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What are the best universities in the United States in 2019?
Expert answers:
U.S. News & World Report, the world's leading educational ranking authority, recently released a list of Best Colleges in 2019, providing data on more than 1,800 American colleges and universities.
For the first time, the University of California - Los Angeles ranked first in the Top Public Schools among National Universities of American colleges and universities, and tied for the first place in the 2018 rankings.
The ranking of the University of California system has improved, thanks to the graduation performance of a high proportion of low-income students - the new best ranking method for colleges this year.
Five of the top ten public universities are California universities.
The University of California - Santa Barbara rose three places to tie fifth, while the University of California - Irvine rose from ninth to seventh.
Princeton University ranked first in Best National Universities for the eighth consecutive year, while Williams College ranked first in Best National Liberal Arts Colleges for 16 consecutive years.
The Best Institutions List focuses on academic excellence, ranked according to hundreds of data points and up to 16 academic quality assessment criteria.
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    ABOUT maryland local customs, tourist attractions
    Area: 27394 square kilometers
    In the 50 states, column No. 42. Population: 4139000
    In the 50 states, listed in article 18.
    There's Annapolis state:
    The main city of Baltimore: Baltimore
    Rock will Rockville
    State flower: Black Eyed Su Shanhua
    State bird: Baltimore
       Maryland is the first to King charlie's wife queen Marie QueenHenriettaMaria name.
       1634 colonial.
    In 1775, Washington rate Maryland army northward, lay in the war of independence, Maryland's reputation.
    Therefore, the state known as the "front state" TheOldLineState.
    In 1949, the state to celebrate the "Religious Freedom Act" (by a 0 TheActofToleration nine years) 300th anniversary anniversary, emphasizing the importance of this act in the colonial period.
    Therefore, the state of another nickname is "free state" freestate.
    "Black eyed Susan" black-eyedsusan is the state flower.
    The state motto is "courageous act, mild language" Manlydeeds, WomanlyWords.
    In April 28, 1788 to become the seventh state of the United states.
       The state is the sub Boris Annapolis is located in the chesapeake Bay, is a small harbor, a population of thirty thousand.
    Baltimore Baltimore in the north of the state capital, is also the east coast of the United States port, seventh city, population about nine hundred thousand, accounting for about 1/4 of total population in the state.
    Hong Kong from the west coast of the United States of New York for the paSt. It has two pathways: one by the chesapeake Bay, another by Maryland canal.
       The famous university is the University of Maryland, college Park in collegePark, founded in 18, seven years, the number of students is about forty thousand.
    The second is John Hopkins University JohnHopkinsUniversity, founded in 1876, is located in Baltimore, nearly 10000 students.
       The state has two characteristics: first, the next state capital of Washington (columbia SAR).
    Second, the state has "little America" Americainminiature said.
    Although the area is not large, but the complex terrain.
    It has mountains, hills, valleys, plains, swamps, rivers, lakes, bays and islands, strait.
       Many of the industrial type, the food and beverage industry is the most important.
    Agriculture: milk, chicken, corn, soybean, apple, tomato and tobacco.
    Fishing is also developed.
       Annapolis Annapolis is the capital of Maryland, Anne Arundel county, the county government, from November 1783 to June 1784 as the temporary capital of the United States recognized the independence of the United States in 1783 "the Paris treaty" was signed here.
    The city is home to the United States Naval Academy, founded in 1796, Saint John, the United States is the third oldest university.
    Annapolis is a city with rich tourism resources, both the historical buildings, also has a modern edifice, perfect fusion created unique beauty.
    The parliament of Maryland is the nation's continuous as the parliament building in the oldest building, the wooden dome is the largest one and without the use of a nail, the existing buildings in 1968 is listed as one of the national historic landmark in america.
    Bannack Douglas Museum is a specialized collection and display of African Americans in Maryland Heritage Museum, the exhibition to let more people know about African Americans in Maryland's history, culture and tradition.
    In addition, visitors can also visit the former residence of William Parker and Maritime Museum Garden, etc.
    Reason: the capital of Maryland
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, Maryland: [Maryland State]
    city Attractions: Annapolis [Annapolis]

    Autumn beauty was the birth place of the National Anthem -- Baltimore
    Founded in 1729, named after the Irish barony Baltimore name of Baltimore, the eastern part of the United States is the important port of Maryland city and business center, the war of independence for the busy port and shipbuilding center, it made the United States the first steam locomotive, built the first railway here in the United States, the cargo throughput of ports in the forefront..
    Baltimore at the beginning of the first World War, built with steel mills, oil refineries and arsenal.
    During World War II is an important Arsenal, here the munitions industry is very developed, these, not many people know, but almost all Americans know, here is the birth place of the national anthem.
    1814, during the first Anglo American war, Maryland lawyer and young poet Francis?
    Based on the battle of Baltimore in the American people and to defend the freedom of valiant horse horse spirit, wrote the "Star Spangled Banner" lyrics.
    After that, he suggested that a popular hymn as music, taking song named "the Star Spangled Banner".
    In March 3, 1931, the us congress officially announced this song for the National Anthem of the United states.
    The national anthem, perhaps just an event, a history inspired, but its spirit is eternal, affecting the country even the whole nation.
    From Washington to Baltimore expressway is very beautiful, wide straight road, verdant mountains on both sides, all kinds of high-class cars flashed by.
    Baltimore is only more than 60 kilometers from Washington, the time, we can not visit the city, a city in the mountain side, we stopped, there is a park, condescending, overlooking the whole of Baltimore city and Baltimore's scenery.
    Into the park first sight is a huge American flag fluttered in the wind, here is the command of the famous battle of Baltimore's Samuel?
    The statue of general Smith, has used the cannon, and the giant crab sculpture.
    It is said that Baltimore is a crab production place, the local people have always been proud
    Baltimore crab crab crab called, such as our common crab crab legs, but are beautiful blue.
    We are holding a camera to photograph them.
    Baltimore is the most beautiful city in the coast of the Atlantic, the natural geography and the city of Xiamen is located in the Western Pacific Ocean is very similar.
    In November 1985, Xiamen and Baltimore became "sisters" friendly city.
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