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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
How long do you have to live in the United States every year after immigration?
Expert answers:
The first requirement that any investor who receives a visa from a consulate outside the United States must comply with is to enter the United States within 180 days of the issuance of a visa by the consulate.
Investors must determine their residence when they enter the United States.
Evidence of residence intention includes opening bank accounts, obtaining a driver's license or social security number, paying state and federal income taxes, renting or purchasing housing.
American residents can also work overseas if the nature of the business or occupation requires them.
For permanent residents living outside the United States, we recommend that investors and their families return to the United States at least once every six months.
Generally speaking, the longer investors and their families stay in the United States, the less likely they are to be declared "abandoned" by the U.S. government in the future.
If an investor has to leave the United States for more than a year in some cases, he or she must apply to the U.S. government for a "return to the United States certificate", which allows the investor to remain a permanent resident without re-entering the United States for the longest period of two years.
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    ABOUT louisiana local customs, tourist attractions
    Area: 125674 square kilometers In fifty states, ranked thirty-one.
    Population: 3921000 In fifty states, ranked twenty.
    State: Barton Rouge BatonRouge The main city of New Orleans: NewOrleans State flower: southern magnolia State bird: Pelican    The state of Louisiana, and named in honour of King Louis Xiv KingLouisXIVofFrance.
       1669 years of colonial rule.
    Of1812to 30 April 18 to become the United states.
    The southern magnolia SouthernMagnolia state flower.
    The alias is called "the Pelican State" PelicanState.
    The state motto: "unity, justice, faith" Union, Justice, confidence.
       The state is Barton Rouge BatonRouge, located in the southern part of the state, Mississippi River on the east coast, the population of 50000. Port and city of New Orleans NewOrleans, located at the mouth of the Mississippi River.
    Population Liusanwan, large urban areas, forty thousand.
    According to statistics, the annual import and export of goods amounted to one hundred and twenty million tons, second only to New York, the United States second port.
       The state has 25 institutions of higher learning.
    The most famous is the Louisiana State University, founded in 1860, located in Barton rouge, has three campuses, approximately thirty thousand students.
       The state has three features: first, the terrain for the United States is the lowest state.
    It is located in the lower Mississippi River, including the island toe delta plain, the average height of three meters, in the following, the river often flooded.
    Second, crop, sugar and sweet potato in the United States, are listed firSt. The rice output ranks second.
    Besides producing walnut Pecan, soybean, cotton and corn.
    Third, mineral, oil production after the state of Texas, the top 2. Sulfur production ranks firSt.    The south shore of Mexico Bay, which belongs to the Gulf states.
    The northern boundary of Arkansas, west of Texas, east across the Mississippi River and the Mississippi river.
    This is the Mexico Bay plain, flat fertile.
    The crops are soybeans, corn, cotton, sweet potato, rice and sugar cane.
    Mineral, sulfur, salt, oil and natural gas.
    St. Louis cathedral St. Louis cathedral is located in the New Orleans District of France's Jackson square, for the Mississippi River in the heart of New Orleans, is the Roman catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans cathedral, the United States is also one of the few facing the main square of the catholic church.
    St. Louis cathedral dates back to 1718, 1718 in the construction of the first church, built in 1789, third, 1793 rose to the cathedral, 1850 carried out a substantial renovation, in 1789 the remaining few structure.
    The current church designed by Pope Paul VI, began construction in 1789 years, 1850 years completed, John Paul S visited the church in 1987, the present church members up to 6000. The interior looks spectacular, magnificent St. Louis cathedral has become one of New Orleans's most popular church, every day from all over the world. And to this prayer and visit tour.
    St. Louis cathedral (New Orleans)
    Reason: the United States is the oldest continuous open cathedral
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Louisiana: [Louisiana State]
    city Attractions: New Orleans [New Orleans]

    Backstreet cultural Museum Street culture Museum is a non-profit Museum located in New Orleans, opened in 1999, is dedicated to a collection of African Americans in New Orleans history and culture Museum, but also the world of African Americans in New Orleans related items to the biggest Museum.
    The Museum collection of African Americans in New Orleans clothing, handicrafts, photos, movies, video etc, suitable for people of all ages to visit.
    Fixed exhibition hall includes carnival articles, jazz funerals, dolls, skull and bones, a legendary history of rich and colorful Exhibition for visitors can understand the African Americans, 1 African Americans understand the slavery history of seeking freedom.
    The doll collection is the Museum about the most impressive collection, making dolls is a traditional African Americans in New Orleans in early twentieth century, by women in fancy dress made of very fine.
    Backstreet cultural Museum
    Reason: the best understanding of the New Orleans Museum of African Americans
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Louisiana: [Louisiana State]
    city Attractions: New Orleans [New Orleans]

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