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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What if there is a schedule for educating children to immigrate to the United States?
What are the methods?
What are the requirements?
Expert answers:
When it comes to educating immigrants, the United States, which ranks the top universities in the world all the year round, is of course the first choice for us to build our children's future.
However, in recent years, as Chinese wealthy people have piled up applications to invest in the United States, EB-5 projects with US$500,000 have been in a long queue, waiting for the green card time, conservative estimates also need 15 years.
The processing time is too long, adults can wait, children can't wait.
There are age limits for all children accompanying immigrants to the United States.
Now children are over 6 years old, and there is a risk of over-age for EB-5 immigrants.
If you can't immigrate to the United States with your children, even the American dream will be eclipsed.
Fortunately, the EB-1 outstanding immigration program in the United States still maintains the characteristics of short cycle, fast processing and full quota, which can provide another way for American immigration applicants.
Compared with EB-5, which can get a green card for simple investment, the requirements of EB-1 outstanding immigration project for applicants are much more complicateD.But its advantage is that, as long as the conditions are met, it can land directly in the United States in the fastest six months.
The whole family works, studies and lives in the United States.
As for whether you meet the requirements of EB-1 outstanding immigration project application?
It depends on the outcome of the assessment by immigration experts.
Although EB-1 does not require the applicant's language or educational background, it requires higher auditing requirements in specific areas.
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    ABOUT indiana local customs, tourist attractions
    The International Museum of women in the Arts (National Museum of Women in the Arts) is a company dedicated to showcase the works of female artists Museum, display areas include visual and performing arts and etc.
    This Museum is located in Washington Dc, in 1981 by Wallace and Wilhelmina Holladay co founded, since 1987 began opening up.
    This Museum was originally created the concept of history is to reform the traditional art, explore and praise had been ignoring the female artist, to ensure that the status of female artists in contemporary art.
    The International Museum of women art collection has an area of 7322 square meters, the building was used to Freemason Hall of the church, has now been included in the us registered historic heritage liSt. As of now, the International Museum of women's art collection has reached 4000, there are about 1000 artists, works in spanning from sixteenth century to now, mainly for painting, sculpture, paper works and decorative arts, the oldest collection is a lady's portrait paintings of Italy Lavinia Fontana in 1580 by the creation of "".
    This is the most popular works by American painter and printmaker Marie cassatt (Mary cassatt), Mexico female painter Freda carroll (Frida Kahlo) and the French painter Elizabeth Lebrun (Vijay Louise e e.
    Le Brun e Lisabeth Vig et al) creation.
    National Museum of Women in the Arts
    Reason: America's unique female art Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, District of columbia, Washington: [Washington, d.c]

    The Washington National cathedral formally known as the Szentpeter and St Paul cathedral (the cathedral church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul), is the Anglican cathedral of the Archdiocese of Washington, is also the world's No. 6 and the United States the next big brother Gothic cathedral, Washington 4 high building for china.
    The Washington National cathedral was built in the 9 1907 29, President Roosevelt Theodore (President Theodore Roosevelt) placed the cornerstone for its construction lasted until 83 years, 1990 years to complete, at the time of the George - Herbert - Walker - President Bush personally attended the completion ceremony.
    It is quietly located in Massachusetts Avenue in northwest Washington (Massachusetts Avenue) and Wisconsin Avenue (Wisconsin Avenue) touch the sky, intersection, solemn, let a person see it heart admiration;
    Dwight Eisenhower (1969), Ronald de Wilson Reagan (2004) and Gerald Ford (2007) 3 the president had held a state funeral.
    The National cathedral is not only a religious resort is a tourist attraction.
    Its magnificent architecture, exquisite carving, was included in the national register of historic places in the United States "(" National Register of Historic Places, referring to the us government that is worth protecting building property of the official list, was founded in 1966;
    2007), the American Institute of Architects (American Institute of Architects) named America's favorite building list, Washington state hall No. 3. Washington National cathedral
    Reason: the United States the most solemn one of the most magnificent churches
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, District of columbia, Washington: [Washington, d.c]

    Attractions: Washington District of columbia city [Washington, d.c]

    Smithson, the National Zoo is often called the National Zoo, the zoo is one of the oldest, belonging to Smithson (Smithsonian Institution), to a part in the park visit, do not charge any fees.
    The zoo was founded in 1889, its main mission is to provide the animal care, science, education, sustainable development and the tourist experience leading work.
    Smithson, the National Zoo has two Park, the first park covers an area of 66 hectares, in the northwest of downtown washington.
    Another park covers an area of 1300 hectares, is Smithson's Biological Protection Research Institute (Smithsonian conservation Biology Institute), located in Virginia Frank Royal, the park is not open, in order to protect the wild animal biology, mainly engaged in professional training, and through the natural method of rare animal breeding.
    Smithson, the National Zoo two Park, a total of 2000, 400 different animal species, of which 1/5 are endangered animal.
    Most of the animal in the Rock creek Park (Zoo's Rock creek Park) park can watch, here is the most famous animal is the giant panda, in addition to a variety of birds, gorillas, large feline animal, Asian elephants, insects, amphibians, reptiles, aquatic animal and animal small mammals and animal.
    Smithsonian National Zoological Park
    Reason: one of the most important American Zoo
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, District of columbia, Washington: [Washington, Dc]

    capitol Hill in the area of capitol Hill, bringing together all the political attractions and tourist attractions, it is worth a visit is the National Mall Street Smith Sunny Museum (Smithsonian Institution) group.
    The district is full of politicians of the restaurant.
    If you want to go to other areas, near the Eastern market (Eastern Market) united station after the (Union Station) and many of the subway station is a good choice.
    International Spy Museum is located in the us capital of Washington, founded in July 19, 2002, is a display of various espionage equipment and espionage in the history of the private Museum.
    The Museum is the collection of the one and only spy equipment and materials of the Museum, it collected from different countries and regions around the world of espionage equipment, but also the world's largest spy equipment collected from different countries Museum.
    International Spy Museum's mission is to introduce to the public the importance of espionage, in order to provide accurate historical information to the audience.
    The Museum's exhibition area of 1900 square meters, the exhibition is about 600, is in the real world with espionage and popular culture related exhibits, from the United States, canada, Britain, Israel, the former East Germany, West Germany, the former Soviet Union, czech, Ukraine and Poland and other places to collect.
    In 600 pieces of spy tools exhibited in both the East and the west, but the device intelligence agencies outside the United States.
    American spy tools not only exhibited less, and display instruments are also as spies during the cold war, the cold War spy tools will not be displayed, to prevent leaks.
    International Spy Museum exhibits some of the equipment was presented to the general public, some of the equipment witnessed some of the most famous country in the history of espionage.
    International Spy Museum
    Reason: the world's largest spy Museum
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions at the provincial, District of columbia, Washington: [Washington, d.c]

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