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How is the pension situation in the United States?
Expert answers:
When people talk about providing for the aged, they can not do without the concept of "raising children and preventing old age".
In the United States, where social welfare is more developed, the situation is completely different.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as of July 2015, 47.8 million people were aged 65 and over, accounting for nearly 15% of the population.
It can be said that the United States is also an aging country.
U.S. law stipulates that by the age of 65 (born after 1960 at 67), you can receive social security benefits.
How much money you can get each month depends on how much tax employers and employees pay to the IRS during pre-retirement work.
According to the statistics of the Social Security Department, in July 2018, 47.47 million elderly people in the United States received social security benefits and subsidies, with an average of $1345 per month.
 Of course, social security benefits are only part of the economic income of the elderly in the United States.
Most people also have savings and pension investment plans purchased by employers, themselves or both at work.
According to the 2011 Census Bureau statistics, the median wealth of the elderly families in the United States is about 170,000 dollars, which is a considerable asset in the United States with low prices and mature investment channels.
As a result, most elderly Americans are economically self-reliant.
U.S. law provides for Medicare from the age of 65. Since its implementation in 1965, the program has basically relieved the worries of the elderly about seeing a doctor.
American family members are also relatively independent, many families after the age of 18, parents no longer provide financial support, and parents when they are old, they do not need financial support for their children.
But most American children still help their parents, not in the form of alimony, but in the form of heavy work such as repairing houses and cleaning lawns.
Older people with better economic situation will choose not to trouble their children, and find the appropriate repair companies, gardening companies and so on to take care of them.
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