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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Is H-1B work visa difficult for international students to immigrate to the United States?
What about changing jobs in the future?
Expert answers:
H-1B work visa is a necessary condition for foreign students to stay in the United States for employment.
It is reported that the number of applications for H-1B soared to 236,000 the year before laSt.Affected by the atmosphere of the Trump government's rigorous review of H-1B last year, applications for delivery fell back to 19,000.
Although the H-1B work visa in 2019 is less than a week old and 85,000 places are exhausted, many international students are known to have difficulty in applying for visas.
Fewer and fewer employers want to hire H-1B applicants as employees, which may result in fewer deliveries in the future.
Although applicant selection rates may increase, the auditing process will become more and more difficult.
At present, the frequent occurrence of H-1B patches, many people are faced with patches, may not fully take into account the requirements of the Immigration Bureau before the application.
Now the Immigration Bureau pays more attention to the applicant's salary and whether the applicant's job requires the degree that the applicant has.
What about changing jobs after getting the H-1B work visa?
If the applicant wants to change jobs after getting the visa, he can apply for H-1B Transfer.
According to U.S. government law, applicants holding H-1B work visas can go directly to the new company after submitting H-1B Transfer.
But since Trump took office, any immigration visa policy has been strictly monitored.
It is reported that H-1B Transfer was relatively simple in the paSt.In the past, the Immigration Bureau believed that the education and personal background had been carefully examined when applying for a work visa, and the examination when applying for a change was relatively less stringent.
But now the Immigration Bureau has made fine-tuning.
Whether applying for an H-1B work visa or an H-1B Transfer, the Immigration Bureau is regarded as a new case review, and the threshold is almost the same.
According to the difficulty and cycle of the current audit process, in case the applicant applies for H-1B Transfer, however, it is tantamount to losing the qualification to work in the United States.
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    ABOUT michigan local customs, tourist attractions
    Central Michigan University
    The University of Central Michigan (CMU) was founded in 1892. Its main campus is mount pleasent mount playsont, the fourth University of Michigan.
    It ranks 150th in the United States.
    It is a famous four-year public university in the United States.
    The University of Central Michigan covers 480 acres and is a garden-style institution of higher learning that combines modern high-tech facilities with classical architecture.
    In addition to offering degree courses on Mount Pleasant's main campus, there are 43 teaching centers in Michigan and North America.
    The school has six faculties: School of Business Administration, College of Art Exchange, College of Education and Human Services, College of Health, College of Humanities and Sociology, and College of Science and Technology.
    In addition to offering degree courses on Mount Pleasant's main campus, the University of Central Michigan has 43 teaching centers in Michigan and North America.
    The school has a distinguished reputation, providing more than 200 undergraduate, master's and doctoral degree courses.
    The school actively provides internship and research opportunities for students.
    It has six faculties: School of Business Administration, College of Art Exchange, College of Education and Human Services, College of Health, College of Humanities and Sociology, and College of Science and Technology.
    CMU ranks the top 20 in the United States among 16 research schools with less than a doctoral degree.
    It is also one of the only two schools in the Midwest with an island research station.
    Professional settings:
    Accounting, Accounting Information, Performance, Insurance Actuarial Science, Advertising, Costume Sales and Design, Art, Art Education, Art History, Art, Astronomy, Sports Medicine, Automobile Design, Bilingual and Bilingual Bilingual Education, Biology, Biomedicine,
    Broadcasting, Business Administration, Business Teacher Education, Chemistry, etc.
    Chemistry Education, Children's Education, Film Research, Supervision, Cognitive Science, Communication, Communication Chaos, Community Health, Computer Science, Computer Technology, Construction Technology, Consulting, Literary Creation, Criminal Justice, Dance, Design, Economics, Education, Electrical Engineering, Primary Education, Engineering, English, Environment Science,
    Environmental Studies, Land Planning, European Studies, Health Sciences, Family Life, Finance, Financial Planning, Catering Service Management, French, French Education, Geographic Information Science, Geography, Geoscience, German, German Education, Geriatrics, Cartographic Design, Cartographic Technology, History, Calendar History Education, Hotel Management, Human Development, Human Environment Research, Human Resource Management, Hydrogeology, Industrial and Technical Education, Industrial Management, Industrial Technology,
    Information Technology, Interior Design, International Business, News, Latin American Studies, Legal Research, Literature and Art, Logistics Management, Management Information System, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Marketing, Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Mechanical Design and Engineering Technology, Medical Technology, Meteorology, Museum Research, Music, Command,
    Composition, Piano, Drama, Neuroscience, Nursing, Nutrition, Oceanography, Operational Management, Philosophy, Journalism, Photography, Politics, International Relations Psychology, Public Management, Public Relations, Procurement and Supply Management, Recreation and Leisure, Entertainment Facilities and Park Management, Retail, Social Work, Spanish, Spanish Education, Statistics, Visual Communication, Women's Studies, etc.
    School advantages: The 43rd most valuable public university in the United States is the only one among the 13 public universities in Michigan.
    Journalism: Accredited by the Education and Mass Media Accreditation Board.
    Only two universities in Michigan have been accredited.
    109 universities in the country have been accredited.
    Professional entrepreneurship: It was ranked 26th in China by the Journal of Entrepreneurs.
    Human body-related disciplines such as neurology, sports training, audiology are well known in the United States or the state.
    In terms of research, the University of Central Michigan was ranked as the top ten of the small research universities in the United States.
    List of expenses for studying abroad:
    Undergraduate costs range from $11295 to $22590
    Postgraduate costs range from $17040 to $27601
    Cost of living: $15129
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