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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What are the ways to immigrate to the United States in 2019?
What are the differences between EB-5 and EB-1C investment immigrants?
Expert answers:
For applicants with ample liquidity, EB-5 can quickly immigrate to the United States without any language requirement, education requirement, age requirement or business background requirement.
It is a pity that the number of domestic applicants is so large that the schedule is too long for more than 10 years.
After all, immigration to the United States is mostly for children.
If the waiting time is too long, the children will be too old to travel to the United States.
The whole family will realize the American Dream together.
Therefore, in the face of EB-5 with low threshold but long cycle, most people choose to give up and begin to pay attention to other ways of immigration.
Yongming International pounds out EB-1C, the American immigration fast lane, with short cycle, large number of places, fast processing and few conditions.
The applicant can take his family in place for three years without the requirement of language, education, and explanation of the source of funds.
EB-1C, also known as the Transnational Senior Executive Immigration Project, is the first choice for global entrepreneurs to immigrate to the United States.
With the strong immigration attitude of Trump Government and the slow progress of EB-5, it has become the most suitable project for Chinese to immigrate to the United States, replacing EB-5 and becoming the first choice for the rich.
Investors who return their cards in the EB-5 process can also apply for the EB-1C at the same time.
First, they take the green card, and then wait for the return of the investment.
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    ABOUT minnesota local customs, tourist attractions
    Area: 217725 square kilometers In fifty states, ranked twelfth.
    Population: 3975000 In fifty states, ranked nineteen.
    capital: St Paul St.Paul The main city: Minneapolis Minneapolis Du Lu Duluth State flower: Impatiens State bird: Abby bird    Minnesota, the name from the Indian language, its meaning is "milk blue water" milkybluewater "(referring to the southern Minnesota river of the state).
       18, the beginning of the five year colonial.
    In May 11, 1858 to become the thirty-second state of the United states.
    In bright Impatiens Showy-Lady's-slip-per state flower.
    The state known as the "North Star State" NorthStarState.
    The state motto: "North Star" StaroftheNorth.
       The capital is St. herolt St.Paul, located in the southeast, across the Mississippi River, population 30 million.
    West of the Minneapolis Minneapolis, is the first city in Sisiwan population.
    The city has been connected to each other.
    Du Lu Secretary for the state port, a population of about 100. The sea port, can reach the Atlantic Near the superior port, iron ore output is very rich.
    The state institutions have 55. The most famous is the University of Minnesota, founded in 1851, located in Minneapolis, about sixty-five thousand students.
       The state has two features: first, the production of iron rich state.
    The iron mountain is located in the state of Eastern wheat chabi.
    Second, the United States natural watershed on the Mississippi River and Lake Winnipeg source system.
    There are many small lakes in northern honshu.
    Northwest of Itasca Lake ItascaL.
    on the Mississippi River source.
    The lake to the north, many small lakes water flow north into canada.
    A large river, called "North Red River" RedRiveroftheNorth flow north into Lake winnipeg.
       The undulating ground.
    can be divided into three areas: (A) northeast of the state is a triangle belonging to the superior platform, is one of the oldest rocks, hills of canada.
    (B) the southern most state is no till area, and Wisconsin without moraine connected to each other.
    (c) low area.
    In addition to the two district, is the low hill shallow valley, very thick moraine.
    The cold winter climate, often by the northern cold air blowing.
    Wheat, corn and soybean products.
    There are cows, beef cattle and *.
    Mineral iron.
    Advanced iron ore (iron containing compounds with more than 60%) has been gradually dried up.
    The mining iron ore intermediate (this iron is 35% ~ 50%), accounting for about half of all American production yield.
    Engelthal Engheta is located in Minnesota, Duluth, is a 137 meters high blue viewing tower, built in 1939, was built to commemorate the Norway immigrant Bert Enger, Engel is a furniture merchant, he donated land for the construction of the Engel park.
    Engeta consists of five layers, there is no other viewing tower so tall, so grand, so modern, looks ordinary, but really watch Minnesota twin port (Twin Ports) the best place.
    Each layer of the tower will have a viewing platform, allowing visitors to watch the twin port from different angles.
    In 2011, King Harald V of Norway and his wife to a layer of this distance, 72 years ago, his father had boarded the 100 meters high tower, enjoy the scenery.
    Enger Tower
    Reason: Minnesota, the most famous viewing tower
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Minnesota: [Minnesota State]
    Duluth city attractions: [Duluth]

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