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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What should I pay attention to when applying for a U.S. visa?
Why was it refused?
How to get the interviewer's favor?
Expert answers:
Seven common reasons for refusal of US signature are as follows:
Reason 1:
Fraud Examples:
previous visits to the United States with travel signatures, schooling, work or staying in the United States for too long can not explain the suspected fraud, conceal facts, such as declared work, academic qualifications, false fixed assets, etc.
, embassy back transfer problems, or conceal the immigration status of other countries, may lead to refusal of signatures.
Reason 2:
Entry and exit The degree of preference of American visa interviewers for applicants'entry and exit records is basically as follows:
white version < New Matthew < Japan and Korea < Australia and New Zealand < Europe < Canada; white version is more difficult to apply for, and Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand exit will help to apply.
It's not possible to stick a visa to another country.
The key point is to go out and come back.
) Reason 3:
Education The higher the degree, the higher the possibility of passing.
Reason 4:
Work, Income American visa interviewers rank applicants according to their job status:
unemployment < individual < private enterprise < school < state-owned enterprise / civil servant, unemployment may be suspected to work illegally in the United States, the more stable the job is, the better.
Reason 5:
Fixed assets Property symbolizes binding force, which is better than none.
Reason 6:
Relatives in the United States Concealing the identity of relatives in the United States or in the United States is illegal to the visa officer because it is easier to refuse to sign.
Reason 7:
Face-to-face performance Face-to-face performance is very important, even more important than all the above factors.
When applying for an interview, the applicant's nervousness, squeaky, hesitation in answering, unclear expression, inappropriate answers and so on will lead to refusal of the application.
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