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What if a child is ill when he studies in the United States?
Expert answers:
Parents are most concerned about the protection of their children's physical and mental health when their children are studying abroaD.So, what should we pay attention to in this respect?
1. Buying Medical Insurance Many parents and students feel that it is expensive to see a doctor in the United States.
The main reason is that they do not buy Medical insurance.
But in fact, most private schools require international students to buy Medical insurance.
Most of the medical insurance costs for international students in schools are included in the tuition fees paiD.The premiums generally vary from $300 to $600 a year.
Whichever kind of insurance is chosen, it is a guarantee for children to seek medical care later.
Dental or ophthalmic insurance is very expensive in the United States.
Many schools usually do not include dental insurance in their medical insurance.
If necessary, they can buy their own dental insurance.
In American insurance, dental and ophthalmic insurance are separateD.Before buying the insurance, we should know the detailed terms and buy a comprehensive student insurance.
Suggestions to determine that children go abroad, first in the country to decay, myopia and other related issues first consulted, study abroad can be prepared!
2. Physical examination in advance in China Almost all entry to the United States requires a health certificate.
American schools usually start in late August or early September.
Chinese students may consider having a physical examination at home before starting school, or they may choose to go to the United States for another physical examination, but the cost will be much higher.
3. Vaccinate regularly!
According to American law, students are required to provide vaccination records when they enter school, otherwise they are not allowed to enter the campus, and may even have to bear legal responsibility.
The regulations of each state are different and need to be distinguished and understood in detail.
Although the school can provide vaccination services, but the price is more expensive.
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    ABOUT connecticut local customs, tourist attractions
    Area: 12973 square kilometers In fifty states, ranked forty-eighth.
    Population: 3108000 In fifty states, ranked twenty-fourth.
    State: Hart Fu Hartford The main city of Bridgeport: Birdgeport New haven NewHaven State flower: mountain laurel State bird: Robins connecticut is the new England 6's most southerly state.
    connecticut, the name of Li, from the Indian word Quinnethtukqut, meaning "a river under the tidal effect through the land", referred to as the "river of".
    Holland maritime official years, Voyager, first into the connecticut river.
    In 1635, the British began to the colonial district.
    At that time, the Indians in the state, about seven thousand.
    One of the strongest group, called the white Gua ethnic minority Bequot.
    In 1637, the British and native war.
    In January 9, 1788 to become the fifth old thirteen states of the United States state.
    "Mountain laurel" MountainLaurel is the state flower.
    The alias "constitution state" constitutionState.
    The state motto: "he who transplanted still survive in the" HeWhoTransplantedStillSustains.
    The state institutions have more than 50. One of the most famous, for example, a 17 year founded by Yale University, Hart Stanford University was founded in 1877 and 1881 the establishment of the University of connecticut.
    Harbin in Xi Hart fu.
    Kang in Storrs Storrs, which in the east of Hart fu.
    Hart Fu Hartford is located in the center, and between New York and Boston's two largest port, an important geographical location.
    The state capital, population Yiliuwan.
    The state has three characteristics: first, the creation of the first 1639 years, the basic law of FundamentalOrders, determined every citizen has the right to vote.
    The basic law has been recognized as the world's oldest constitution of a written.
    The first is the implementation of the basic law area, Weizesifeide Wetheersfield.
    In two, the state is one of the most Sheng Industrial State in new England in six states.
    Is mainly manufacturing nuclear submarine jet engine helicopter engine, ball bearing plastic watches, electric power electrical equipment and typewriter etc.
    Third, the state capital of Hart Fu Hartford, is an American insurance city Insurancecity.
    The city has forty big American insurance company headquarters.
    The state's population is only about three million, but its GDP will reach US $about seven billion.
    The total number of workers accounted for about 2/5 of the state population and employment.
    The state industrial technology level precision workers with a high degree of technical sophistication, such as jet engine manufacturing and computer.
    The state for moraine soil area, soil, containing a large number of gravel.
    Production of potato, corn and vegetables.
    The milk industry and poultry industry is also developed.
    the entrance of American universities

    Three notes: One is based on the law of the United States to study in the United States is not affected by age, quota, but students must provide proof of studying objective and funding period to ensure that clear, the United States has enough charge, students must also provide strong evidence, prove that they are inextricably linked with the domestic family, occupation, social aspects, assurance later will return.
    Two is the entrance of American universities generally have two spring and autumn time, most of the graduate school has the application deadline constraints, so the United States interested students should begin to prepare for at least 12 months in advance.
    The three is to obtain an undergraduate degree in the United States generally require 4 years of time, the master's degree and doctorate in two years, to obtain about three years, because of the American education system to the credit system, so if the student credits can graduate ahead of a degree.
    Five will be asked Q: the size of the school and professional expertise The participating institutions have expertise in different scale, different, therefore consult the first person to scale, characteristics and professional expertise to consult the school, in order to select their own professional and interested in the school;
    there is a lot of colleges in the United States because although the overall ranking is not high, but may in some professional counseling so that ranked among the higheSt. In order to understand the level of professional colleges.
    Two: the school tuition fees and provide scholarships The American college of a year on average cost about $3 million, but there are still great differences between public and private schools.
    us college scholarship is divided into service and non service two.
    Service Scholarship and twocategories: Research Scholarship (R esearch Assistant) and assistantships (t eaching Assistant a lot of non full scholarship form of Service Award (F ellow Ship) (S cholarship), half award and other grants or loans, tuition waiver;
    a detailed understanding of these, make their own application the school provides results more focused.
    Question three: what are the requirements for the proofreading of international students The requirements of the school students to provide transcripts and personal statement (E ssay) the direct basis for different professional, also often have different requirements, so the consultant must ask, so that schools interested in your application, the general requirements of studying in the United States you have to understand, read undergraduate senior middle school graduation certificate and the TOEFL score;
    need at least a bachelor's degree and TOEFL, GRE and GMAT scores of undergraduate degree or above.
    Question four: the latest trends of visa Although the school does not directly interfere with the visa, but students should ask the school which can provide help in the visa, which will be subject to professional visa restrictions also apply.
    For example, the "9 11" in the future, such as biotechnology, chemical and other sensitive professional when visa is difficult, students should be in the scene that will ask.
    Five Q: School Services and tutor In the 1 United States immigration approval for international students in the University, most schools have a center for International Student Affairs and services, providing all kinds of needed services and create a good learning environment for the school to study international students understand these for this study;
    while studying in the United States because many are reading master, PhD or Shuobo associating reading tutor must therefore understand clearly in advance, including the research direction, research strengths and visibility and so on.
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