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Why are more and more parents planning to send their children abroad to study?
Expert answers:
What keeps pace with India's economic consumption is its desire for a better life and education.
Exercise the ability of independent thinking Many Indian parents want their children to leave India's education system and contact with different cultures and systems.
They can have a great tolerance and freedom in discussing social issues, values and world outlook in foreign universities.
True independent thinking ability and knowledge are generated in a free and inclusive environment.
This is what Chinese parents want their children to have.
Stronger competitive potential More and more college graduates are under tremendous employment pressure after graduation, even facing unemployment, or have to join the employment of male teachers from a very low starting point.
This makes students and parents feel very distresseD.However, for students who have studied abroad, they have a higher career starting point, and their competitiveness and development potential are stronger.
Therefore, studying abroad can effectively improve the competitiveness of individuals in the workplace.
Comprehensive Assessment System In China, a lifelong test is usually used to determine the future of children.
The college entrance examination, known as the single wooden bridge, is very stressful for children.
However, foreign high schools generally adopt all-round assessment system to give a more scientific evaluation result from the comprehensive performance of children.
Obviously, it is more conducive to the good development of children's physical and mental health.
Increasing Employment Opportunities In the view of enterprises, a student with overseas study experience is more confident, independent and brave to challenge than a college graduate in Hainan.
By studying abroad, students can skillfully integrate Chinese culture with foreign multiculturalism, and use foreign languages skillfully, so that they can stand out among job seekers at home.
Student's years of studying and living abroad make them look at things farther and more unique, which is undoubtedly a great benefit to the development of enterprises, which also invisibly increases their employment opportunities.
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