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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
How to see a doctor in the United States after immigration?
Expert answers:
1. First of all, you need to contact the hospital you want to see.
They usually have special appointment telephone and e-mail (some hospitals also have Chinese operator).
When you call, you need to give a brief account of your illness.
Patients need to fill out a brief online consultation form.
A larger hospital will not immediately fix the time for you and the attending doctor, because your own description is likely to be inaccurate or your previous diagnosis is erroneous, and hospitals in the United States will not draw any conclusions without datA.Only small clinics that do not enter the hospital will call today and go to see the doctor tomorrow.
At the same time, the hospital will leave you contact information, and they will appoint someone to keep in touch with you.
When they call you, don't paniC.They will give you more detailed information, such as language, nationality, the maximum medical expenses they can afford, medical reports, medical history, imaging and pathological reports.
One of my patients was also asked to send his biopsy report to the Houston Texas Medical Center.
Of course, if you go to the United States to see a doctor at home, you need to collect the patient's pathological records, according to their format, translate them into English and then give them to the hospital.
When the preliminary information of the reservation center is collected, they will submit the above information to the corresponding departments and medical groups for review, and then select the Department experts for you.
Of course, if there are already experts who want to make an appointment, the doctor will be appointed directly at the time of the appointment.
Doctors also need to schedule.
Sometimes doctors are very busy.
They may have to wait for a month or more.
2. In addition, hospitals in the United States may contact you by telephone or e-mail at any time for additional information.
For example, I often receive phone calls asking me to provide a patient's test results in a domestic hospital.
It should be pointed out that if English is general, it may be difficult to communicate with American doctors because there are many medical terms in professional medical English.
It's hard to understand if you don't have much contact.
They will make some evaluations and suggestions for treatment based on the patient's information.
If they accept an appointment from abroad, they will consider whether it is necessary to invite them to the United States for treatment.
When an appointment is approved, a formal confirmation letter will be sent to you by a hospital in the United States, including the time, location, transportation and even the local climate.
Sometimes I call you.
You have to make it clear to them at this time, because you are in China, so they need to send you another formal invitation, you can take this invitation to the U.
Embassy to make an appointment visA.Invitation letters are free of charge in all hospitals.
When people get sick, they don't go to the hospital immediately like Chinese people, but go to the family doctor's office for examination.
Family doctors are general practitioners.
They can diagnose and treat basic and common ailments.
Patients can also be hospitalized in community hospitals.
3. Family doctor is the first person to see a doctor.
If they encounter illnesses that family doctors can't solve, they will help patients transfer to professional hospitals for treatment.
Family doctors are usually in the community, patients are basically at the door, do not need to run around.
It would be wrong to assume that family doctors are poor.
They are the backbone of American doctors and have received rigorous medical training.
Of the more than 800,000 doctors in the United States, more than 600,000 are family doctors.
But family doctors still earn the least.
Immigrating to the United States, you can enjoy the same medical and educational benefits as the local people.
In the United States, any holder of a green card (without a tax record) can apply for a "medical card" after retirement, and it costs no money to see any doctor with the carD.This thoroughly relieves the worries of the elderly who suffer from diseases.
Have a green card, so that your life is more secure.
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    ABOUT pennsylvania local customs, tourist attractions
    Pennsylvania, introduce.
    銆銆銆 Area: 117412 square kilometers In fifty states, ranked thirty-third.
    Population: 11785000
    In fifty states, ranked fourth.
    Harrisburg state: Harrisburg The main city of Philadelphia: Philadelphia
    Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
    State flower: mountain laurel
    State bird: North American grouse
    銆銆 The state of Pennsylvania, to commemorate the founder William Penn's father named WilliamPenn.
    The state of the meaning of "Bing forest".
    銆銆 A 0 for 3 years, Swedish colonial here.
    1655 years, the state also belongs to the Netherlands, 16 0, and british.
    Independent, it is one of the 13 states.
    Left December 12 became the second state.
    The state to mountainlaurel state flower mountain laurel.
    The alias, called the "Keystone State"".
    The state motto is "moral, freedom and independence," Virtue, LibertyandIndpendence.
    銆銆 Harrisburg is the capital of Harrisburg, located west of Philadelphia, population sixty thousand.
    The state's most famous university is 174 years, was founded in Philadelphia of University of Pennsylvania UniversityofPennsylvania.
    The number of students twenty thousand.
    Pennsylvania State University was founded in 1855, the place university park in UniversityPark, the number of students is about sixty thousand.
    The declaration of independence and the constitution were signed in the state of Philadelphia Philadelphia and released, this is the birthplace of the United States Birthplaceofthenation.
    Philadelphia is located in the Delaware River in the West Bank, 1682, William bin was selected and named here, its meaning is "city of Bo Aizhi" cityofbrotherlyLove.
    銆銆 The state has two features: first, it is in the thirteen state, which is in the heart.
    Americans call it a "Keystone State" KeystoneState, is very appropriate.
    Second, both mine, agriculture, industry three.
    Pennsylvania is the richest natural resources state.
    The United States contains anthracite, almost all concentrated in this state.
    In addition, Pennsylvania has a huge amount of coal, but also produces a lot of oil.
    The world's first oil well was drilled in the northwest corner of the state office near Titusville Titusville for 1859. The soil fertile ground.
    Southwest northeast beef, raising dairy, meat and milk yield rich.
    From the perspective of industrial production, it is second only to New York in the north.
    However, in western Pennsylvania Pittsburgh area from Pittsburgh steel, accounted for half of all American steel production.
    銆銆 The main agricultural products are wheat, barley, oats, corn, potato and temperate fruits.
    The keeper of chicken, Turkey, * a lot.
    Pittsburgh is the American Iron and steel industry, the second largest city in Pennsylvania.
    Located in the southwest part of the state on the Ohio river source of Allegheny River and Monongahela River Interchange, population 370 thousand (1990), where blacks accounted for about 1 / 4 large urban areas including the Allegheny county, an area of 7977 square kilometers.
    The late 17 century as a fur trading poSt. The middle of the eighteenth century, French colonialists up base Diyou Ken fort.
    In 1758 to win the British colonialists, this name change in 1816;
    and some nearby settlements merged;
    in 1837 built the Pennsylvania canal, around the railway in 1851, it became an important transportation hub, the rapid development of industry and commerce;
    1936 was flooded severely damaged;
    in 40s the implementation of city reconstruction plan, basically control the floods and industrial dust pollution.
    Pittsburgh is the oldest American Iron and steel industry center.
    There are large coal fields in the vicinity of high-quality, low-cost inland through the Great Lakes and one superior iron ore, iron and steel industry development condition is superior;
    from mid nineteenth century to mid thirtieth century, in domestic iron and steel industry has been in a leading position, "steel" said.
    In the iron and steel industry based on the heavy machinery manufacturing, chemical, atomic energy, electrical equipment, metal processing machinery and transportation industries, 50's team, the iron and steel industry declined relative position in china.
    At present, the national steel-making capacity of about 1 / 5;
    many large industrial company headquarters, the famous American Steel corp, Gulf Oil corp, Rockwell International co, Westinghouse company;
    the United States have the first complete nuclear power plant and industrial nuclear reactor, Pittsburgh as an important inland freight center.
    West and Ohio - linked to the Mississippi River, north of Lake Erie, the Atlantic in the east coast of central Hong Kong, 7 railway lines and 9 highway line in the intersection, International Airport in the weSt. Phipps greenhouse botanical garden is located in Pittsburgh of Pennsylvania, was founded in 1893, is a Pittsburgh city landmark, was included in the national register of historic places.
    The appearance is a Vitoria style glass and steel building structure, interior is flowers in full bloom, a life.
    The Phipps conservatory and Botanical Garden indoor and outdoor display display, indoor display including palm plant forest, ferns, orchids, the real desert room, tropical forests such as greenhouse 14 exhibition halls, outdoor exhibitions include a Japanese garden, aquatic park and Botanic Gardens in 6 areas.
    Garden botanical garden interior layout allows visitors to smell the tropical jasmine, see cascading waterfalls and streams, pools, medical huts and a hidden cave.
    Palm plants forest by using the method of combining traditional and modern gardening, to allow visitors to watch different kinds of palm trees;
    tropical forest greenhouse using sustainable design, provide energy to optimize the environment of greenhouse plants and tourists.
    The Phipps conservatory and botanical garden according to each season of flowers blooming flower show held regularly, when visitors can enjoy the flowers.
    The park has a cafe and gift shop, visitors can rest and buy their favorite plants and seeds.
    The opening time for the morning 9:30 to 5:00 in the afternoon.
    Phipps conservatory and Botanical Gardens
    Reason: one of the most popular American Botanical Garden
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, state of Pennsylvania [Pennsylvania State]
    Pittsburgh city attractions: [Pittsburgh]

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