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Which universities in the United States have better accounting postgraduate majors?
Expert answers:
Business majors account for a large proportion of American foreign students.
Now let's take a look at three very top accounting graduate schools.
University of Texas at Austin The accounting graduate program at the University of Texas at Austin has been recognized as the top accounting program in the United States, ranking first in US.
NEWS for many years.
The Master of Accounting Program (MPA) of the University of Texas at Austin has four branches:
General Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Statements and Taxation.
These four branches meet the needs of different students'career development.
Students can choose different branches to study according to their own needs.
Although the application is not limited to majors, there is one requirement:
excellent mathematical skills.
If you have work experience, you will have an advantage.
Only accept GMAT.
University of Pennsylvania The Wharton Business School of Pennsylvania University was founded in 1881. It is known as the birthplace of the Master of Modern Business Administration and the world's oldest business school with the highest academic reputation.
Wharton has long been regarded as the most pioneering, innovative and internationalized business school in the United States, known as the source of business knowledge.
Pennsylvania University ranks fifth in the United States for undergraduate accounting and second in postgraduate accounting.
And Penn University also has a Ph.
D.Accountant, who accepts applications from fresh students.
University of Chicago The University of Chicago Booth School of Business is leading the departmental approach to business research, which has been followed by other business schools.
Booth Business School is famous all over the world, mainly because it has internationally renowned teaching staff and strong strength in many fields.
The Journal of Accounting Research of the University of Chicago Accounting Center is the oldest magazine and is often considered one of the world's top journals of accounting research.
The full-time MBA program at the University of Chicago has 13 branches, including accounting, financial analysis, finance, international trade, econometrics and statistics.
All students are required to take three basic courses:
financial accounting, microeconomics and statistics, because Booth believes that these three courses are the foundation of business.
Accounting is a degree in business management and marketing with a Ph.
D.in accounting.
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