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Is it true that American universities will cancel SAT/ACT scores?
Expert answers:
The news is true, but not all universities have completely abolished SAT and ACT test scores.
For example, the University of California has not yet cancelled the SAT / ACT test scores.
Henry Sanchez, member of the Admissions Committee at the University of California, San Francisco, said recently:
"We have been'paying attention'to the practices of other schools and are studying whether the University of California remains unchangeD.Next year may be considered, but at present, we do not have enough data to support the negative correlation between SAT writing and the quality of students enrolleD.However, in the wave of the abolition of SAT/ACT, many schools have been officially implemented.
In 2016, Columbia University said it did not need to submit SAT Subject Test or SAT writing.
Subsequently, Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, MIT also announced that SAT writing results were not requireD.Barnard College also made it clear that it was not necessary to submit SAT writing and SAT Subject Test scores.
In March this year, Harvard University announced that applicants would not be required to submit their SAT or ACT writing scores.
In June, Yale University and San Diego University announced the abolition of the SAT/ACT essay section, emphasizing that they would not be at a disadvantage in the admission process.
Within two weeks, the University of Chicago announced that it did not need to submit SAT or ACT scores, allowing students to submit two minutes of self-introduction videos.
In July, Stanford University said it would not force applicants to submit SAT/ACT scores.
Princeton University canceled SAT/ACT writing and replaced it with Writing Sample.
Later, the California Institute of Technology announced that SAT/ACT writing was not requireD.Following that, Brown University and Duke University also issued statements to cancel SAT/ACT writing.
Last week, the University of Michigan announced that it did not require applicants to provide SAT/ACT writing scores, but suggested that applicants provide specific Writing samples.
Now, instead of mandatory SAT / ACT submissions, what are the criteria for judging students?
Recruitment officers said that it mainly depends on the applicant's high school grades, letters of recommendation, papers, and other materials that can show the applicant's talent.
Colleges value things that better demonstrate students'individual abilities and overall qualities, rather than exam results.
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    ABOUT alabama local customs, tourist attractions
    calhoun community college is located in the us state of alabama.
    The college was established in 1949, is a 2 year community college.
    The school has excellent teaching facilities and service commitment, is a regional leader in education and skills development in two-year colleges.
    calhoun community school is the largest college in Alabama community college System in institutions.
    calhoun community school offers more than diploma and certificate of professional.
    Faculty and staff with senior school education, and so far in their expertise in the region still maintain excellent level.
    More than 80% full-time teacher at least holds a master's degree, about fifteen percent of the teachers have a doctorate.
    Over the past 60 years, the calhoun community school has been an active symbol of North Alabama state.
    college graduates across the country, and many of them after graduation has been successful for further study.
    calhoun community school succeed high school level unified teaching and skills, the school is a professional across the business, labor skills, development etc.
    Some of the graduates is to have known the United States famous and outstanding achievements.
    contact information Address: calhoun community college, Admissions and Records, P.
    Box 2216 Decatur, AL 35609.2216 e.mail : bjt@calhoun.edu Tel: 1 306.2599 (256), 1 (256) 306.2593 Online application: https://banssb.
    P_GenMenu name=homepage?
    Alabama State college of hair (Bermingham) was founded in 1975, the school was originally developed by Donald Matheus and William B Smith, co-founder of Donald Matheus, after all.
    Alabama State college of hair (Bermingham) President Donald Matheus has more than 35 years of experience in hairdressing.
    School followed the pace of the market, provide hairdressing and beauty occupation curriculum quality for students, fully meet students' learning needs.
    contact information Address: Alabama State college of Barber Styling Main Street Gardendale 753, AL 35071 e.mail : admin@ascbs.edu Tel: 1 (205) 631.8898 1 Fax: (205) 631.8895 Alabama State University was founded in 1867, is a comprehensive regional public university, at the same time, the region is a historically black university, the school is located in Montgomerie, Alabama, is Thurgood Marshall scholarship fund, the member of the school, the existing students about 12000 people.
    The school has a school, social science and arts, business administration, college of education, college of Health Sciences, University of science and technology, visual and performing arts school, six college, the school offers a number of undergraduate and graduate professional stage, involving art, accounting, computer science, health education, history, social work, finance, management, marketing, education, biology, music, drama, performing, chemistry, media, language education, basic education, early childhood education, special education, physical therapy, occupation therapy etc.
    Alabama State University teaching purpose is committed to providing first-class education for students, cultivate students' skills, ideas, attitudes and experiences, so that they can be qualified for the selection of the ideal of their occupation and workplace.
    contact information Address: Office of Admissions, Alabama State University, P.
    Montgomery, Box 271, AL 36101 e.mail : admissions@alasu.edu Telephone: 1.800.253.5037 Online application: http://www.alasu.edu/admissions/undergrad.
    admissions/international-students/index.aspx Athens State University (Athens) in Alabama, Athens, is the only undergraduate school in Alabama, a two-year school, providing a total of 33 different professional and convenient online courses for students.
    Athens State University was established in 1822, was named the Athens women's college.
    In 1842, the Methodist church began operating the agency and renamed the Athens women's institute.
    In 1931, the school was renamed Athens college and became a coeducational college.
    In 1998, the school eventually renamed Athens State University.
    Athens State University is the oldest institution of higher education in the national education system in Alabama, Athens State University offers courses in junior and senior level, is a bachelor's degree from University of Alabama awarded the qualification institution authorized by the education system.
    Athens State University offers students affordable and teaching environment, recognition of diversity and cultivate students' innovative ability and knowledge application.
    contact information Address: Office of Admissions, Athens State University, 300 North Beaty Street, Athens, Alabama 35611 e.mail : admissions@athens.edu Tel: +1 (256) 233.8130 (256) 233.8163 Fax: +1 Online application: https://24.athens.edu/prod8/asu_web.
    p_app_req chinese Name: Auburn University English Name: Auburn University Properties: comprehensive national public research institute School time: 1856 Abbreviation: AU or Auburn For The Advancement of Science motto: and Arts The main departments: college of agriculture, college of engineering, School of medicine, School of business School address: Auburn, Alabama, US Auburn University Auburn University founded in 1856, is located in the city of Auburn University in alabama.
    This year the number of students registered for 25469 people, is the largest university in the state, from the beautiful city of southeast Atlanta maximum about 1.5 hours.
    In 2013, the Auburn University National University Rankings ranked eighty-second, one of the traditional American top universities.
    Auburn University is south of the old schools, in more than 130 areas to provide degree and provide the only state public support projects in many fields, including agriculture, forestry, construction, architecture, pharmacy and veterinary medicine.
    Especially it has the very strong research projects in the college of literature, science, mathematics, business, education and engineering etc.
    Auburn University has its own civil airport, by the end of 2013, a total of 55 aircraft, to provide services for the research on school staff access.
    Auburn University's sports performance is very good, the Tigaers sports team is the NcAA repeatedly to dominate the game.
    In the United States is generally referred to as Auburn (Auburn).
    Also the first black students admitted to the state's traditional white schools.
    (1964) Auburn University is a large scale with a comprehensive education public university, founded in 1856. Auburn University college of agriculture, School of architecture, School of business, college of education, college of engineering, Jean Samuel forestry and Wildlife Sciences, Graduate School, honors college, Academy of Arts and Sciences, college of Arts and Sciences, School of nursing, Harrison college of medicine, Institute of Mathematical Sciences and the college of veterinary medicine, it also has a MBA project.
    可授予本科、硕士和博士学位,专业设置广泛,开设的主要专业有:会计、航天工程、农业产业化与经济学、农业通信、生物化学 、生物医学科学、生物工程/森林工程备选案文、生物系统工程、植物学、建筑科学、工商管理、商业经济、化学工程、土木工程、通信、沟通障碍、计算机科学、经济学、商业经济、电气工程、英语、创业和家族企业、环境科学、运动科学 、财经、渔业和水产养殖盟军、林业、法语、法国/国际贸易、地理、地质学、德语、德国/国际贸易、保健服务管理、历史、园艺、酒店及餐饮管理 、人类发展和家庭研究、人力资源管理、工业设计、工业与系统工程、信息系统管理、室内建筑/结构、室内设计、国际商务、新闻、实验室技术、海洋生物学、市场营销、材料工程、数学、机械工程、医疗技术、微生物学、音乐、护理、哲学、物理、政治 Science, psychology, public administration, public relations, social work, social science, software engineering, animal science, veterinary medicine, Spanish, etc.
    contact information Address: Office of Admissions and Recruitment, The Quad center, Auburn, AL 36849 e.mail : admissions@auburn.edu Tel: +1 (334) 844.6425 Online application: http://auburn.edu/admissions/prospective/international.html Auburn University, founded in 1856, is located in the state of Alabama, the Auburn University city.
    Today, the registration number of students is 21775 people, is the largest campus of the state, most of the students are residents of alabama.
    Established in 1967, in Montgomerie, is now a registered student number is 5408. Auburn University in 1859 as part of the Methodist church opening.
    It is the biggest in Alabama campus, School of liberal arts and applied science is known to.
    The school has to continuously improve the hardware facilities, in order to meet the needs of modern society;
    on the other hand still inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of auburn.
    The main campus of the Auburn University in the fall of 2006, a total of 23333 registered students.
    The school consists of 13 colleges, undergraduate, master and professional degree awarded.
    The school has 1177 full-time teachers, 83% of whom are ph.
    Auburn University is famous for its education, its important influence on Alabama makes it occupy an important position.
    A recent study showed that the Auburn University in Alabama to bring economic benefits for $4 billion.
    Auburn University technology center every year, hundreds of scientific research projects in Alabama, produce millions of economic growth, create hundreds of jobs.
    Auburn University offers degrees in more than 130 areas and provide the only state public support projects in many fields, including agriculture, forestry, construction, architecture, pharmacy and veterinary medicine.
    Especially it has the very strong research projects in the college of literature, science, mathematics, business, education and engineering etc.
    The ROTc project has a very important position in the military guidance.
    Auburn University Graduate School of comprehensive, the Academy awarded a doctorate in 64 areas of the master's degree and more than 40 fields, many of which are only in auburn.
    In agriculture, forestry, biology and physics, mathematics, engineering, education and humanities, pharmacy and veterinary medicine are relatively strong.
    Recently, the research of good in literature, sociology and business etc.
    As a comprehensive research center of education and scientific research, in order to adapt to the modern society, the development of a number of research projects in auburn.
    Auburn University library has more than 24000000 books, more than 23000000 microforms, 15000000 government publications and 136000 map.
    19000 kinds of periodicals, including 160 newspapers.
    Auburn University Library Web provides users with access to the INTERNET and a large number of remote databases, such as in the local cd.
    ROM database.
    city: America / Auburn Majors (including undergraduate, master, Ph.
    D) The professional direction of the professional name professional advantage Art design and architecture of Design and Visual communications visual communication The architecture of Architecture Environmental design Environmental Design/Architecture Graphic design Graphic Design Interior interior architecture Architecture Art history, criticism and protection of Art History, criticism and conservation Fine Arts/Studio Arts Art Industrial design Industrial Design The interior design of Interior Design is very strong Study of philosophy and philosophy of religion Philosophy Religion/Religious Studies general religious studies Biological and biomedical microbial or bacteriological Microbiology /Bacteriology Microbial or bacteriological Microbiology /Bacteriology The molecular biology of Molecular Biology Biology of Biology/Biological Sciences Biological and Biomedical Science biomedical Botany / plant biology Botany/Plant Biology Plant Pathology/Phytopathology of Plant Pathology Pre Pre.
    Pharmacy Studies pharmacy Forest Science and forestry science and biology Biology Marine biology Marine Biology general Public administration, public management Public Administration Social work Social Work Transport pilots and crew Airline Pilot and Flight crew Aviation/Airway Management general aviation management Agricultural Teacher Education education in agricultural education Science Teacher Education science teacher education Early childhood education Early childhood Education English language and literature education English/Language Arts Teacher Education Music Teacher Education music teacher education The development of children child Development Physical Education Teaching sports teaching and training and coaching Physics Teacher Education physics teacher education Industrial and commercial Trade and Industrial Teacher Education normal education Spanish Spanish Language Teacher Education normal education Special education Special Education French Language Teacher Education French normal education History Teacher Education history of normal education Primary school education Elementary/Primary Education Agricultural Education of agricultural education Early childhood special education Special Education (Early childhood) Mathematics Teacher Education of mathematics teacher education Social Science Teacher social science teacher education Education German German Language Teacher Education General Education Social science and agricultural economics Agricultural Economics Anthropology Anthropology Economics Economics Political science and government Political Science and Government criminology criminology Social science Sociology Family and consumer Sciences Family and consumer Sciences Human development and family studies at Human Development and Family Studies Agricultural Journalism/communicaton agriculture, agricultural operations and related agricultural communication Agricultural science Agriculture Agronomy and crop science Agronomy and crop Science Animal science Animal Science/Zoology Aquaculture Aquaculture Animal science Animal Science/Zoology Plant science Plant Sciences Poultry Science Poultry Science Food science Food Science Horticulture/Horticultural Science Horticulture Soil science and agriculture Soil Science and Agronomy Aviation engineering engineering Aerospace Engineering Biological Engineering and Bioengineering biological engineering Fashion and textile engineering Apparel and Textiles construction of Architectural Engineering Mechanical, electronic and communication engineering technology Electrical/Electronic and communication Engineering Technology Mechanical engineering Mechanical Engineering chemical engineering chemical Engineering civil engineering civil Engineering computer engineering computer Engineering Textile Science and engineering Textile Sciences and Engineering Industrial Engineering Industrial Engineering Materials engineering Materials Engineering Polymer / plastic engineering Polymer/Plastics Engineering The performing arts of music Music Drama Dramatic/Theater Arts Broadcast Journalism general broadcast journalism Natural resources and environmental protection of wild animal and land science and management Wildlife and Wildlands Science and Management Environmental Science Environmental Science The legal profession and legal research foundation Pre.
    Law computer and information science, computer and information science computer and Information Science The computer Hardware Engineering computer hardware engineering The computer Software Engineering computer software engineering English Linguistics and literature English Spanish Spanish Foreign language and literature Foreign Languages and Literatures French French German German English Literature general English Literature Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology School of medicine and nursing of Audiology and speech pathology clinical laboratory science / medical technology clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology Medical laboratory technology clinical/Medical Laboratory Technology Registered nurse training Nursing (Registered Nurse Training) Nutrition Sciences Nutritional Sciences Pre.
    Veterinary Studies Veterinary Science Foundation Pre Med Pre.
    Medicine The dentist Pre.
    Dentistry Studies Foundation Speech therapy Speech Therapy Food, nutrition and health Foods, Nutrition and Wellness Health Teacher Education health education Pre Med Pre.
    Medicine Pre Prenursing Studies nursing Speech-Language Pathology speech pathology Kinesiology and Exercise Science kinesiology general The news media and TV broadcasting Radio and Television Journalism Journalism The mass media Mass communication/Information Studies&Media Public public relations Relations Media Studies - language and rhetoric Speech communication and Rhetoric Business management financial accounting Accounting Management / Business Administration Business-Management and Administration Managerial management economics Economics Business Teacher Education Business Teacher Education Business and advertising art commercial and Advertising Art Operation and management of Operations Management Finance Finance The human resource management of Human Resources Management International business International Business/Trade/commerce Hotel Management Hospitality Administration corporate entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Human Resources Development human resources development Logistics and Materials Management/ Supply chain Management logistics / supply chain management Management / Business Administration Business-Management and Administration Marketing Marketing Natural science biochemistry Biochemistry chemical chemistry Physics Physics Physics Physics Geography Geography Science weak geology Geology/Earth The application of mathematical and statistical mathematics Applied Mathematics Weak mathematics Mathematics Psychology Psychology communication Disorders weak communication barriers The history of history and culture of weak History Time of enrollment 1, September TOEFL79.00 IELTS6.00 SAT0.00 undergraduates AcT0.00 a.
    LEVEL0.00 GPA2.75 Graduate student TOEFL80.00 IELTS6.50 GRE0.00 GMAT570.00 LSAT0.00 GPA3.00 The annual cost of undergraduate tuition / year tuition $16066 master $16066 undergraduate total cost / year $27450 in total cost / year $27450 tuition tuition: $6266, 1, 2 and 3, the school fee: $9992 application fee: $50 Auburn University at Montgomery is a coeducational public university in the United States in 1967 of alabama.
    The school has 5 faculties, namely: School of business, college of education, college of nursing, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, a wide range of professional settings, including media, drama, English language, art, history, international studies, business administration, education, justice, public safety, mathematics, natural science, political science psychology, etc.
    Auburn University at Montgomery awarded a bachelor's degree, and each school in cooperation with the Auburn University master degree courses, the college of education also provide special education.
    At the same time, the school in cooperation with Mongolia Marley brother Maxwell air force base, master of international relations in the active duty officer.
    Auburn University at Montgomery in business, public administration, education, medical technology, law and nursing professional has made domestic and international certification, degree awarded by the University committee Southern University Alliance certification, and in the "Princeton review" was named the "best colleges" in the south, the school was named "the best business school".
    contact information Address: Auburn University at Montgomery Office of International Affairs P.
    Box 244023 Montgomery, AL 36124.4023 USA e.mail : rblaesin@aum.edu, International_Admissions@aum.edu, Undergraduate_Admissions@aum.edu Tel: 1 334.244.3375, 1 34.244.3758, 1 334.244.3615 Fax: 334.244.3581 1 Online application: https://senator.
    P_DispLoginNon Beeson Divinity School of Samford university is an American clergy graduate school.
    Beeson Divinity School of Samford University was founded in 1988. Beeson Divinity School of Samford university is a branch of Sanford university.
    Beeson Divinity School of Samford university provides theological education, global service to God and the church to the students can receive high-quality education here.
    Beeson Divinity School of Samford university is a theological Research Institute, so it is the study of students with professional students.
    Beeson Divinity School of Samford university is provided with theology about the master's and doctoral courses, professional courses mainly include hymns, biblical interpretation, christian Old Testament, christian New Testament, Greek syntax and translation, this study, Greek christian New Testament Greek version, introduced the history of the church, the Evangelical church, church doctrine and development, Bible study, christian theology, christian ethics, christian preaching, worship pastor advisory services, etiquette, Hebrew syntax and translation, introduction of christian mission.
    Beeson Divinity School of Samford university has trained many excellent clerical service personnel for the society.
    contact information Address: Beeson Divinity School Samford University 800 Lakeshore Drive Birmingham, AL USA 35229 e.mail : bdadmis@samford.edu Tel: 1 (877) 575.0595, 1 (205) 726.2066 Bevill State community college was founded in 1992, the United States is a public community college, with an enrollment of nearly 4000 people.
    Bevill State community college is an accredited, comprehensive universities to provide high quality teaching service, enrich students knowledge and culture, so that students can learn knowledge and skills to make economic independence.
    Bevill State community college awarded associate degree certificate and related fields, a wide range of professional settings, the main courses are: Auto body repair, automotive technology, biological sciences, business management, business office management, chemistry, computer science, child development, beauty, criminal justice, diesel technology, drafting design engineering, early childhood education, electrical system technology, education, history, mathematics, mining technology, music, psychology, nursing, practical nursing, renewable energy, secondary education, welding technology etc.
    Bevill State community college opened at the same time the relevant professional courses and distance education, to facilitate the majority of students' Autonomous learning.
    contact information Address: Bevill State community college P.
    Box 800 Sumiton, AL 35148 USA Tel: +1 205.648.3271 Online application: http://www.bscc.edu/admissions-application.php Bermingham is a southern college founded in 1856 four year private liberal arts college, affiliated to the United Methodist church.
    Bermingham Southern college run by 1856 in Alabama, Boluo and Greensboro created University of South Alabama 1898 Bermingham Bermingham college merged in March 30, 1918, unified named Bermingham southern college.
    Bermingham college offers bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of science, Bachelor of fine arts, Bachelor of music, music education degree.
    Professional courses of accounting, literature, literature education, biology, chemistry, computer science, business administration, dance, dance education, economics, education, engineering (3+2 project), English, French, German, history, mathematics, music, music education, philosophy, physics, political science, psychology, religious studies, Spanish and drama.
    The South Bermingham Institute is a Phi Beta Kappa member institutions and more than 20 honorary or professional field headquarters.
    Bermingham Southern college is the nation's 6 at the same time with the AAcSB international certification and a member of the Phi Beta Kappa honor society and has one of the 6 liberal arts colleges in Phi Beta Kappa and Berta Gama Sigma.
    contact information Address: Birmingham-Southern college International Admission Arkadelphia Road Birmingham 900, AL 35254 e.mail : jmcginni@bsc.edu Tel: +1 205.226.4684 Online application: http://www.bsc.edu/admission/apply.
    cfm Thelma is a city in the state of Alabama's, located in Alabama River, Dallas county, the county government, from 1965 through the milepost type "voting rights act" and Selma Montgomery to enter the famous non violence.
    St Paul Anglican church (St. Paul's Episcopal church) is a red brick building, is a Gothic Revival style, built in 1875, because of a stained glass window, exquisite and famous, in 1975 was listed as the national register of historic places.
    Vaughan Smitherman Museum (Vaughan-Smitherman Museum) a layerexhibiting related items during the civil war, slavery and the relevant archives and information;
    the two layer is the three layer of politics, as the hospital open, in addition, also has a collection of antique furniture, in the middle of the nineteenth century North American Aboriginal and other related items.
    Reason: a city in the US state of Alabama
    Spots continents: North America
    Scenic region / country: the United States
    Attractions of the province, the state of Alabama: [Alabama State]
    city Attractions: Thelma [Selma]

    Blue cliff career Academy, formerly known as the blue cliff massage school in alabama.
    The school provides beauty training, a total of four professional settings, namely: massage, beauty, aesthetics and instructor training.
    The four courses are provided for day and night school courses to meet the needs of different students at the same time, the school has complete hardware facilities, which enable students to facilitate the theoretical knowledge and practical courses combined.
    The school also provides financial aid programs for students, to meet the conditions of the students will have the opportunity to receive tuition concessions.
    Massage therapy is the health care industry develops quickly, the country's top hospitals and health centers have been aware of the benefits of massage therapy, massage therapy and started to recruit professionals.
    Blue cliff career Academy provide you the most practical course of the industry, only to spend months, students of different backgrounds, as long as there is a strong demand for learning, whether it is now a housewife or a carpenter, whether a nurse or administrative personnel, can successfully go on the road of professional massage.
    contact information Address: Blue cliff career college 2970 cottage Hill Rd, Suite Mobile 175, AL 36606 Tel: 1 (251) 473.2220 1 Fax: (251) 478.5553 Online application: http://www.blue.edu/   
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