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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
How about sending the children to study in the United States?
What is the quickest way to immigrate to the United States for children?
What are the conditions?
Expert answers:
We should talk about the level of American education.
Speaking with strength, we should rank all kinds of colleges and universities and take turns to dominate the list in Britain and the United States.
Since 2012, eight schools in the United States have been on the TOP10 list for many years, according to CWUR.
Harvard University, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
These are well-known universities all over the world, no one knows.
Studying in the United States is the dream of Indians and Chinese, but the American dream left behind by reading books is not easy to do, and it is becoming increasingly fragile.
The quota for overseas students is limiteD.After Trump came to power, all kinds of thresholds became higher and higher, and the auditing became more and more strict.
It is difficult for overseas students without green cards and status to realize the American Dream.
Previous EB-5 investment immigration projects have helped many wealthy people complete their children's education and development plans in the United States; however, in recent years, this approach has taken too long to take children in their 10s.
The new EB-1C project, which takes only three years to get the green card in place, is suitable for business owners and executives with business background who have a company in China to apply for it.
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    ABOUT texas local customs, tourist attractions
    Houston, the largest city in the southeastern United States (Houston) is the largest city in Texas, the nation's largest oil industry center and 3 port, located in the southeastern coast of Texas, connected with the Mexico Bay by 80 km long sea canal.
    The urban area of 1440 square kilometers.
    Harris and other large urban areas including 6 counties and small towns nearby, an area of 16278 square kilometers.
    Houston is located in the flat coastal plain, many rivers and lakes, with an average altitude of 15 meters.
    The hot and humid climate, the average temperature is 12.6 degrees celsius in January July, the average temperature of 28.9 degrees, annual rainfall of 1150 mm, summer and autumn is often affected by the hurricane.
    The blacks accounted for 30%, Latin Hispanics accounted for 10%.
    Education is very well developed, a lot of city parks.
    By 1836, Alan two brothers (a.
    c Allen and J.
    Allen) opened up here for the countryside, and built for the new design.
    This city by Texas named after the president of the Republic of Houston.
    In 1837, Houston city is the capital of the Republic of texas.
    Due to the many muddy swamps and suffered from yellow fever epidemic hit Houston, the early development is slow, only to transport the cotton port.
    During the civil war to run the blockade of the base.
    In 1863 for the confederacy Damixixibi theater (Texas, New Mexico and Arizona) headquarters.
    1891 years of development for the railway center.
    1900 Garr Weiss Dayton hurricane and flood damaged after Houston became a major port in the state.
    To the 20 century 80 in the early 1990s, every ocean, coastal and canal transport volume of more than 8000 million tons, ranking No. 3. The local 1901 years after the discovery of oil, the rapid industrial development, promote the city expansion and prosperity.
    Houston has now become the oil and petrochemical center, focal point of the natural gas pipeline network, and aerospace research and development center.
    Petroleum, natural gas, sulfur, lime, salt and water is rich in resources, channel area is the world's largest industrial concentration
    Derrick around Houston city buildings, tubing aspect, oil refining and chemical industry developed, main petrochemical production and refining capacity of ethylene, synthetic rubber, ranking first in the country, known as the "oil capital of the world".
    Taking Houston as the center, East Beaumont, west of corpus christi, is the largest oil industry in the region.
    crude oil and oil through the pipeline to california, the northeast and the Great Lakes industrial zone.
    The major us oil companies are headquartered or branch in the city.
    Due to the large amount of petroleum and its products need output, have to dig 80 km long, 90 meters wide, 11 meters deep above the Gulf of Mexico to Houston route.
    Large ships can dock.
    Garr Weiss Leighton, general seagoing vessel free access.
    There are about 5000 seagoing vessels to access this year.
    Houston is second only to New Orleans and New York to the United States third port.
    Garr Weiss Garr Weiss Dayton port is located in the northeast of the island has a meal, large oil refinery, shipyard, food processing plants, and deep water wharF- Houston is famous for its aerospace and medical research.
    NASA's largest space research center, Johnson Space center located in the city 35 kilometers southeast of the clear lake.
    The center opened in 1961, there have been dozens of manned space flight.
    In 1969, the United States "Apollo - 17" spacecraft from here for the first time to fly to the sky on the moon.
    Because of the center, known as the "world petroleum" said Houston also won the "space city" reputation.
    comprehensive large institutions of Texas Medical center in the southwestern part of the city, with 26 Medical college (the Baylor University School of medicine, including) hospital and multiple research institutions, the world's first heart transplant operation is carried out in this value.
    Many colleges and universities in Houston, including Rice University, University of Houston, St. Thomas University and the University of texas.
    Houston has a large newspaper, Houston morning post as "post", the other is morning and evening news "Houston chronicle".
    Houston is the southwestern continental traffic centre, 5 railway lines and roads radiating around the line leading to the city, the highway around the week.
    The city has 2 Airport to the city center, 27 kilometers north of the Houston Intercontinental Airport, leading to the Latin American and European countries air gateway.
    Houston is one of the most important financial centers, more than 230 us banks and more than 50 foreign banks.
    In addition, Houston is also rice, cotton and beef distribution center.
    The business flourished, wholesale retail sales in the United States in southern cities of the firSt.
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