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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Where is the latest schedule for American immigrants?
Is there any news about investment immigrants?
Expert answers:
According to the U.S. World Daily, the State Department announced the December 2018 migration schedule on the 13th.
Relative immigration has been pushed forward slightly, ranging from three and a half weeks to more than a month.
In terms of occupational migration, the first priority for Indian births continues to be scheduled for three months, the second priority for one and a half months, the third priority for general categories only for one week, and the non-skilled labor category for one month; and the fifth priority for EB-5 for non-regional and regional centers for one week.
Relative immigrants:
The first priority (adult unmarried children of citizens) has been promoted for nearly seven weeks.
Second, give priority to category 2-A (spouses of permanent residents and minor children) for one month.
Second, give priority to category 2-B (adult unmarried children of permanent residents) for one and a half months.
The third priority (married children of citizens) is to promote for three and a half weeks.
Fourth priority (brothers and sisters of adult citizens) for one month.
Professional immigrants:
India's birth priority will be promoted for three months to September 1, 2016. India's second priority at birth (those with advanced degrees or special abilities) is promoted for one and a half months.
India's third birth priority (general category) is promoted for a week.
India's third priority of birth (non-skilled workers) is promoted for one month, and the third priority of non-Indian birth is quota.
India's Fifth Priority EB-5 Non-Regional Center and Regional Center is advancing for a week.
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