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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Are there many Chinese immigrants to the United States?
How many Indians were naturalized last year?
Does Trump's government have a big influence?
Expert answers:
According to statistics released recently by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, 707 265 foreigners were granted U.S. citizenship in fiscal year 2017 (October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017).
Among them, 37 674 were Chinese and the Indians were in the top three.
According to the Times of India, the number of "new Americans" from the three countries increased in fiscal year 2017, contrary to the overall decline in the number of new Americans in the United States.
Immigration experts say foreigners eager to become U.S. citizens are facing more obstacles nowadays.
The United States is currently conducting "extreme censorship" of applicants, and applications are being rejected for "weird reasons" dating back many years.
Reported that only green card holders can apply for naturalization in the United States, although they can live and work in the United States for a long time, but the uncertainty caused by the changing visa policy of the United States government and Washington's preference for more jobs for American citizens are prompting many green card holders to apply for American citizenship.
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    ABOUT florida local customs, tourist attractions
    the state of Florida introduce.
        Area: 151670 square kilometers In the 50 states, listed in article 22. Population: 8452000 In the 50 states, No. 8. Tara Hesse state: Tallahassee The main city of Jacksonville: Jacksonville Miami Miami State flower: Orange Blossom State bird: Mockingbird    The name of the state of Florida from the Spanish Florida, its meaning is "take place".
       Ten thousand years ago, Indians to live within the state.
    In 1513, the Spanish first came to the state.
    Later, the French and British colonial here to, without success.
    In 1821 the United States territory.
    In March 3, 1845 to become the twenty-seventh state of the United states.
    From 1861, 1868 to join the United states.
    With the orange flowers as the state flower.
    The alias is called the "Sunshine State" SunshineState.
    The state motto: "in God we trust" InGodWeTruSt.    The state traffic, there are more than 200 airports, the most famous city in the state of Miami, a population of thirty thousand or forty thousand, almost all new buildings.
    The largest city is Jacksonville Jacksonville million, a population of 55. This state is called Tara Hersey Tallahassee, is located in the northwestern part of the state, a population of seventy thousand.
    Tampa Tampa is west of the peninsula, Mexico bay port, population Erbawan, main export is phosphate rock.
       The state has nine universities.
    The University of Florida is the largest, founded in 1853, is located in the root of Las Gainesville, in the central part of the state, more than 20000 students.
       The state has three features: first, it is the United States, the most southerly state.
    At the southern end has a tropical climate characteristics;
    central and Northern is subtropical climate, warm winter.
    Production of vegetables, pomelo, pomelo, citrus produced over california, ranking firSt. Second, with an annual output of about twenty million tons of phosphate rock phosphaterock, also ranks first in the state.
    Phosphate rock is the main raw material for the manufacture of phosphate fertilizer.
    In three, the State central coast of cape Kennedy capeKennedy, is the American astronauts to the moon base.
    It is human to earth and moon two celestial initial contact station.
    In section four, the highest percentage of population increase.
    In recent years, is still increasing rapidly.
    Because it is the east coast of the United States has a winter resort.
    After the retirement of the elderly, love to live here.
       The state's climate, warm in winter and hot in summer, abundant rainfall, lush vegetation, natural foreSt. In addition to a hurricane disaster, throughout the year, can travel.
    The annual tourism income, up to $5 billion, for the state of a large income.
    china enterprise to build the school in connecticut cited concerns of local residents
    According to the "Boston globe" (The Boston Globe) 27 reported that a china enterprise wants to build an international school in this town, and then to help international students to enter the local public high school, and they need to pay thousands of dollars.
    The local 1 from smell a great deal of money opportunities, but at the same time, the project can give those enrollment numbers are declining public schools turn.
    However, the opposition to the proposal is not small.
    Local residents are worried that the primary goal of foreign enterprises is profit, may bring bad influence to the local public school.
    They also worry that too many foreign students may affect local students for college entrance.
    "Public school is a public resource."
    Senator Hiatt Forde christopher Barnes (christopher Barnes) said: "and should not be used as a sale of goods."
    The controversial project has brought about the American international education sector is a deeper concern, there are now more and more intermediaries in the operation of those who can pay full tuition chinese students come to the United states.
    Although in the past ten years, there have been too many to count the chinese students into American private high school and college, but because the law is more stringent restrictions, they want to enter public school or equivalent.
    In Massachusetts, there are a lot of public high school recruit some foreign students, but like Hiatt Forde such a large scale without precedent.
    This is called Ming education group china enterprises since 2012, through a number of "cooperation" of their high school students to the United States to study.
    In the Hiatt Forde project, the $12 million 600 thousand bid for the University of connecticut (the University of connecticut) 56 hectares of satellite campus, the deal is nearing completion.
    If this project is completed, the company will be able to enroll 500 students worldwide, Ming education group division general manager Tim Dickens (Tim DiScipio) said that pio.
    In this international school after two years studying, students can go to the local high school.
    Moreover, local teachers and students have the opportunity to communicate china.
    "This kind of cross-cultural communication can bring students a unique experience."
    De Shilpi O said.
    The local school 1 is also very welcome, said it can make more diversified their campus, also admitted that this brings the tuition is a big boost to the local.
    You know, they are now the number of students is decreasing year by year.
    However, the company in Oxford city, Michigan prefecture (Oxford) of a similar project currently under investigation by the Department of homeland security.
    According to federal law, foreign students attended public schools in the United States the total length of no more than one year, but also must pay full tuition.
    But in those of the students in Michigan are violating the regulations.
    The local residents complained about the Ming group and the district is in violation of the relevant visa laws, Homeland Security Bureau launched the investigation in the last year.
    "They bypass these rules to try to earn money."
    A Michigan resident organization leader Kylie Mayes (Kallie Meyers) said.
    The person in charge of the Tom More Hiatt Forde school district (Tom Moore) said that he has been with the Michigan 1 had exchanges.
    Oxford city School of 1 said that they do not know the federal investigation.
    For the group of 1 at the weekend said Ming, director of Oxford city said to them this plan is absolutely legitimate.
    With more and more residents of Hiatt Forde and Ming group cooperation questioned 5 2 April in the local held a public forum to discuss this.
    The 1 part of the plan of local support, but also expressed skepticism.
    Another Senator christopher Williams (christopher Williams) also believes that public school education should not be treated as commodities.
    Local resident Suzanne chen (Susannah chen) held the same view with him, she and her husband over the past four years living in Shanghai, said china education system for students to pay too much, she worried that this value will be with this project came to Hiatt Forde's school.
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