also cultural and thinking differences.
Thirdly, to apply for American universities, we should not only get good grades, but also pay attention to extracurricular activities.
There are obviously more opportunities for such activities to study in the United States.
It should be pointed out that some of the "chicken soup" in the past makes people feel that American education is a relaxed and happy education.
Admittedly, it is true that many schools in the United States do not focus on cultural curricula.
Finally, if resources are sufficient and parents are willing to work hard to send their children to the United States, there will be more opportunities for quality education in the first place.
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