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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
The EB-5 investment immigration schedule in the United States is so long.
Is there anyone else doing it?
Is there a faster way to immigrate?
Expert answers:
When it comes to immigrating to the United States, EB-5 investment immigration has become the first choice for many people to realize their dream of the United States.
It attracted a large wave of investors'enthusiastic pursuit because of its low threshold investment.
As the number of applicants soared, EB-5 began to be hard to finD.Since 2014, 10,000 visas per year for EB-5 have become inadequate, and investors have to wait for their applications to be processed.
But even in the face of more than 10 years of scheduling, applicants for EB-5 are still enthusiastic.
About 80% of the 10,000 EB-5 visas a year are obtained by Chinese applicants.
And most of them expect the next generation to get top-notch higher education in the United States, to win a high starting point for the future.
For students and parents who intend to study in the United States or who have already studied in the United States, they hope to have equal educational opportunities and internship opportunities in the United States (9 times higher than international students in the proportion of American citizens and green card holders enrolled in top schools).
They will not miss their dream job opportunities because of their status problems or because of their work visas.
(No H-1B lottery is required, and only 9.4% of Indian-Chinese students are eligible for the lottery.
EB-5 has become the solution for most families.
However, in the face of a long queue, some applicants who meet other immigration requirements also choose other ways to immigrate to the United States, EB-1C is one of them.
The American Rapid Immigration Program is designed for executives of global companies and requires applicants with business management backgrounD.Quick processing and three years'moving to the United States are the core highlights of this project.
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    ABOUT georgia local customs, tourist attractions
    Area: 152488 square kilometers
    In fifty states, ranked twenty-firSt. Population: 5048000
    In fifty states, ranked fourteenth.
    capital: Atlanta Atlanta
    The main city: columbo columbus
    Meikun Macon
    State flower: cherokee rose
    State bird: the long tail of dumplings
    Georgia, named in honour of King George II KingGeorgeIIofEngland.
    1733 years to become the thirteen colonies.
    1788 August January two, became the four state of the United states.
    "cherokee rose" cherokeeRose is the state flower (cherokee Indians is a tribe).
    The state's nickname is the "Peach State" PeachState or EmpireStateoftheSouth "empire state of the South".
    The state motto is "wisdom, justice and moderation" Wisdom, JusticeandModeration.
    Atlanta is the capital of Atlanta, located in the north central Honshu, five hundred thousand of the population.
    The aircraft industry is developed.
    UniversityofGeorgia of University of Georgia, founded in 1785, in the northeastern state of Athens Athens, more than 20000 students.
    Located in a central Honshu meikun Macon coiiege, Wesleyancollege is the world's first degree to women's college.
    The characteristics are as follows: first, it is the largest of the United States east of the Mississippi River area.
    When the 13 is also independent states in the south of the state.
    Secondly, it is the United States and the Pecan yield of walnut peanut rich state.
    Thirdly, it is the first to use a machine state.
    The terrain can be divided into 3 zones: (A) the southeast is the alluvial plain.
    It is one of the coastal plain of the Atlantic The low-lying area, accounting for the state of five, everglades.
    Agriculture is developed.
    Agricultural products with peanut as the most important, with an annual output of more than 60 million tons.
    The peach and walnut producing area.
    (B) is the central Piedmont plateau, cotton is very rich, the annual output of about 30000. (c) the northeast corner is hilly area.
    This is the southernmost tip of the Appalachian Mountain, the highest peak is 1000 meters.
    The hilly area is small, but the white marble quarried precious Yield much, for the state crown.
    The tourism industry is filled, every year by the state foreign land to the amusement of people, to spend more than $four hundred million.
       Savannah sculpture Savannah can not do without music Savannah, March is spring, there are flowers and trees, flowers white clouds floating in the streets and lanes.
    March is the day of St. Patrick's day, everywhere is green, is full of wine.
    Savannah people love the holidays, love.
    The local people said, the festival and carnival is the ultimate purpose of life.
    So the green carnival has just been completed, the Savannah Music Festival was kicked ofF- Savannah people love music, music God seems to have paid particular attention to the small town.
    Savannah people are proud of Johnny Mercer is a modern American musical genius His name may not be as many china familiar to audiences, but few people have never heard the song deep melodious "Moon River".
    Savannah's largest music hall named after him seems to be a thing as unalterable principles.
    This year's festival opening ceremony and different from previous years.
    From china piano master Lang Lang in the opening ceremony and unveiled at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra concerto performed chopin Piano concerto No. 2. High performance and drama very intoxicated, won the audience applause and long time standing ovation and salute.
    American Southern culture, the black folk soothing rhythm as the main line, deep and sad melody here has been singing for 200 years, already penetrating classical music in the town, it is not the mainstream.
    Lang Lang's appearance, let the town and surrounding the ladies and gentlemen find cultural resonance, a gathering of many people and the evening dress in Western dress and leather shoes to a casual, quiet town has brought some fresh and different.
    The town still has their own Johnny Mercer, and the home of the door is always not to stick at trifles, open and pianist Joe Odom.
    People in the south is rough, even wearing a dress, still can not give New York music guests over the etiquette in the eyes.
    Music is the truth, as long as you are a real musician or singer, your music can move people in Savannah, the origin is that you are no longer important.
        The church of Savannah The church spire feather Hollywood blockbuster "Agam Gump" at the beginning of a feather from white spires falling slowly, over the treetops, was brought up on the wheel, was waiting for the bus Tom Hanks.
    He sat on the station bench, talking about his life, Jane's story speak to strangers.
    Jane has experienced the full of war and 1 times, with the last life crystallization of her and Agam hiding in Savannah.
    Agam came to Savannah, found his Jane here.
    Tom Hanks sat in the chair telling the story is a movie props, finished, finally moved to the Museum.
    But the scene in the square but real, small square in many evergreen oaks, such as one giant umbrella, the branches covered with fluffy hair hanging like Spain algae.
    The cement ring chair behind the station there, I sat there for a long time.
    Two street musicians invited them to sit down and walk, chat.
    Lin, 27 year old, 21 year old Thebaud because I don't want to, any constraint, with his mandolin wandering.
    We sat whispering, their dog lying on the ground, to the square in the middle of the statue, quietly nap.
    Savannah port is the most important port of the south.
    The Savannah River and Shanghai Pujiang was wide, a cable.
    stayed bridge high over the water.
    Many bars and restaurants along the river.
    Sit there drinking beer, see the menu said, this is Savannah's old stone house, fast 300 years.
    The roof is very low, a river in the tens of thousands of tons of level freighter slowly passing, deck neatly piled up 89 layer container, such as a small city built-up.
    The river near the bar, the full view, great people feel strange.
    But then I laughed.
    In fact, this is all the seven points, three points in the legend of the mysterious and elegant town quietly.
    The 6 big American choice apples
    The "reader's Digest" (Reader s Digest) Journal of the American edition recently published a report entitled "apples 6 choice" article.
       The full text excerpts are as follows: Washington's apple production is two times more than the rest of the United States Apple production.
    However, who knows in the state of Washington, only 3 of Apple allows you to self recovery from?
    If you want more to pick your own apple orchard to pick apples, might as well go to the following places.
    New England About the autumn scene, many people first think of new England.
    However, the local fruit colorful leaves are more famous than.
    In Massachusetts, the 78% pick your own apple orchard base, Vermont orchard base throughout New England region accounted for 35%.
    Most of the tax in the two states of the government revenue from apple.
    New York Empire State (also called New York) there are 296 orchards, annual production of 600 million pounds of apples.
    Thanks to the cornell University agricultural project, imperial week can produce a number of varieties of apple.
    People can not only enjoy the five Lake, Lake Ontario or New York city, near the Hudson Valley scenery, can also pick up a large number of high-quality fresh apples in a nearby orchard.
    The state of Ohio Talk about apples, you may not think one thirty while the state of Ohio.
    But you know, can produce 50 kinds of apples in 110 orchards in Ohio.
    In most of the orchards located in the northeast corner of the junction, near Ohio and Pennsylvania.
    Virginia Virginia is located in the southern United States, which means that the state other than the state more suitable for planting fruit trees.
    The state has a total of 33 self-help orchard.
    Oregon Washington, unlike neighboring states, Oregon has 50 self-service apple orchard.
    In the valley of Portland near the villa Mette, the picker can pick apples to many apple orchards.
    This is the other more meaningful things.
    The state of Michigan 900 has a number of orchards in Michigan.
    The fall of the year, a large number of pickers will go on the orchard picking apples while traveling, hiking.
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