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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
The latest immigration policy in the United States in 2018. What welfare effects do they have on getting a green card?
Expert answers:
Recently, the Department of Homeland Security officially announced in the Federal Gazette the new regulation "Public Burden Inadmissibility".
If legal immigrants or their family members in the United States have used public welfare, their green card applications may be rejected, in order to reduce the national burden.
Since then, the public has 60 days to make public comments on the proposal.
What benefits fall within the scope of the new regulations?
White cards, for example, are one of them.
However, it should be noted that if a non-American person suddenly faints and is sent to the emergency room, the medical insurance he receives is Emergency Medicaid, which is a special case, not a long-term use, not within the current public burden.
But cash subsidies, such as food vouchers.
If you apply for a green card and get a food stamp, you will almost certainly be considered a burden by immigration officials.
Another is housing subsidies.
What are the "minefields" that are easily accessible?
Over the past few years, especially when Barack Obama's health insurance was introduced, many people had to buy health insurance.
When someone went to buy insurance, because of low income, they automatically turned into white cards and became white card beneficiaries without knowing it.
These people will now face a dilemma, even if they want to get rid of the white card, because it is low-income, it may not be able to cancel.
So when people buy insurance, they must ask whether it is a white card, whether you need to pay, if not, whether it belongs to the scope of public insurance.
Now many insurance companies are also aware of the changes in immigration policy and have set up different types and levels of insurance.
For example, I know that some insurance companies have so-called "basic plans".
If your income is very low, you can pay zero or very low premium every month, but it is not a white card, so it will not affect your green card application.
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