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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Is there an immigration prison in the United States?
How long will the green card be deducted from the United States?
What did the lawyer say?
Expert answers:
There is no immigration prison in the United States, but when immigrants get a green card, they have to be prepared to leave the country.
According to the immigration law of the United States, if the holder of a green card stays outside the United States for more than 180 consecutive days, even if he does not voluntarily abandon the green card, when applying for re-entry with the green card, the U.S. Immigration Service has the right to question whether he still has the intention of treating the United States as a permanent residence.
But in fact, as long as you leave for more than three months, when you enter customs, you can't explain the reasonable purpose of leaving the country, or even disclose that you have a permanent job in IndiA.Immigration officers can assume that you intentionally give up your green card.
Therefore, if you want to leave the United States, you'd better communicate with your lawyer beforehanD.How long will the green card stay safe?
Immigration lawyers advise on the following three situations:
Consider future naturalization:
If you want to become an American citizen in the future, you can't leave the United States for more than six months at a time during the green card stage.
In the first five years of applying to become a U.S. citizen, it takes more than half of the time to live in the United States.
Do not want to be naturalized but want to keep the green card:
You can leave the United States for more than six months a year, but you need to come back at least once a year.
Need to leave the United States for more than a year:
It's too long to leave the United States.
You need to get back the American Certificate.
The return certificate must be applied for in person in the United States.
At the same time, it maintains close ties with the United States.
In addition, lawyers suggest that in order to maintain a green card, it is better to have sufficient evidence to prove that you like living in the United States.
For example, if you have a local driver's license and a bank account, you'd better have a house, a car, insurance, etc.
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