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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Where can I buy a house in the United States?
Which cities have high house prices?
Great potential for appreciation?
Expert answers:
A new data analysis reveals that coastal cities, where housing prices are usually high, are the preferred areas for immigrants to live up to the American Dream.
More than a quarter of Miami's homeowners are immigrants, with a median housing price of $278,700.
The median house price in San Jose is $957,700.
San Francisco and Riverside, California, have median house prices of $617,100, $849,500 and $342,300, respectively.
On the other hand, in the 10 cities with the lowest concentration of migrant homeowners, the housing prices are all below $200,000.
Pittsburgh, for example, has a relatively low median housing price of $153,300.
In Louisville, Kentucky, the median price was $168,600, followed by Cincinnati, Ohio, and St.Louis, Missouri, and Memphis, Tennessee.
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    ABOUT ohio local customs, tourist attractions
    Tourist spots in Ohio
    1. Adena State Memorial
    2. The Beach Waterpark
    3. Campus Martius: Museum of the Northwest Territory
    4. Cedar Point
    5. Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati Museum of Art
    6. Cincinnati History Museum, Cincinnati Museum of History
    7. Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, Cincinnati Zoo
    8. Cleveland Museum of Art
    9. Cleveland Museum of National History
    10. Columbus Zoo
    11. The Rain Forest
    12. Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area
    13. Dayton Art Institute
    14. Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Garden
    15. Sea World
    16. Hayes Presidential Center
    17. The Health Museum 18. Historic Roscoe Village

    Important towns in Ohio
    Cleveland, northeast of the state, on Lake Erie
    Youngstown, Youngstown
    (columbus) is located in the capital of the state of Ohio.
    Located in the central part of the state, near the Scioto river.
    The area of 469 square kilometers, a population of 63.3 million (1990), of which the blacks accounted for about 1 / 5;
    large urban areas including Franklin county 5. Area of 1430 square kilometers, the city was founded in 1797. Since 1812 the state.
    By christopher.
    Named after columbo.
    1830 years after the river south of Ohio, north of Iraq profit canal opened, 1850 years after the development of railway accessibility, commercial and transportation center, during the civil war for supplies and ammunition supply;
    at the end of the century the rise of 19 industry, is an important industrial city in the state.
    The main industrial sectors are mining machinery, building materials, aircraft manufacturing, automobile parts, household appliances and glass etc.
    The industrial area is mainly distributed in the suburbs, there is coal mining nearby.
    Around the developed agriculture and animal husbandry.
    columbo railway and highway intersection, is also an important port, there are 2 airports.
    Downtown in the Scioto River, built outside the town hall.
    The large bronze statue of columbo christopher;
    the nearby Levk Lincoln tower 159 meters high, is the tallest building in the downtown area of the city;
    the expansion plan is being implemented, has appeared in the Ohio conference center, hotel and other new buildings;
    the Ohio State University and other colleges and universities, the columbo Museum of fine arts, history, center the Ohio Museum of art and cultural Arts center and other cultural facilities.
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