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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What fields can you apply for EB1A emigrants?
Expert answers:
Business enterprises, science and technology, art, education, sports, these five categories of fields.
Talents in the field of science and technology:
scientists, inventors, senior engineers of scientific research institutions and companies at all levels, senior programmers, physicians, professors and associate professors of various disciplines, doctor, etc.
Talents in the field of art:
painters, calligraphers, dancers, musicians, music conductors, singers, singers, movie stars, famous models, TV hosts, film and television directors, editors, animation designers, etc.
Talents of industrial and commercial enterprises:
such as outstanding entrepreneurs, executives of listed companies, CTO of enterprises, COO of enterprises, industry management experts, financial experts, advertising planning experts, marketing experts, management consulting experts, economists, etc.
Talents in sports field:
such as famous athletes, martial artists, coaches, referees, etc.
Talents in the field of education:
such as famous educators, pedagogists, all kinds of super teachers, principals, etc.
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