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How much does it cost to go to an American university?
How much is the tuition fee for medical specialty and how about the admission rate?
How many years do you need to study?
Expert answers:
In the United States, doctors are indeed a middle-class profession with its own halo.
They are well-paid and respected, but they are not everyone's responsibility.
The competition for early education is very fierce, and the barriers for practicing medicine are quite high.
There are more than 7,500 universities in the United States, but only 120 medical schools.
Each medical college enrolls about 150 new students every year.
As a result, the United States enrolls only about 20,000 medical students a year.
And some medical schools in the United States are not open to international students.
Open and low admission rate.
For example, the University of California, Irvine, had planned to recruit 136 students and interviewed one person, but none of them was admitteD.For example, the University of North Dakota, which planned to recruit 35 students, did not interview any students at all, the admission rate was 0.
Even if you are lucky enough to be admitted, you may not be able to start reading.
In recent years, tuition fees in American medical schools have been soaring.
According to Usnews, it's normal to spend more than $55,000 a year on average tuition plus living expenses.
Top medical schools like Harvard and Johns Hopkins cost about $100,000 a year plus living expenses.
New York University Medical School costs $5518 a year and Harvard University $61535..
What's more, medical education is a long and arduous process, starting from a quasi-doctor to enter the campus, four years + four years of classroom learning, and then after three years of resident training, it is assumed that a person from high school graduated from an independent medical path, at least 11 years, 11 years later can be considered to be a qualified doctor.
But there is good news.
On August 16, New York University Medical College announced tuition waiver!
Starting this year, as long as they are admitted to the Langone Medical College of New York University, students will be exempted from tuition fees up to $55,018 a year, saving a total of $220,000 in four years!
All new students have just made refunds!
However, NYU Medical School has a very low admission rate of only 1.8%, which is lower than Harvard.
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