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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What are the ways to immigrate to the United States for children?
Why does EB-5 investment migration not work?
Expert answers:
When it comes to educating immigrants, the United States, which ranks the top universities in the world all the year round, is of course the first choice for us to build our children's future.
However, in recent years, as Chinese wealthy people have piled up applications to invest in the United States, EB-5 projects with US$500,000 have been in a long queue, waiting for the green card time, conservative estimates also need 15 years.
The processing time is too long, adults can wait, children can't wait.
There are age limits for all children accompanying immigrants to the United States.
Now children are over 6 years old, and there is a risk of over-age for EB-5 immigrants.
If you can't immigrate to the United States with your children, even the American dream will be eclipsed.
Compared with EB-5, which can get a green card for simple investment, the requirements of EB-1 outstanding immigration project for applicants are much more complicateD.But its advantage is that, as long as the conditions are met, it can land directly in the United States in the fastest six months.
The whole family works, studies and lives in the United States.
As for whether you meet the requirements of EB-1 outstanding immigration project application?
It depends on the outcome of the assessment by immigration experts.
Although EB-1 does not require the applicant's language or educational background, it requires higher auditing requirements in specific areas.
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