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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Can people who have already done EB-5 investment immigration apply for EB-1A?
Expert answers:
As long as the conditions are met, each American immigration applicant can submit multiple different types of immigration applications at the same time, such as EB-5, EB-1A, NIW, EB-3 and other different types of immigration applications.
For these applications, they can be submitted simultaneously or successively, depending on the specific circumstances of the applicant.
No matter what kind of immigration application, for the applicant is the way to obtain the U.S. Green CarD.As long as the conditions are qualified and more applications are submitted, the applicant will have a more successful way.
This is also the basis for Zhaolong immigrants to achieve EB-1A/NIW double-filing for EB-1A applicants.
Yale University now has 12 colleges.
Yale College: opening humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering undergraduate courses awarding Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of science, Bachelor of Arts research.
Graduate School: Yale College Graduates offer postgraduate courses, Professor Ma, MSC, MPhil, phd.
Medical School: Yale College Graduates and other institutions in the education of students with the corresponding courses, delegated medical doctorate.
God: courses for the graduates of Yale College, taught master of theology, master's degree in religious literature, the best students may pursue a master's degree in theology.
Method: courses for the graduates of Yale College, master of law, doctor of law (J.
) and the degree of master of law, legal and penal science doctoral degrees.
School of Art: set up the occupation course for the graduates of Yale College, a master's degree in fine arts teaching.
Music: courses for the graduates of Yale College, master's and doctoral degrees awarded music master of art, music and musical arts.
School of forestry and environmental studies: courses for the graduates of Yale College, doctoral degrees awarded the master's forests, forest science, environmental studies and a master's degree and master of forest science.
School of Architecture: courses for the graduates of Yale College, taught master of architecture and environmental design of non degree occupation occupation degree.
School of nursing: courses for the graduates of Yale College, a master's degree in nursing science teaching.
School of Drama: pursue graduate certificate courses for the graduates of Yale College Students in fine arts grant master's and doctoral degrees.
School organization and management: courses for the graduates of Yale College, taught MBA degree occupation, but also the creation of institutional behaviour and the management of Science degree courses.
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    ABOUT texas local customs, tourist attractions
    Texas introduce
    In the 50 states, column 2. Population: 12830000
    In the 50 states wasthird3rd.
    State: Austen Austin
    The main city: Houston Houston
    Dallas Dallsa
    State flower: cornflower
    State bird: Mockingbird
    銆銆 Texas, the name from the Indian language, its meaning is "friend" FriendsorAllies.
    銆銆 1686 to colonial.
    1845 years 29 December 28 listed as the state of the United states.
    The Bluebonnet is the state flower cornflower.
    The state nickname "the Lone Star State LoneStarState.
    The state motto: "friendship" Friendship.
    銆銆 銆銆 The capital is Austen Austin, is located in the southeastern part of the state, the population of Erwuwan.
    Dallas metropolis of Dallas in the northeastern part of the state, the population of 85 (16 million million large urban areas), as the oil capital of the United States and the state's first metropolis, and the United States Space Research center, Houston Houston in the southeastern part of the state, the population Yiersiwan (large urban two million) sixth American metropolis, in the state of higher a total of 13 years in universities.
    One of the most famous, is located at the University of Texas smoked within the state, he founded in 1883, approximately sixty-seven thousand students.
    銆銆 The state has six characteristics: first, in the area of fifty, second, second only to california in alaska.
    It is the largest state in the continental United states.
    In section two, agriculture.
    It is the richest state in cotton production.
    Article three, animal husbandry, it is the most cattle production state.
    In section four, mineral, it is the largest oil production in the United States, the United States accounted for about three of total oil production.
    In Section five, the petroleum chemical industry, large companies throughout the United States, about two, of which nineteen is located in the state.
    Sixth, the historical background is very complicated.
    In this territory included in the United States, has belonged to five countries (Spain, France, Mexico, the Texas Republic, American confederation).
    銆銆 The terrain, most of the flat, sloping from northwest to southeaSt. Many rivers, from the northwest to the southeast flow into Mexico Bay, all can be divided into three zones: the Northwest (A) is one of the high plains region.
    (B) the southwest mountain area of the rocky mountain this one.
    (c) is the central and eastern plain area, one of the Mexico Bay plain department.
    In addition to the coastal part, a cotton.
    Many high plains and plain pasture.
    The state of the cattle, sheep about thirteen million, more in fifty states, also listed firSt. The state oil and natural gas production is the highest of any state.
    MaryKay Museum MaryKay mentioned, can be said to be known, Wurenbuxiao, but speaking of founder of the cosmetics brand and her story, perhaps you know little about, then you need to visit a MaryKay Museum, will make you eye.
    The MaryKay Museum is located in the us state of Texas city Addison, is to commemorate the American Mary Kay Inc general manager of MaryKay Ashe (Mary Kay Ash) and the establishment of the.
    MaryKay is a female entrepreneur, in a Dallas only 500 square foot shop, MaryKay Ashe, with the life savings of $5000, in her twenty year old son Richard and nine beauty consultants help founded MaryKay cosmetics company.
    The Museum tells the story of the great women of rich and colorful history of entrepreneurship, about her achievements, management tips and innovative business ideas.
    There is a cinema in the MaryKay Museum, MaryKay can enjoy Ashe's inspirational speech.
    MaryKay free tour, opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:00, weekends and holidays.
    Mary Kay Museum
    Reason: the best understanding of MaryKay Ashe Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Texas: [Texas State]
    Attractions: Addison [Addison]

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