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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Can immigration really give children a better education?
Expert answers:
The answer is not absolute.
However, through the resources of the United States, there is a high probability that children can be better educated.
First of all, let's think about why many drifters in Beijing and Shanghai have to stay in Beijing and Shanghai.
Why can the school district houses in Beijing be speculated at high prices?
One reason is that children can be better educateD.This is because the two places are concentrated in top primary, secondary and university schools in China.
Similarly, although there are not many foreign students going to primary and secondary schools in the United States, there are many undergraduate and graduate students going to the United States.
The top schools in the United States can take up more than half of the university rankings each year.
Although American universities are open to students all over the world, they will obviously have more advantages if they study in the United States from an early age.
First of all, English passes through the customs directly.
Many linguistic studies have shown that adolescence is the key period of language.
After the critical period, although you can still learn a second language, but the efficiency will be much worse.
Secondly, learn the American writing "routine".
Many foreign students have been confused about what kind of composition the grading officer wants when they take TOEFL GRE.
Similarly, many foreign students do not know how to write the application.
These are not only language issues, but also cultural and thinking differences.
Thirdly, to apply for American universities, we should not only get good grades, but also pay attention to extracurricular activities.
There are obviously more opportunities for such activities to study in the United States.
It should be pointed out that some of the "chicken soup" in the past makes people feel that American education is a relaxed and happy education.
Admittedly, it is true that many schools in the United States do not focus on cultural curricula.
Finally, if resources are sufficient and parents are willing to work hard to send their children to the United States, there will be more opportunities for quality education in the first place.
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    ABOUT washington-d-c local customs, tourist attractions
    The White House is the office of the president of the United States, it is located on the south side of Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington d.c, is by Irish immigrants architect Hepburn (James Hoban) design.
    In October 13, 1792, President Washington personally placed ground foundation, to be completed in 1800, second President John Adams (John Adams) first in residence.
    Its original color is gray, in the 1814.1817 years after the reconstruction was painted white, 1902 by Theodore Roosevelt (Theodore Roosevelt) was officially named as the "White House", and called it the greatest in the world Forum (Bully Pulpit).
       The seemingly insignificant Blair palace is located across from the White House, was founded in 1824, was originally a private residence.
    1836, the house is one of the adviser to President Jackson Francis Blair bought.
    The federal government of the United States in 1942 and 1943 respectively, to buy a house and the adjacent residential Blair, and the two house opened together.
    From November 1948 to February 1952 the White House President Truman during the maintenance period, a tabernacle in this.
    In 60s, the us government has purchased two houses nearby, the expansion of the Blair palace.
    In 80s, the us government renovated Blair palace, increased the courtyard.
    Blair is currently the president of the United States House of foreign heads of state and local dignitaries celebrities.
    Shakespeare Fargier library is located on capitol Hill in Washington, the United States is an independent research library.
    It is a collection of the world's largest William Shakespeare printed works, is also a rare early modern (1500.1750) data repository.
    The library is the establishment of the Henry clay Fje and his wife Emily Jordan Fje jointly established, two years after Mr Fje died, was officially opened in 1932. The library provides advanced academic programs;
    provide services for national education teacher in Shakespeare;
    and also held in the theater, music, poetry, exhibitions, lectures, and household items.
    It also has a number of publications, and become a leader in the conservation of rare information on methods.
    The library is private donations, and by the Amherst School of management.
    The library building is already listed in the national register of historic places".
    Address: 201 e.
    capitol St. SE Washington, Dc 20003
    Tel: +1 (202) 5444600
    Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 10:00.17:00 Sunday 12:00.17:00;
    reading room Monday ~ Friday 8:45.16:45 Saturday 9:00.12:00 13:00.16:30 Address: http://www.folger.edu/
       Madame Tussaud's in Washington
    There are several city of Madame Tussaud's in the United States, one is located in the capital city of Washington, Washington, Madame Tussaud's in 2007 opened, welcomed by the public, with all the presidents of the United States is the most famous wax.
    The wax pattern is clear, it is to the point where the real ones, especially in character depiction, such as facial expressions, skin color, hand wrinkles and fingertip movements carefully on the subtle visible wax.
    President Bush, clinton Lincoln, a waxwork couple, Reagan and Obama, President Kennedy and his wife, and early American president of wax, the most popular when the number of American president Obama couple, in their wax before with the photo to queue, visible renqihenwang.
    In addition to the president's wax, and some movie stars, sports stars and celebrities wax, is also very popular.
    In the wax Museum and also a special learning wax production place, this is the praise of the people, especially children love this project, clamoring to learn to do.
    :Madame Tussauds Washington d.c
    Reason: Washington's most popular Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, District of columbia, Washington: [Washington, d.c]

    Attractions: Washington District of columbia city [Washington, d.c]

    The Textile Museum is located in the District of columbia in the northwest of carlo Rama, by George Hewett, collector and connoisseur of textile Meyers (George Hewitt Myers) was established in 1925, consists of two buildings, in order to let more people understand the cultural importance of the world textile goods.
    The Museum established only by the textile non Western culture 275 blankets and more than 60 parts, after decades of collection, the collection of up to 19000, spanning 5000 years of history, a collection of all kinds of textiles from 3000 Bc until now.
    The textiles from around the world, representing different clothing culture of various ethnic groups, including the Indonesian island of Java on the lady apron, the Japanese kimono, chinese 19 century, Angola 19 century cloth tunic, Japan Meiji period, Uzbekistan farmers coat 19 Mid century robes, a Greek island 17 to 18 century 19 china pillowcase, Mid century robes, Peru Park 700 to 900's hat.
    Textile Museum
    Reason: the most important American Textile Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, District of columbia, Washington: [Washington, d.c]

    Attractions: Washington District of columbia city [Washington, d.c]

    Washington, D.C., is the capital of the United States, the administrative center.
    It is administered by the federal government and does not belong to any state.
    Washington State, located in the northwest of the United States, borders Canada to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the west.
    It covers an area of 176,500 square kilometers. Population, 5018,000 (1991).
    The capital, Olympia. Seattle, the largest city. From 1543 to 1792, explorers from Spain, Russia, Britain and France entered the area. 1818-1846 was shared by the United Kingdom and the United States.
    In 1846, the northern latitude 49 degrees along the northern border of Honshu was defined as the boundary between the United States and Canada. Established in 1889.
    Washington is Washington, D.C. (This is the full name, commonly referred to as Washington).

    Universities in the District of Columbia
    Washington, D.C., the birthplace of the American Association of Community Colleges.
    University of the District of Columbia, the only public university in Washington, D.C.
    National Defense University
    American University
    Catholic University of America
    Corcoran School of Art
    George Washington University
    Georgetown University
    Howard University
    Mount Vernon College
    Oblate College
    Southeastern University
    Strayer College
    Trinity College
    Gallaudet University: Students specializing in deafness and hearing impairment.
    Washington, D.C.: A Feast on Museums
    Washington, D.C., the political heart of the United States, has yet to enter the city.
    From the airplane porthole, you can get a strong sense of design from the orderly road network, as if someone had carved a sophisticated plan directly on this flat land.
    History is indispensable. Designers in Washington have spared no effort in interpreting the city by throwing pen and ink on its historical propositions, and Museums have become the most prominent symbol of Washington.
    When you come to Washington, you can't miss the grand feast of Museums. Apart from monuments and memorials, nearly 200 Museums are situated in the streets and lanes.
    From culture and art to science and technology, it is said that it takes months to see the whole picture. As Louis Lu, an official of the Washington Tourism Administration, said, two visitors will not have the same experience in Washington, nor will the same visitor have the same experience in Washington twice.
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