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Which of the consulates of Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Puna, Campbell, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou is more likely to be approved?
Expert answers:
As we all know, the visa examination in the United States is strict and the waiting time is long.
In order to improve the visa approval rate, many people will go to consulates that are said to be more relaxed.
At one time, there was a saying on the Internet that the order of visa approval rate was Guangzhou Consulate > Shanghai Consulate > Beijing Embassy > Shenyang Consulate > Chengdu Consulate.
Netizens also reported that Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Pune and Kampur are relatively easy to apply for non-immigrant visas.
According to the latest data released by the US consulates, the number of visas granted to Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, Beijing and Shanghai is much higher than that of the other three consulates.
But this does not mean that the pass rate is high, after all, the two places have the largest base.
In fact, whether the interview can pass smoothly depends largely on the completeness of the application materials and the interview performance of the applicant.
In addition, according to the regulations of the U.S. Consulate, the applicant must apply for a U.S. visa in the consulate of the jurisdiction where he is locateD.Unless there are special reasons such as work, medical treatment, etc.
, there is a risk of refusing to sign.
Therefore, it is not advisable to change the face-label Consulate at will.
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    ABOUT washington local customs, tourist attractions
    Well-known Enterprises in Washington State
    There are eight Fortune 500 companies listed in Washington State in 2011. 1. COSTCO Wholesale, ranked 24th among Fortune 500 companies in 2011, the largest chain member warehouse store in the United States, with sales revenue of $88.9 billion in 2011. 2. Microsoft, ranked 37th among Fortune 500 companies in 2011, is the world's largest computer software provider, with sales revenue of $69.9 billion in 2011. 3. Amazon.Com, ranked 56th in the Fortune 500 in 2011, is the world's largest online seller of goods, with annual sales revenue of $48 billion in 2011. 4. Starbucks, ranked 227th among Fortune 500 companies in 2011, mainly engaged in food and beverage sales services, with sales revenue of 11.7 billion US dollars in 2011. Major industries in Washington State
    Washington is home to Boeing, the world's largest aircraft manufacturer, and Microsoft, the software developer. There is no doubt that manufacturing plays an important role in the state's economy.
    The most important manufacturing products in Evergreen State are transportation equipment, computer equipment and medical equipment.
    Fishing is another major industry in the state. Chinook salmon, clams, cod, halibut and oysters can be caught in the state. Washington's top agricultural products are apples, dairy products, livestock, wheat and potatoes. Private health care, computer programming and engineering are the main services.
    Seattle's ten best attractions
    Seattle is full of unique and iconic landscape, is a vibrant tourist city.
    First arrived here, most people may be difficult to decide how to make travel plans.
    Here, we will introduce you to Seattle's ten best attractions for reference.
    1. Pike Place Market Market One of the most famous landmarks in Seattle city, is the heart and soul.
    Here is a farmer's market, you can buy the local excellent arts and crafts, strolling in the beautiful scenery of Puget Sound can also make you a feaSt. 2. space needle Seattle Space Needle Originally built for the 1962 World Expo, still as a symbol of the unique Pacific Northwest building.
    In the sunny days, climbed to the top of the tower, the spectacular Seattle and the surrounding areas will be panoramic panorama.
    3. Seattle center The Seattle center has not only a landmark space needle, there are some other main attractions, including the Pacific Science center, EMP (experience music project), and the children's Museum of Seattle.
    Take some time to walk around the center of Seattle is definitely worth, especially when you travel together with the children.
    4. Pioneer Square and Underground Tour The Pioneer Square in Seattle's oldest, now has a lot of unique art galleries, shops and restaurants all kinds of delicious The first week of every month, there will be held in the famous "the first week 4 Art Exhibition", for the tourists.
    You can also try a wonderful experience of underground travel there, guide you through a general underground passage, the underground channel can be regarded as the center of Seattle ancient cultural relics.
    Walk through at the same time, you can hear a series of stories about the city was founded, is a memorable experience for the whole family!
    5. Xigong Teng Dengsuo Located near Ballard, the lock Seattle is one of the most popular tourist attractions, in Puget Sound and Lake Washington connecting Lake Union, by raising and lowering the water level let the ship pass.
    It also has a fish ladder, you can watch this salmon to swim upstream to the scene, in addition, there is a lush botanical garden.
    6. Woodland Park Zoo and the Seattle Aquarium Although not together, but they are all animal lovers can not miss the scenic spots.
    Has been established for 100 years, Woodland Park Zoo is one of the oldest in the west coast of the zoo.
    The Seattle aquarium will allow visitors to experience the wonderful Puget Sound marine organisms.
    7. Seattle Art Museum and the Olympic Sculpture Park The Seattle Museum of Art (SAM), not only is the center of the city and a great attraction, also has become a famous tourist resort has milepost significance.
    The Seattle Museum of art is located in the north shore of Seattle include outdoor Olympic Sculpture Park, here all the year round regardless of weather are worth a visit.
    8. Boeing factory tour Even the tourists who are not interested in aviation, will also enjoy the spectacular future of flight aviation center "and" Seattle Boeing Tour "to show you.
    Here, you can visit the world's most magnificent building, visit their 747767777 and 787Dreamliner aircraft manufacturing plant.
    Although this is very suitable for travel and family fun, but please note that children must be at least 4 feet (122 cm) before being allowed to enter.
    9. of the Seattle Public Library central Library The central library is located in the center of downtown Seattle, 11 storeys high, all made of glass and steel structure building, designed by Rem Koolhaas and Prince Joshua Ramos.
    This is an amazing architecture, by the American Institute of architects as one of the most beloved American structure.
    Visit is free.
    The 10. Washington Park Arboretum Seattle park had no choice.
    Washington botanical garden is located in Lake Washington Park, there is a Japanese garden.
    Walk in the stacked flowers, wandering in the quiet long path, the hustle and bustle of the city will gradually recede.
    Not out of the city, you can still feel the natural breath.
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