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What does American university enrollment value most?
Does extracurricular activities account for the proportion of students'achievements?
How to write a recommendation letter?
Expert answers:
Unlike Indian universities, American universities do not have a unified admission criterion based on college entrance examination results.
In more cases, the admission criteria of each university are their own.
There are 19 criteria, which can be divided into four categories:
the most important, the most important, the consideration and the non-consideration.
The most important criteria of every university in the United States are different, which reflects the different admission styles of each university.
To sum up, the more important indicators are:
Rigor of secondary school record, Academic GPA, Standardized Tests, Class Rank, Recommendations, Application Essay, Extracurricular Activities and so on.
American high schools adopt the elective system and the credit system.
Different students in the same grade have different difficulties in choosing courses.
Admission officers hope to understand the difficulty of the courses students take and use this index to better evaluate their academic ability.
According to the data, 37 universities in the top 100 of the US News ranked the difficulty of students'secondary school courses as the most important criterion, which shows that most schools value the gold content of curriculum performance.
Secondly, GPA is also very important in school, which is more important than students'SAT / ACT.
Among the top 100 universities in US News, 35 schools ranked this as one of the most important standards.
Standardized examination is also one of the factors to measure.
It mainly refers to TOEFL/IELTS, SAT/ACT, AP, SAT2 and so on.
High-score candidates have strong competitiveness in applying for schools that value standardized examination.
In addition, class ranking is the only comparative indicator.
From the perspective of admission criteria, some top universities rank class ranking as an important admission criterion.
A good letter of recommendation and preparation of application documents are also important.
It is better to choose those who can write out students'talents, personality and academic skills.
From the determination of the recommender, the emphasis of the description of different recommenders, to the writing of the recommendation letter, all need to be carefully carveD.In addition, extracurricular activities, whether there are alumni, relatives, volunteer activities, whether I am the first generation of college students in my family, and the degree of interest in applying for school are all related.
It is undeniable that many parents choose to plan green cards in advance or let their children go to the United States to study in high schools as soon as possible in order to make their children enter the first-class universities more leisurely and break the strict control of the admission quota of international students in famous American schools.
To sum up, when applying for American universities, American students'high school curriculum scores have a great weight in the evaluation, which can account for about 60% of all the application materials.
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