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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Has the ten-year effective visa policy changed between the United States and India and China?
Is there any official news?
Expert answers:
The refusal rate of Indian citizens to apply for U.S. visas has soareD.U.S. officials are considering abolishing the 10-year effective visa policy for Chinese citizens.
Among them, visas for researchers and scholars are almost completely "occupied" and there is a lot of discussion.
On December 26, the U.S. Embassy reiterated that the U.S. visa policy towards India and China has not changeD.The longest validity of F-1 student visa and B1/B2 short-term business visa for family visits is still 5 and 10 years, respectively.
However, it was also mentioned in the statement that, as usual, although most U.S. visa applicants can obtain the longest-term visa required by the visa, visa officers will retain the right to limit the visa duration according to the specific circumstances of each visa.
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    Population: 10701000 In fifty states, ranked sixth.
    State: columbo columbus The main city of cleveland: cleveland cincinnati cincinnati State flower: red carnations State bird: cardinals 銆銆 Ohio, the name from the Indian language, its meaning is "Great" (referring to the state River).
    銆銆 The state before the Indians live.
    In 1788, the British people to the colonies.
    18, three years in March 1st to become the seventeenth state of the United states.
    With deep red carnations (Valley Mingkang Jasmine scarletcarntion) as the state flower.
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    The state motto: "my God, everything is possible" WithGod, AllThingsArePossible.
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    The first canal north of Lake Erie, Nantong Ohio river.
    The city has the Beit Memorial Institute BettelleMemorialInstitute, engaged in the research of science and technology.
    The stadium can accommodate 90000 people.
    銆銆 cleveland is located in the center of the most populous regions of the United States and canada.
    Draw a circle to 800 km radius This circle includes half of the American population, including half of the population of canada, therefore, known as the "city across the United States the best position".
    The plant variety, the annual product value of about $about ten billion.
    Akron in the south of cleveland, a distance of five kilometers.
    The annual consumption of the world rubber yield 1/2. GoodYear, GoodRich, Firestone, General and other companies are here.
    銆銆 The United States education, mostly for ten years, some eight years.
    The state of Ohio for twelve years.
    From 6 to 18 years of age must be educated.
    This is a great help to the development of industry and commerce of the state.
    college is about 100. The most famous of which is located in the southeast of the Athens Athens Ohio University, founded in 1804, about 20000 students.
    Ohio State University at columbo capital, founded in 1870, 50000 students.
    銆銆 State features are: first, tire production up to the state, ranking firSt. The state industrial heyday, after New York and Pennsylvania.
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