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English is not gooD.Can you immigrate to the United States?
Expert answers:
Indians often consult, if English is not good, can you deal with American immigration?
Immigration experts say that even if English is not good or not, the impact on handling American immigration is not great.
Here are two ways for you to immigrate to the United States without English achievement.
EB-5 immigrants in the United States also have relatively relaxed requirements for applicants.
They have no restrictions on business background, age, education and language ability.
However, they have requirements for assets.
They need to invest $500,000 in investment projects in regional centers for a period of five years.
Applicants only need to hold senior management positions in their Chinese parent company for at least one year in the three years prior to their application.
The source of gold, language and age are unlimiteD.The eligible family (spouse and unmarried children under 21 years old) can get the US Green Card.
EB-1C investment immigrants in the United States only target specific groups in many types of immigrants in the United States, and their advantages are very prominent.
For entrepreneurs, shareholders or company executives, if they can not wait for the EB-5 schedule, and because of the high standard of emigration of outstanding talents in EB-1A, then the emigration of EB-1C multinational executives is a worthy of consideration.
EB-1C is one of the first priority categories of American immigrants (EB-1), which is set up for senior managers of multinational corporations.
When a multinational company establishes a new company in the United States or acquires a local company as a subsidiary of a Chinese company, the applicant, as a senior officer of the subsidiary, applies for a U.S. Green Card when the subsidiary meets the requirements of the U.S. Immigration Bureau to help the whole family immigrate and enjoy the life and welfare of the United States.
The above two ways of immigration do not require the applicant's English proficiency, as long as the applicant meets the relevant conditions can apply.
It is suggested that applicants should prepare early, sign early contracts and file early in order to avoid the backlog of cases caused by the increase in the number of applicants.
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