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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
I heard that the schedule of American immigrants is very serious recently, and the policy is tightening constantly, right?
Expert answers:
The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) recently issued a new rule that, starting September 11, officials have the right to refuse a case directly if there is insufficient evidence for foreign citizens to apply for immigration, and no longer issue "supplementary notice" (RFE) or "notice of intent to reject an application" (NOID) to the parties concerned, the Star Island Daily reported.
The tightening policy has undoubtedly increased the workload of the Immigration Bureau, resulting in the inefficiency of the Immigration Bureau, which already has a large backlog of cases.
Recently, the U.S. Immigration Service released the latest EB-5 average trial time (updated to 30 June 2018).
The following is the latest data:
As of June 2018, the average progress of the latest EB-5 cases was as follows:
Approval of I-526 takes about 20-26 months.
Approval of I-829 takes about 30.
5-39.5 months.
Approval of I-924 takes about 19.5-25.5 months.
I-526 Application:
The estimated trial time is 20-26 months and the inquiry date is 31 May 2016. I-829 Application:
The estimated trial time is 30.
5-39.5 months and the case inquiry date is 21 April 2015. I-924 Application:
The estimated trial time is 19.5-25.5 months and the inquiry date is June 15, 2016. It should be noted that this is the average trial time published on the official website, and each applicant will have different speed depending on his or her personal situation.
Only by choosing a high quality EB-5 project can investors be guaranteed to get green cards quickly.
On the other hand, the experienced and meticulous documentation team can ensure that the applicant does not make mistakes in the preparation of documents to the greatest extent.
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