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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Is it true that the green card will be cancelled if you live in the United States for less than half a year?
Expert answers:
It has a relatively wide range of dissemination and a relatively long time span, and has been regarded by many as the true "immigration prison" in the United States.
That is to say, it must live in the United States for more than six months before the green card can be maintaineD.This news is false.
The United States does not have the domestic residence time requirement that green card status must meet.
But the U.S. immigration law does provide that if the holder of a green card stays outside the United States for more than 180 consecutive days, even if he does not voluntarily give up his green card, when applying for re-entry with a green card, the U.S. Immigration Service has the right to question whether he still intends to use the United States as a permanent residence.
In fact, as long as you leave for more than three months, when you enter the customs, you can not explain the reasonable purpose of departure, or even disclose that you have a permanent job in ChinA.Immigration officers can assume that you intentionally give up the green card.
That is to say, whether you can keep a green card or not has nothing to do with the length of your stay in the United States.
It depends mainly on whether you have "intention" to live in the United States for a long time, and it's better to have sufficient evidence to prove that you like living in the United States.
To this end, we suggest that clients should make adequate planning before they emigrate to the United States, and consult immigration lawyers before leaving the country in accordance with their future plans.
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    ABOUT california local customs, tourist attractions
    Sacramento is the capital of the state of california.
    Located in the central part of the state, the downstream of Sacramento River, 137 kilometers southwest from San Francisco.
    369 thousand entrance (1990 large urban areas by Sacramento county, an area of 2582 square kilometers.
    In 1839 the Swedish settlements;
    the discovery of gold in 1848 the Northeast 56 kilometers, become the material supply center panners.
    In 1854 to become the state capital, a city in 1863;
    in 1869 the first North American transcontinental railroad arrived, gold mine dried up as agricultural products trade center and continue to prosper.
    After the Second World War, industrial diversification.
    Is the door to the bracket of agricultural products Sark distributing and trading center.
    Food processing is the largest industrial sector.
    The missile was built after the Second World War and rocket engine manufacturing industry also occupies an important position, in addition to transportation equipment, wood processing, chemical and other industries;
    is the intersection of california highway and railway and the important river port, a deepwater channel and the San Francisco Bay Hong Kong is downtown in the West Bank of Sacramento River;
    commercial concentrated in the urban areas, most of the cloth industry in the suburbs.
    The city has the facilities and the University of california, crocker Art Museum, california State Library and State Historic Park cultural Fort sutter.
    Suburban air base.
    Hollywood is located in United States of America's second largest city of Losangeles, is the world.famous film city.
    Hollywood in United States of America culture has a significant symbolic meaning.
    It can be said that the history of the development of the history of Hollywood is United States of America movie.
    Hollywood film production not only meet the needs of the United States of America film market, but also exported to all over the world, not only the output of the United States of America culture, but also brought huge profits for investors in Hollywood.
    Is located in the northwestern suburbs of the city, tourists will travel to Losangeles's land.
    Hollywood is the world famous studios, at the beginning of twentieth century, some producers began filming here in 1928, has formed a strong lineup with paramount and eight film company headed by.
    Since 30s and 40s, Hollywood has become a cultural center in the United States, many of the writers, musicians and movie stars have lived near Beverly hill.
    Universal Studios Hollywood is the most attractive place, where you can visit the film's production process, review the classic film clips.
    There are three tourist spots in the auditorium, namely the movie ride (40 minutes the whole movie tour, a special guide), cinema center and entertainment center.
    In the studio you can center in the movie filming process of the experience of the movie.
    The main entertainment center in ancient times, back to the future, animal stars etc.
    There is an entrance near the studios 50s style shopping district - the city to visit.
    The Dodgers Stadium in Losangeles in the United States, is a baseball game for the use of the stadium, began to put into use in 1962, is currently the major league baseball, the Losangeles Dodgers home court, at a cost of $23 million.
    It is now one of the oldest baseball field, but also the number of Americans hold up the baseball field.
    The Dodgers Stadium can accommodate 56000 spectators to watch the game, is a world.class baseball venue, in this huge special baseball stadium, the Dodgers also hit a brilliant achievements and history.
    The Dodgers Stadium is a baseball star, attracted much praise.
    Stand in the stadium to watch the central round, uniform seat fan-shaped extension, not only very impressive, but also feel the broadness of the earth.
    2010 MLB all star game held here, but also the world occupation baseball competition venues.
    In the 1984 Summer Olympics, in 2009, the baseball field also hosted the world baseball classic At Dodger Stadium outfield bleachers hung that read players number and name brand name can be round, hanging at the top, is a great honour for every baseball player.
    Dodger Stadium
    Reason: the number of Americans hold most of the baseball field
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, california: [california State]
    city Attractions: Losangeles [Los Angeles]

    The central coast of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is located in the us state of california, established in 1992, the area up to 15780 square kilometers, the coastline is 444 kilometers, stretches from the Golden Gate Bridge to Saint Louis Welsh Obispo county, as the largest national marine protected areas.
    As one of the world's most complex marine ecosystem, the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary in resource conservation, research, education as a whole, far-reaching significance, due to the diversity of the marine environment, also known as the "sea of the serengeti".
    Reserve life has 34 species of mammals, 94 birds, 345 species of fish, 31 species of invertebrates, 4 species of sea turtles and 450 kinds of the coast in the living environment in the life of algae, but also killed 1276 ships and 718 prehistoric sites.
    Reserve a variety of entertainment to attract many tourists to watch and play, such as canoeing, rowing, diving, whale watching, bird watching, each of which is a lot of fun, stimulate the infinite.
    Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
    Necessary to Reason: the largest national marine protected areas
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, california: [california State]
    Angels of Anaheim stadium also known as the Anaheim Anaheim stadium and Addison International Stadium, often nicknamed "A", is located in california city of Anaheim, opened in 1966, is currently the major league baseball team of the Losangeles angels of Anaheim home court.
    Angels of Anaheim stadium is a well-known california baseball stadium, currently can accommodate 45037 spectators, is the 1967 Major League all star game venue, won a bid to host the 1989 again.
    It has been held three times the American League Division Series, five American League championship Series, the most noteworthy of the 2002 World series.
    In the angel stadium of Anaheim also appeared in the popular star players, many players had a personal record, including a final victory with Mitch MANTIE RBI Homer, Nolan Ryan and Boston Red Sox nine times three, St. Jackson vibration No. 500th home runs, and Luo carew career 3000th hits.
    Angel Stadium of Anaheim
    Reason: california's most famous baseball stadium
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, california: [california State]
    Anaheim city attractions: [Anaheim]

    We usually see the white ribbon falls are waterfalls, dazzling white, pure white, white and shiny, but you've heard like fire red waterfall?
    From afar like a volcano magma along the cliff pour, this is our usual rare fire waterfall - horsetail falls.
    Horsetail falls in the United States Semiti National Park is a seasonal waterfall, not the volcano lava falls waterfalls, but the optical effect of particular angle of sunlight to form in the waterfall.
    Some photographers shoot fire falls often take several years to take pictures of the waterfall to the fire.
    So it is difficult to see this scene, the key lies in the appearance of the fire waterfall need to meet several conditions, the first is to rely on the Emirates on the rock falls snow melt water as the source, so not all the year round there.
    The chief on the rock of snow annually in December and January melt, when at the end of February, this waterfall is likely to have run out of water falls ofF- The second is the angle of the sun.
    The position of the sun will shine in the cover must be just falls, but the right angle of the sun appears only in the year February, January sunny evening.
    Every year only a few days in February, when the sun falls and reach a certain point of view is that there will be the beginning of wonders, horsetail falls a yellow light, suddenly the whole waterfall is illuminated by the sun, it looks like hot lava poured down, very spectacular.
    Horsetail Falls
    Reason: the world's most magical fire falls
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, california: [california State]
    Losangeles tourism has always been the hearts of the people of a fairy tale dream king, here is the dream factory, a romantic beach, a gluttonous delicacy shopping center.
    The United States of Losangeles tourism Raiders, a one.
    stop tour of the fairy kingdom.
    Article will go to attractions Will go to the tourist attractions of Losangeles is the theme park, sea beach, Hollywood or a NBA, to enrich their own lives.
    Losangeles Universal Studios Universal studios Beijing Universal Studios on the park and the park, in view of the travel rush, some team is relatively long, so we recommend some of the most worth playing project: Transformers, Simpson roller coaster, studios, small yellow people virtual roller coaster roller coaster and mummy.
    Transformers, Simpson and small yellow people of these three projects are similar, with some visual effects, let you have a heartbeat feeling personally on the scene.
    santa monica Although Losangeles which have the beach, but Santa Monic is the most famous beach in Losangeles, and Losangeles's most famous wharf carnival, enjoy the sunset to embrace the beauty of nature.
    In addition Santa Monica there are a few seafood restaurant is very delicious, if you love shopping, you can walk Santa Monica 3rd St., the beauty of delicacy two.
    See a staples in NBA If you are NBA fans will come here to see the Lakers home court game, go to staples to see the end of the Kobe game.
    Shout loudly on the pitch, round a fans dream.
    Will eat delicacy IN-N-OUT Hamburg The United States of Losangeles tourism must go to california most fire burger, taste from the elderly to the children all love IN-N-OUT hamburg.
    In addition, the French fries are also very delicious, authentic local to eat a real delicacy.
    The Lobster In 1925 some veteran seafood restaurant, landing windows can be greatly Santa Monica panoramic view, especially in the sunset, the entire hotel as the beautiful decoration.
    Here is the most famous lobster, let people taste fragrant cheek teeth.
    The shopping center is recommended Desert Hills Premium Outlets The United States of Losangeles tourism essential went to outlet, sometimes see the inside of the price is really ridiculously cheap, especially native American brands such as coach, MK, Kate, Spade etc.
    Outlet Palm Springs is the largest in Losangeles, there are more than 120 world class luxury brand of season discount, factory outlet stores, such as Burberry, coach, A/X, calvin, Klein, Diesel, christine, Dior, DKNY, D&G, Polo, Giorgio, Armani, Gucci, Hugo, Boss, Levis, Tommy Hilfiger, basically 3.5 fold.
    Losangeles outlets The Grove Grove shopping center set to eat to play as one of the shopping center, Sephora, MAc and coach have here, Nordstrom and other fashion brands and a large Apple store.
    There are a lot of young people to the brand, such as American Girl Place, A&F etc.
    The shopping center also has several cafes, delicious restaurant and a cinema, there is a large lawn, you can rest over there, the sun, so it's suitable for there to spend the day.
    Tips: Losangeles four seasons such as spring, sunny, although this is, however, very strong ultraviolet rays, to bring a good sunscreen before going out.
    In addition, the hotel is not provide toothbrush and toothpaste, so in the pre owned good basic supplies.
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