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Which majors are more competitive for American students?
Expert answers:
Today I'd like to introduce some of the most competitive majors in the United States.
Accounting profession Accounting is to collect, process and summarize financial and economic data, and to use it as a scientific basis for guiding business management decisions.
Accounting and business management have many links, such as cost, tax, profit, budget and so on, which are very important parts of business management.
It is understood that there is a huge demand for accountants'employment in the United States, and both commercial and industrial institutions need accountants.
Computer Direction The IT industry in the United States is in the leading position in the worlD.Studying IT in the United States is recognized as a "gilded" shortcut.
About 25% of the people who study abroad every year choose IT-related majors.
Generally speaking, computers have the following directions:
artificial intelligence, computer programming, computing theory, software engineering, computer graphics, database, informatics, information systems, information technology, information security, management information systems, bioinformatics, etc.
Actuarial Studies Actuarial Science in the United States is a comprehensive applied science, which is based on the basic principles of economics and uses modern methods to analyze, evaluate and manage the future financial risks of various economic activities.
Actuarial method and actuarial technology are effective tools for scientific management of modern insurance, finance and investment.
The employment prospects of American actuarial major are very bright.
Correspondingly, the application of American actuarial major is also difficult.
Applicants must have good mathematical and logical abilities.
Most Chinese students of science and technology have excellent mathematical background, so it is more appropriate to apply for this kind of major.
Electronic and Electrical Engineering Major EE (Electrical Engineering), or Electronic and Electrical Engineering, is a branch of engineering and one of the most popular application majors for Chinese students every year.
According to statistics, nearly half of the applicants apply for EE in engineering.
EE majors and many disciplines have a wide and close intersection, such as physics, computer and so on.
That is to say, not only the undergraduate students majoring in electronic engineering can apply for this major, but also the students majoring in science and Engineering Physics and computer can apply for similar majors such as communication engineering, computer science and technology, Electronic Science and technology.
Technology, information engineering, film and television art technology, network engineering, etc.
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