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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Who is more likely to be censored when applying for a U.S. visa?
What about professional sensitivity?
Expert answers:
Who is more likely to be "censored"?
Highly educated + sensitive majors, such as aviation, thermophysics, machinery, engineering, computer science, aerospace, nuclear energy, chemistry, biomedicine, biology, electrical engineering, wireless, antenna, algorithm, chemical weapons, precision instruments, etC.All science students have the possibility of being checkeD.If you are studying these majors, you'd better prepare detailed English resume introduction in advance.
I have been to sensitive countries that the United States considers.
If you have been to Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia or Yemen, you are more likely to be checked.
The applicant's personal situation is complex, such as visiting visa, which requires checking the applicant's U.S. relatives.
There is a bad record in the United States.
I have been to the United States before, but there are illegal records, traffic tickets, illegal detention, etC.But with the subtle changes in political relations, it is now "capricious" to censor at will.
Sensitive professionals are advised to prepare for the following:
1. Prepare relevant information such as payroll and work certificate issued by American companies.
2. For visa officers'questions about specific work in the United States, they should be prepared with detailed answers.
Especially when they need to clarify the part of their work that has nothing to do with the confidential industry, they should be able to explain clearly to the visa officers.
3. Not only should we treat the visa process rigorously and seriously, but also we should be prepared for the cooperation and inspection of customs and entry-exit departments.
If we go back to visit relatives, it is better not to carry too much work-related documents, information, or even laptops.
4. If necessary, try to separate the working mailbox, equipment and personal equipment.
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    ABOUT alabama local customs, tourist attractions
    Alabama (Alabama) name from the Indian language, its meaning is: "all Iclearthethicket".
    The United States is located in the so-called "southern area".
    The state has an area of fifty-one thousand seven hundred and five square miles, the average size of the fifty United States of america.
    Along the Appalachian Mountains in northeastern Alabama, the southeast is called Pide Mengshan area.
    The state of the bay area plain accounted for most of the area.
    Some islands in the Gulf of Mexico belongs to the state of Alabama, the largest island of the Dauphin island.
    The main city in Alabama: Bermingham, mobile and Montgomerie (the state capital), and Hangzhou brownsville.
    The state's population of about four million.
    About sixty of the Alabama Museum, one of the most popular, is located in the Hangzhou Brownsville Alabama space and rocket center.
    The state of the art Museum include: in Bermingham's Art Museum, art gallery, and mobile in Montgomerie art Museum.
    Montgomerie of the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, is the best one of the North American tour company.
    Located in Bermingham, Alabama Symphony Orchestra, is the only state occupation Symphony orchestra.
    Alabama's twenty-four state parks and four national forests.
    The state is located in the North West William Bankhead National Forest scenic, there are lakes, streams, valleys, waterfalls, and hardwood foreSt. Tara Deeja National Forest include Keller Hassan, is the highest peak in the state.
    Tuskegee national forest area is located in the east central Alabama, Kangnaqiu forest is located in the Alabama border with Florida.
    Alabama's coastal areas, rivers, and lakes offer numerous opportunities for fishing, boating and swimming.
    traffic Alabama's transportation is developed.
    The state has 23 thousand and 500 miles of highway and more than 4700 miles of railway network, and with the second largest inland water transportation system.
    In the sea, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico port of mobile is one of the largest deepwater port, more than 130 service routes, there are 14 public piers and 155 wharF- History In 1699, the state is one of the French Department of Louisiana province.
    In 1763 with the British cut.
    In 1817, a territory of the United states.
    In December 14, 1819, as the twenty-second United states.
    The best time to travel Alabama's long summer hot and winter is usually mild.
    The average temperature in winter in the north is about eight degrees celsius, the south is ten degree.
    In summer the average temperature is about twenty-seven degrees across the state.
    Northern snow, the southern coastal areas are extremely rare.
    The annual average rainfall in Alabama, in the coastal area is about 165 cm, in northern china, is about 135 cm.
    The best time to travel in Alabama long summer hot and winter is usually mild.
    The average temperature in winter in the north is about eight degrees celsius, the south is ten degree.
    In summer the average temperature is about twenty-seven degrees across the state.
    Northern snow, the southern coastal areas are extremely rare.
    The annual average rainfall in Alabama, in the coastal area is about 165 cm, in northern china, is about 135 cm.
    Traffic guide Alabama transportation is developed.
    The state has 23 thousand and 500 miles of highway and more than 4700 miles of railway network, and with the second largest inland water transportation system.
    In the sea, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico port of mobile is one of the largest deepwater port, more than 130 service routes, there are 14 public piers and 155 wharF- Delicacy snacks The us Food and beverage diversified, there are restaurants around the world are generally in the big city.
    European restaurant with French and Italian restaurants, where the environment is good, the price is higher, to the restaurant, best to look down on the front of the store menu, so as not to sit down after the discovery of vegetable prices are too high to leave the embarrassment;
    in restaurants all over the country, in Guangdong restaurants, many sales of seafood dishes.
    The price is moderate;
    there are other Japan, India, Middle East, Latin America and Southeast Asia restaurant.
    compared with the local characteristics of the United States is fast, with McDonald's as a representative of the hamburger restaurants, KFc is the representative of the fried chicken restaurant, in addition to selling pizza, sandwiches and hot dogs fast-food restaurant.
    In the formal dining room after dinner to pay the total amount of consumption of 15 - 20% of the tip, and in fast food restaurants do not have to pay the tip.
    Tourists traveling in the United States, if you want to save money, you can often eat fast food;
    also may wish to establish a budget control in less than $5, breakfast, lunch and dinner at less than $10, $20 less than in the control.
    Shopping Directory There are restaurants, cinemas, shopping malls, it can be said that the shopping center is more like a full-featured leisure.
    This business model has been popularized worldwide.
    When shopping, may wish to visit several shops, large shopping malls, there will always be a regular sale, the store will hang out "on sale" brand, at this time, only a fraction of the original price can get what they want.
    Folk Festival The United States has the following national holidays, these days, many places do not work, please run formalities do travel before the festival, and then joined the carnival crowd: January 1st New Year January Monday of the third week of Martin Ludkin's birthday The third week of February on Monday, the president's Day May fourth Monday Memorial Day July 4th Independence Day The first week of September labor day Monday The second week of October Monday columbo Festival The last week of November Thanksgiving Thursday christmas December 25th Safety precautions: Whether it is to live in the hotel or economy hotel, a chain lock to the door inside, if someone knocked on the door, first to ask a question: "Who is it?"
    And then the door opened a crack to look at;
    try not to go to lots of pedestrian less at night.
    In case of robbery, to call 911. Time: the United States coast more than 4500 kilometers away, the country is divided into eastern, central and mountain time time time, Pacific time, Alaska time and Hawaii time, followed by an hour earlier.
    Please tourists travel in and call attention.
    Labatt is the capital of a country, the whole city environment really have nothing to say, everywhere is lined with trees, and they are big and tall palm trees or trees, so early here and we feel as if to Sanya.
    The law here, not to build more than three storeys high, therefore, the visibility is very good, from afar, as if the day is on the horizon, especially the day, what is called the blue sky and white clouds, just take a picture, just like PS.
    There is no air pollution even with sea humidity, even if there is not a small wind, blowing in the face is soft, can finally bid farewell to the Red Plateau in Beijing.
    Not the entire Metro city Rabat, with round do not spend much time, because the taxi is cheap.
    The taxi is not small, but have to limit the number of passengers: three, hit the kind driver will the car licence took home four as a vehicle, but not to the police in many places, such as the embassy, had no choice but to two cars, to fight is not expensive, less than 10 dirhams (DH) can fix.
    Who says Africa is poor, the Mercedes Benz is simply flying everywhere, street casual glance like a Mercedes, although not the latest styles, but we are just beginning to Benz, we thought this is what car to buy cheap processing, so, I asked to know where the price is still Benz not cheap, only the people here are very rich, as is not rich will have to spend time to investigate, but mount electric (Morocco Telecom) charge is the most expensive in the world, we get the first M-Zone long live.
    Use the triboelectric Jawal card to Morocco local texting is 1DH, called 3.6DH, to domestic texting is 6DH, if the call is astronomical, 13DH or so, anyway, a 20DH phone can play cards at 1:40, when the first call to see such a time all the Speechless.
    Europe and the United States telephone can not compare it, the international long.
    distance telephone with no what difference, Baimo electric gave, I made the first call the shortest life.
    Second day morning, and safe at home, because of the time difference, we came to the local time of the afternoon, but there is a 12 point night, signal plus, not how to get through.
    To go to downtown, the taxi is very painful, because we are very lucky to catch up with their festival of Eid al AdhA, similar to the china Spring Festival, a huge street is our lonely figure, all people are home for the holidays, the stores are all closed.
    This day, the taxi is sporadic, I just dialed the phone, with me like a car, holding the phone with the same gun, "Mom, I was here, the phone is very expensive, I can only play one minute and forty seconds, I arrived in Morocco, very good, we have to go.
    Next time online chat in detail."
    Anyway, a call for 8 seconds or so, my mom said seems to be the first and last sentences, a phone call to ask if I was not, call home to show estimated mom is sure not to others.
    That is no conscience, a call is the tears drip down, if not so exaggerated at least is choked it, anyway, my lacrimal gland is not what impulse, childhood is the first time in junior high school, once let me excited, but also to comfort themselves, outside their own good family too happy.
    What did not do anything, just like this, I just could not.
    After the excitement of their own array will have homesick desires, estimated at that time also at home.
    centre Ville is really busy downtown, to many, fortunately to our university city, and not all the shops are closed, at least, McDonald's is open, excitedly ran into a look, wow, that price!
    The eyes are out, a hamburger is more than 30 dirhams, Big Mac is 59DH, we look foolish, despair, pointing to a menu, containing a hamburger, a drink, a small potato package as long as 20DH, and domestic similar.
    The staff was fantastic, the eyes can kill, the typical Arabia blood, sunken eye socket, blue brown eyes, thick hair, wow, and the movie "chris" in India as well as the handsome boy, speaks fluent French, patiently waiting for our meal.
    In china have never found that I have anthomaniac tendency, since the Air France plane is found wrong, always staring at those beautiful people, especially from Paris to Rabat captain Gregory Peck, is simply a replica of the people are very enthusiastic, let us see the cockpit, the first glimpse of the precision the instrument feel shy ah, long time to bother, stay for a while came out and found the purser is a handsome boy, as is belong to the kind of mature and the captain and vice captain, is a handsome young man, seductive.
    There are Olivia in a supermarket called Marjane (Hypermarch) is a handsome man to no response, after has been forgotten, hehe.
    Here the very few Asians, chinese is less, often mistaken for Japonaise, a little angry.
    See less of it, for them chinese, Japanese and South Korea have no clear, but overall, our attitude is still very friendly.
    We also will run, if we do not eat (for reasons, the school canteen is closed, we this dormitory only four girls, is our two), cultural counselor Peru specially with his son, also from the house and took the inventory results from us, we live in the local Souisse II to Max the University city did not find people back and forth, we run their own Agdal to walk away.
    Arrived in the evening before, we met a warm-hearted girl in Mauritania led us to a supermarket near to purchase Acima.
    In fact, we are only in the open campus to see people feel very surprised, to say hello, this girl is active with Mauritania Phatma we go to the supermarket, or at night will not be safe, our courage is big enough, when the stranger would dare to go out at night, especially the day before the holidays the night is full of darkness, we are very lucky hit has not set a month under the rain.
    The rain here is very funny, it is said the shower is not so large, that is, the drizzle is quite big, it is the day of June, the doll's face, say to change.
    In the absence of acid rain ingredients, we do not have an umbrella, a hat can also fix, but still need to take an umbrella.
    Go to the center of the night, we went to the residence near 5 minutes of Pharmacie, there is said to have opened the store, ran the first trip.
    Oh, yes, I forgot to mention the quilt, the first night without the quilt, people feast just give us a bed cover, with the air conditioning was not arrived, and had No. The older people are only speak Arabic, this communication is a problem, those scrawly handwriting the same text for us is simply mumbo-jumbo, body language, drawing, can use the method are used, but there is a Hassan II university students to give us a translation, but the boss has been well, at least we open the door to let us in.
    Not easy to understand our ideas, this time a typical Asian face appeared in front of us, and it is chinese ah, when she asked whether we students, that excited ah, I still think is specially to the other students we are looking for a chinese translation, the following sentence overturned my imagination, counsellor Mrs..
    We found two collaborative counsellor Mrs. place, tell them we seem to guard here.
    The main is to run the first trip back, found less stuff, and went second times, ha ha.
    counsellor couple and find the way over, we had found in the basement of the equivalent of Pharmacie, the indescribably surprised.
    They also follow the counsellor went to look at the Ministry of culture, a road safety education counsellor, counsellor Mrs. life guidance, also specially for the four quilts to us, the visitor, that is quite excited.
    There is a quilt at night, we finally got a warm feeling.
    To study the New Deal: 07 years in May began to implement international internship program, as long as the undergraduate graduates, after graduation in the local unconditional extension signed 1.2 years.
    In September 1st launched a new short-term student visa.
         Education expenses: academic year, tuition 120 thousand yuan / year -18 million (RMB, the same below), accommodation and living expenses for 80 thousand yuan / year -12. Provide scholarships, scholarships for international students is 15 thousand -7.6 yuan.
         Performance requirements: IELTS 6.5.7 points;
    popular professional university 4 years average subjects in more than 80 points, and the best is the 211 Engineering colleges, non - professional is required in more than 75 points;
    engineering requirements lower than the liberal arts and business performance.
         Wage policy: can work 20 hours a week during the school holidays, no time limit.
    The restaurant, supermarket work is relatively easy to find, the salary is about 76 yuan / hour.
         Popular institutions: University of Bath, York University, University of Birmingham, University of Newcastle, etc      Popular professional: finance, accounting, marketing, hotel management, sports management, animation design, architecture, city planning etc.
    college students can also apply for      Special remind: school year 9.10 months, from the beginning of September each year to accept applications, early application is more beneficial to students.
    As long as the students complete 6 semester undergraduate courses can apply for.
    This article from the liberal travel network (cn.
    bytravel.cn) in the form of links reproduced please indicate the source address: http://eur.
    bytravel.cn/art/yjs/yjslxrmgjqgl/ School of tourism management, Bermingham belongs to the famous University of Birmingham, Britain's only specialized training in tourism, catering and entertainment and other aspects of personnel management of higher learning.
    The college has more than 100 years of history, mainly in the retail, catering management, tourism management and other disciplines is famous in the world. School curriculum is divided into full-time and part-time, from matriculation to master learning curriculum, extensive and very practical.
    The training facilities are up to international standards, including four hotels, a bakery, two entertainment center, a tourist service center and seven beauty salon etc.
    These facilities are open to the outside world, tourism management Bermingham School of 6500 students, there are about 800 international students from 63 countries around the world. About 300 of them are from Taiwan, Hongkong, chinese;
    Singapore and Malaysia area.
    Professional settings: Tourism management.
    The advantages of professional introduction: The college has more than 100 years of history, mainly in the retail, catering management, tourism management and other disciplines is famous in the world. The geographical location of the school: School of tourism management Bermingham is located in the second largest city in the United Kingdom, "Bermingham".
    Bermingham is located in the central England plain from London, only 160 kilometers, the urban population of 1 million 10 thousand, including the rural population is 2 million 240 thousand.
    The city is divided into new and old city, metro train station near the British industrial exhibition is located, the station is downtown Bermingham, where shops are concentrated, narrow roads, endless flow, and a ban on vehicle traffic Admission requirements: Preparatory course: TOEFL 450 or IELTS5.0 Bachelor degree or master degree: TOEFL550 or IELTS6.0 Start date: end of September each year.
    (Birmingham) is the largest city in the state of alabama.
    Located in the north central part of the state, the southern Appalachian highlands.
    Urban area of 256 square kilometers, population 265 thousand (1990), where blacks accounted for about 40%;
    large urban areas by around 4 counties, covering an area of 87.59 square kilometers.
         1813 to set up settlements;
    around the railway in 1870, the city next year.
    Near the reserves of coal, iron and limestone;
    in 1880 the establishment of the first blast furnace, iron and steel industry, led to the development of other industries;
    after the Second World War, the city economic diversification.
         Now the iron and steel industry is still the first industrial sector, but the local iron ore has been gradually South American imported high-quality iron ore replaced steel plant has also moved to the suburbs from the urban area.
    Machinery manufacturing (mining machinery and textile machinery) and chemical industry is very fast, and aircraft manufacturing, electrical appliances, building materials, textile, food industry etc.
    Bermingham is an important transportation hub in the southeastern United States, there are 5 railway lines and highways to the Quartet radiation, 55 kilometers west of the city built a wharf, through Mexico Tombigbee River Bay, north of the airport.
         In twentieth century India since the 1990s, central city built consists of theater, amusement park, music hall, exhibition hall and other new buildings;
    red hill citystands 17 meters high in the Vulcan (Rome mythical Vulcan) like cast iron.
    Hongkong prices in the world should have is not cheap, especially the price of accommodation, it is said that the two highest in the world, but this time the trip to America, just let I deeply appreciate what is expensive.
    Generally speaking, go out in the outside, is mentally prepared for expensive.
    But since I first ran for nearly a week in canada, and run is not the place city is the tourist resort, the price did not make me speechless.
    Gradually, I will relax this one.
    Who knows to the United States, is a sudden turn for the worse.
    Let me keenly aware of the dollar is overvalued.
    To ills I went to the city to eat: some are relatively large, the price is high.
    It may be usually a meal snack food for $8 (about fast food, is not at the tip) to eat a McDonald's for $5. A beverage cans is usually $1, and a bottle of mineral water and juice at least $1.5. There, want to sit down and place a dish of what the United States and the United States, like us poor people can only go to chinatown restaurant.
    In Boston, if you go to the famous LEGAL SEAFOOD eat a lobster, about $50 budget is everyone (should include the tip.
    ) and while we go to a restaurant in Boston Tang people, each person only $12 and has a delicious meal.
    can I wear this: not too clear, but a very poor T-shirt generally sell for $15 but also make people very surprised.
    It's too expensive.
    30 dollars a person can live in a shabby dormitory like a school dormitory, of course, bed and bed.
    If you want a single room (toilet), be prepared for at least 50 dollars (which is not the price of a hotel, for chinese terminology, it should be called a hostel).
    Well, if you want to stay in a hotel, you can, anyway, it's not less than 100 dollars.
    Better, it's more than 150 dollars.
    But if more people squeeze into a room together, it's still more appropriate, the environment is better, it's also cheaper.
    The bed of American hotel is very big, I wait for Asian girls, two people have no problem with one bed, huh.
    A friend told me he wanted to find a small apartment near New York University, starting at $900 a month, without water and electricity.
    It was said that it was as much as $1200 a month near columbia University.
    Thought AAA was a visit to the insurance company, but is a way to get some map.
    In July 23, 2009 more than 10 points to open the door 40 minutes early, while the opposite is the Great Lakes, but the lake much, plus the sun is shining, they inadvertently crossed the street, waiting for the same as other don't know at ten on Thursday to work as visitors at the door.
    Through the window and looked into the house, a big office.
    10 open the door into the front desk with the membership card after registration, then sat in the waiting Rest Area, quickly called a Brenda middle.
    aged clerk came to our reception, in her desk seated, the trip described to her, she again into the computer, after the route map display in front of us, and skillfully use colored pens and special seal mark and the route to reach the city.
    And print out the color from the atlas, the above detailed description of every road along the way, the hotel restaurant, with incomparable;
    during which she occasionally recommend some hotels, but is completely out of help, make you feel a bit of marketing intentions, even if we refuse, same attitude.
    Office desk with her 20 year old son and family portrait photos, I would like chinese forget a compliment, anyway, people all over the world are willing to listen to good words!
    We want to include some other city's books, is completely free!
    It is no wonder that the American people keen to travel, on the one hand is usually driving, on the other hand, I want to tell them the perfect tourism services inseparable.
    On the way Delayed five days or not to the official license, then carries the provisional licence on Monday August 10, 2009 we still on the road.
    Easily traveling at high speed on the road, at the end of the clouds let me enjoy the feeling towards the horizon.
    Unexpectedly, in the state of Florida was 400 miles to reach Alabma in Alabama, passing through the Gulf of Mexico, across the Mississippi river..
    Through a cloud, bring a few drops of rain;
    chrysanthemum Taiwan listened to Jay chou's singing, almost forget the lyrics, do not understand chinese foreigners actually said J waves.
    In New Mexico, the highway would not be able to see the lush trees, instead of the vast grassland.
    When you see the hotel, restaurant, gas station and other signs of high-speed roadside forest, known and arrived at a city.
       Arrived in Texas Texas is the second largest state in Dallas, can feel the atmosphere of the city, more than cars.
    The brick residence in 50s at around $150 thousand.
    Due to the dry climate in Florida did not appear clean streets, after all Florida gathered retirees, some natural leisure.
    If you want to know whether a city is to see if she had gathered chinese, chinese Street (shops, pharmacies, restaurants and other links), Dallas china restaurant is the evening you can see a lot of chinese noodle;
    gather at a roadside.
    It is said that Asian students in the University accounted for 30% of the proportion.
    The former US President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas city to stay for three days in August 14th, departed for speed is the maximum speed limit of texas's other big city Amarillo.
    Florida and Texas, is 70 miles per hour, into New Mexico and then west to the maximum speed limit is usually 75 miles per hour.
    I usually pressed more than 5 miles, at a speed like me with the vehicle..
    Arrived in Arizona Leave texas to continue westbound, here montain mountain time exactly two hours later than Florida, vast plains planted with scrubby trees, like a flower;
    on the way to see a lot of Pingdingshan called MESa.
    Want to see the three or four engine car towing hundreds of wagon train?
    come to Arizona!
    Visit the colorado Grand canyon In August 19th and 20th we visited staggered over the weekend ahead of ----Grand canyon National Park Grand canyon National Park wonders of the world;
    because of the Grand canyon 200 miles across, so enter the park is also a multi way choices.
    Tickets per vehicle charging $25, valid for 7 days can be entered.
    With the country, offers the elderly, cardholders can enter free of charge, and the charge of the difference is that the conductor does not provide any tourist map;
    in fact no matter, in many parts of America can be obtained free of charge to the territory around the tour books.
    Almost all the tourists will choose to visit South rim, when we see through the woods to the Grand canyon, presumably this moment would be very unforgettable!
    Here you can see the tourists from all over the world, and their national language, seasoned over seventy years old small infants in infancy.
    The Grand canyon gave me the impression is not deep but distant travel standing on the edge of the valley;
    occasionally a blackbird from the front fly, there by plane to visit the Grand canyon, hundreds of dollars in price.
    Millions of years of memory layers, the green colorado river lie on the bottom.
    Also there is a pedestrian or riding a mule down to the bottom of the tour (which I also have the opportunity to come to the Grand canyon, the best to bring the telescope).
    The second day we choose to take the free bus along the red line to the west station to visit;
    yesterday we are walking tour of the blue line, green line east to give up.
    The Grand canyon not far away and put my thoughts to the ancient times, I can even sit on the rocks watching her a minute, an hour, a month, a year, forever..
    Sadona city tour Sadona said that beauty, because she has a lot of red rock mountain into various shapes, also because of the shape of people to give her name, such as Zijin Mountain, Mushroom Hill, Snoopy mountain.
       Las Vegas Presumably a lot of people in Las Vegas are very long, one is her scene of debauchery, on the other hand is holding the rich fantasy.
    First arrived in Las Vegas, but in order to control the playfulness of big money, they try to shorten the time in casiNo. Las Vegas Downtown night sky show (the whole point of each have different broadcast, but was around 1969 Woodstock in New York) attracts tourists from all over the world, because the prices here than Strip (Downtown 8 miles) cheap, so casino is the most elderly.
    We stayed for two nights at Downtown, told me to want to win a hundred blocks is not easy;
    this is why people might start with a small win, but finally made a loss of the sale.
    So in Strip Pariz Hotel, my goal is to put in the tour and watch outdoor show.
    The so-called Strip is like a street, all the famous hotel and casino are all over on both sides, is the construction of the city center on both sides of the road were messy, somewhat unpleasant!
    Looking out from the window of the hotel, the whole Las Vegas is light clouds, although not dazzling, but enough to prove that she is a sleepless city.
    Strip will be more fashionable, more luxurious and crowded;
    my experience as a tourist shuttle in the hotel, went to a viewing spots.
    The music fountain Fountain Bellagio hotel I saw three times, the first is to catch up with the music of beauty!
    The second is in the top of the Eiffel Tower Pariz Hotel, do not feel the same!
    (this is half the height of Eiffel Tower, the French real Eiffel Tower if you haven't been to France, will make you happy, because next to Triumphal Arch).
    The third is in close contact with the music, when accidentally splashed water on the face, is so comfortable!
    This is a Strip program that attracted me the moSt. Each hotel basically has its own outdoor program, for visitors to watch free time, such as hotel Mirage volcano Volcono;
    TI Hotel Treasure island New corsair;
    York NY hotel at the top of the roller coaster (fee Les Italiens Hotel Wenetin Inn gontor pulled the boat performance (due to 2007 I personally have Italy Venice we didn't go to watch), As to Las Vegas must see live performances, then choose the Harrans Hotel The Legends concert, which is actually a parody of performances, actors are hard to imitate the United States ever since the famous entertainers such as Marilyn, Monroe, Britney Spears, Blaney, David Bowie, and in 60s and 70s the black singer James Brown, black Temptations four and, Wurenbuxiao Elvis;
    a Elvis imitator and started every tourist photos, after the end of the show, $36 can get decoration exquisite photos, but you have not expected, so give up.
    Taste a Western-style breakfast, lunch, Italy Seafood Buffet Buffet (93 years to the United States, we called her "fertilizer" watching from around the world revealing beauty;
    Because people under the age of 21 can not experience gamblers psychological, so the real Slot sitting beside the machine and the table are in the elderly.
    Looking ahead, Asians are not many, but in the table as Dealer does in the majority of asian.
    Sometimes you can see the chinese family, watching them happy appearance, let me be missing my family.
    Do not want to spend money to see 1, only issued with "0 night roadside female 'photos of small cards, but very few people interested.
       Return trip Stayed in Pariz Hotel for three nights, the last day has no point of playfulness, this is a good sign, can give up all illusions home, ha ha.
    The road truck tire The freeway is constructed on the Roosevelt era and 50s, so often encountered in building roads or road widening situation, but the signs are very clear, but slightly affect the speed, will not cause congestion.
    The most common highway is the 181 van Truck, when we travel at I-40 East high way, only to find pieces of black material toward the front window, we immediately left over it as soon as possible to accelerate the line;
    I saw it after the revolver has done outside tire off, can not be estimated half a minute on the hub to pass our J hard honked the hope can cause the attention of the driver.
    Watch the rodeo.
    On TV the cowboy ox and riding cattle dumped programs always should see a scene, just the weekend at Roaring Sprs held professional rodeo competition, will see a reality show!
    Although not imagine the tragic, but the smell of horse dung does make me personally on the scene!
    Do not say the maternal confinement, Facts speak louder than words!
    We sat beside the beautiful girl lap just two weeks younger son;
    originally the baby cry no trouble, but she still kept shooting him back, I really don't want to persuade her to shoot a concussion.
    But this is America, I still don't babble, ha ha.
    Tourism can always give us good memories, even cursory, here, but this experience is the accumulation of life experiences.
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