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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What is CRS?
What is the impact on overseas assets?
What is the progress of CRS in China and India?
Can you avoid it by buying American assets?
Expert answers:
CRS is full name Common Reporting Standard, English literal translation of "Unified Reporting Standard".
It is an automatic exchange standard for tax-related information of financial accounts established by OECD entrusted by G20.
To enhance tax transparency and combat cross-border tax evasion by participating in the exchange of tax residents'information between countries and regions.
In China and India, many high net worth people have a discredited attitude towards tax treatment.
In fact, in the eyes of professionals, as long as they understand the rules and use good tools, they are not so terrible.
For example, in the United States, some taxes and fees can be deducted, but many new Chinese immigrants do not know how to declare, so they spend a lot of money wrongly.
Taxation is a problem that every wealthy person should face up to, and should seek professionals according to their own assets to choose and customize the most appropriate tax planning plan.
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