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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Which American university is good?
Which list is the most authoritative?
The latest school rankings in 2018?
How much are the tuition fees of American universities?
Expert answers:
Which American university is good?
Every year in the United States, there are many organizations ranking universities, the most authoritative and influential of which is the U.S. News ranking published in September, that is, U.S. News ranking.
U.S. News and World Report (U.S. News for short) and U.S. News and World Report in Chinese are well-known comprehensive reports and reviews weekly in the United States.
In 1948, U.S. News and World Report were merged into two magazines.
The USNEWS ranking of American universities began in 1983 and has been updated annually since 1985. U.S. News rankings are calculated by weighted average of seven main indicators, which include academic reputation, graduation rate and freshman return rate, teacher strength, freshman level, economic strength, graduation rate performance, and alumni donation.
U.S. News's latest ranking of American universities in 2018 is as follows:
2018 USNews Comprehensive Ranking of American Universities University Ranking Chinese name English name Tuition Enrolment One Princeton University Princeton University Forty-seven thousand one hundred and forty Five thousand and four hundred Two Harvard University Harvard University Forty-eight thousand nine hundred and forty-nine Six thousand seven hundred and ten Three University of Chicago University of Chicago Fifty-four thousand eight hundred and twenty-five Five thousand nine hundred and forty-one Three Yale University Yale University Fifty-one thousand and four hundred Five thousand four hundred and seventy-two Five Columbia University Columbia University Fifty-seven thousand two hundred and eight Six thousand one hundred and thirteen Five MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology Forty-nine thousand eight hundred and ninety-two Four thousand five hundred and twenty-four Five Stanford University Stanford University Forty-nine thousand six hundred and seventeen Seven thousand and thirty-four Eight University of Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania Fifty-three thousand five hundred and thirty-four Ten thousand and nineteen Nine Duke University Duke University Fifty-three thousand seven hundred and forty-four Six thousand six hundred and nine Ten California Institute of Technology California Institute of Technology Forty-nine thousand nine hundred and eight Nine hundred and seventy-nine
Eleven Dartmouth College Dartmouth College Fifty-two thousand nine hundred and fifty Four thousand three hundred and ten Eleven JOHNS HOPKINS University Johns Hopkins University Fifty-two thousand one hundred and seventy Six thousand one hundred and seventeen Eleven Northwestern University Northwestern University Fifty-two thousand six hundred and seventy-eight Eight thousand three hundred and fifty-three Fourteen Brown University Brown University Fifty-three thousand four hundred and nineteen Six thousand nine hundred and twenty-six Fourteen Cornell University Cornell University Fifty-two thousand eight hundred and fifty-three Fourteen thousand five hundred and sixty-six Fourteen Rice University Rice University Forty-five thousand six hundred and eight Three thousand eight hundred and ninety-three Fourteen vanderbilt university Vanderbilt University Forty-seven thousand six hundred and sixty-four Six thousand eight hundred and seventy-one Eighteen University of Notre Dame University of Notre Dame Fifty-one thousand five hundred and five Eight thousand five hundred and thirty Eighteen University of Washington Washington University in St.Louis Fifty-one thousand five hundred and thirty-three Seven thousand five hundred and forty Twenty Georgetown University Georgetown University Fifty-two thousand and three hundred Seven thousand four hundred and fifty-three Twenty-one Emory University Emory University Forty-nine thousand three hundred and ninety-two Six thousand eight hundred and sixty-one Twenty-one UC Berkeley University of California--Berkeley $42,112 (out-of-state), $14,098 (in-state) Twenty-nine thousand three hundred and eleven Twenty-one University of California, Los Angeles University of California--Los Angeles $41,270 (out-of-state), $13,256 (in-state) Thirty thousand eight hundred and seventy-three Twenty-one University of Southern California University of Southern California Fifty-four thousand two hundred and fifty-nine Eighteen thousand seven hundred and ninety-four Twenty-five Carnegie Mellon University Carnegie Mellon University Fifty-three thousand nine hundred and ten Six thousand six hundred and seventy-three Twenty-five university of virginia University of Virginia $46,975 (out-of-state), $16,146 (in-state) Sixteen thousand three hundred and thirty-one Twenty-seven wake forest university Wake Forest University Fifty-one thousand and four hundred Four thousand nine hundred and fifty-five Twenty-eight University of Michigan, Ann Arbor University of Michigan--Ann Arbor $47,476 (out-of-state), $14,826 (in-state) Twenty-eight thousand nine hundred and eighty-three Twenty-nine Tufts University Tufts University Fifty-four thousand three hundred and eighteen Five thousand five hundred and eight Thirty New York University New York University Fifty thousand four hundred and sixty-four Twenty-six thousand one hundred and thirty-five Thirty university of north carolina at chapel hill University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill $34,588 (out-of-state), $9,005 (in-state) Eighteen thousand five hundred and twenty-three Thirty-two Boston College Boston College Fifty-three thousand three hundred and forty-six Nine thousand three hundred and nine Thirty-two College of William and Mary College of William & Mary $43,099 (out-of-state), $20,287 (in-state) Six thousand two hundred and seventy-six Thirty-four brandeis university Brandeis University Fifty-three thousand five hundred and eighty-two Three thousand six hundred and eight Thirty-four Georgia Institute of Technology Georgia Institute of Technology $33,014 (out-of-state), $12,418 (in-state) Fifteen thousand four hundred and eighty-nine Thirty-four University of Rochester University of Rochester Fifty-two thousand and twenty Six thousand three hundred and eighty-six Thirty-seven Boston University Boston University Fifty-two thousand and eighty-two Seventeen thousand nine hundred and forty-four Thirty-seven Case Western Reserve University Case Western Reserve University Forty-seven thousand and five hundred Five thousand one hundred and fifty-two Thirty-seven University of California, Santa Barbara University of California--Santa Barbara $42,423 (out-of-state), $14,409 (in-state) Twenty-one thousand five hundred and seventy-four Forty Northeastern University Northeastern University Forty-nine thousand four hundred and ninety-seven Thirteen thousand four hundred and seventy-three Forty Tulane University Tulane University Fifty-two thousand nine hundred and sixty Six thousand three hundred and seventy-seven Forty-two Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Fifty-two thousand three hundred and five Six thousand two hundred and sixty-five Forty-two uci University of California--Irvine $43,530 (out-of-state), $15,516 (in-state) Twenty-seven thousand three hundred and thirty-one Forty-two University of California, San Diego University of California -- San Diego $44,197 (out-of-state), $16,183 (in-state) Twenty-eight thousand one hundred and twenty-seven Forty-two University of Florida University of Florida $28,658 (out-of-state), $6,381 (in-state) Thirty-four thousand five hundred and fifty-four Forty-six lehigh university Lehigh University Fifty thousand seven hundred and forty Five thousand and eighty Forty-six University of Pepadein Pepperdine University Fifty-one thousand nine hundred and ninety-two Three thousand five hundred and forty-two Forty-six University of California, Davis University of California--Davis $42,396 (out-of-state), $14,382 (in-state) Twenty-nine thousand five hundred and forty-six Forty-six University of Miami University of Miami Forty-eight thousand four hundred and eighty-four Ten thousand eight hundred and forty-nine Forty-six University of Wisconsin-Madison University of Wisconsin--Madison $34,782 (out-of-state), $10,533 (in-state) Thirty-one thousand seven hundred and ten Forty-six University of Villanova Villanova University Fifty-one thousand four hundred and thirty-four Six thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine Fifty-two Pennsylvania State University Pennsylvania State University--University Park $33,664 (out-of-state), $18,436 (in-state) Forty-one thousand three hundred and fifty-nine Fifty-two Champagne, Illinois University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign $31,988 (out-of-state), $15,868 (in-state) Thirty-three thousand nine hundred and thirty-two Fifty-four Ohio State University Columbus Ohio State University--Columbus $29,659 (out-of-state), $10,591 (in-state) Forty-five thousand eight hundred and thirty-one Fifty-four University Of Georgia University of Georgia $30,392 (out-of-state), $11,818 (in-state) Twenty-seven thousand nine hundred and fifty-one Fifty-six George Washington University George Washington University Fifty-three thousand five hundred and eighteen Eleven thousand five hundred and four Fifty-six Purdue University--West Lafayette Purdue University-West Lafayette $28,804 (out-of-state), $10,002 (in-state) Thirty thousand and forty-three Fifty-six University of Connecticut University of Connecticut $36,948 (out-of-state), $14,880 (in-state) Nineteen thousand three hundred and twenty-four Fifty-six University of Texas at Austin University of Texas--Austin $35,766 (out-of-state), $10,136 (in-state) Forty thousand one hundred and sixty-eight Fifty-six University of Washington University of Washington $35,538 (out-of-state), $10,974 (in-state) Thirty thousand nine hundred and thirty-three Sixty-one Birgham Young University Brigham Young University--Provo Five thousand four hundred and sixty Thirty thousand nine hundred and seventy-nine Sixty-one Fordham University Fordham University Fifty thousand six hundred and one Nine thousand two hundred and fifty-eight Sixty-one Southern Methodist University Southern Methodist University Fifty-two thousand four hundred and ninety-eight Six thousand five hundred and twenty-one Sixty-one syracuse university Syracuse University Forty-six thousand seven hundred and fifty-five Fifteen thousand two hundred and eighteen Sixty-one University of Maryland-College Park University of Maryland--College Park $33,606 (out-of-state), $10,399 (in-state) Twenty-eight thousand four hundred and seventy-two Sixty-one Worcester Institute of Technology Worcester Polytechnic Institute Forty-eight thousand six hundred and twenty-eight Four thousand four hundred and thirty-two Sixty-seven Clemson University Clemson University $35,654 (out-of-state), $14,712 (in-s)
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