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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
Is it an American tax resident who holds a non-immigrant visa (e.
L, B) but has lived in the United States for a long time?
Expert answers:
For those who have a non-immigrant visa but have lived in the United States for a long time, although they do not have permanent residence rights, it is likely that they are tax residents of the United States.
For example, if the holder of an L or B visa has lived for at least 31 days in 2018, then it is a tax resident to see if he has lived for 183 days, which is in line with 183 days in that year.
If the residence time in 2018 is less than 183 days, then according to the residence time in 2017 and 2016, according to the formula, we can determine whether it is a U.S. tax resident or not.
According to the "actual residence" test, tax residents can apply for exceptions, and qualified tax residents can be avoideD.But depending on the basis of becoming a "tax resident", the reasons are different.
Yale University infrastructure: Yale University has a center, Yale University of engineering and applied science, molecular and Structural Biology Center, child development and Social Policy Research Center, Astrobiology Institute, nuclear physics laboratory structure and a number of research institutions has a leading position in the world.
Yale University professor University Yale lineup, curriculum arrangement, teaching facilities, first-class.
Special learning facilities include Museum, Museum of natural history, observatory, radio, rare books and Manuscript Library, botanical gardens and other research center for student study.
Sports facilities and a gymnasium, indoor and outdoor track and field, indoor and outdoor tennis, skating rink, boating equipment, Gore, Cardiff, Equestrian Center and outdoor education centre.
Yale University attaches great importance to undergraduate education, many outstanding professors have been engaged in the teaching of basic courses.
Yale College is the core of Yale University, a total of 65 lines, the creation of more than 2000 undergraduate courses each year.
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    ABOUT alabama local customs, tourist attractions
       The state of Alabama English name Birmingham-southern college Set professional business / marketing, English, interdisciplinary research and management The United States Bermingham Southern college has always been the "National Review", "us News and World Report", "money" the magazine as the top liberal arts colleges, one of the United states.
    School of unique initiatives, undergraduate honors program research, leadership studies, service learning opportunities and international studies.
    Short term in January of each year, designed to give students independent research at home and abroad, travel and practice.
    The number of graduates in the school admitted to legal, medical and other graduate school and the employment rate has a remarkable record.
    Bermingham Southern college can offer the master's degree bachelor.
    Students can learn a spare for the flexible educational system, early graduation, personalized professional setting, honors program, double degree, independent research, challenge, winning honor will join the United States University etc.
    Special courses include internships, summer courses, extracurricular research, study abroad and the United States Army and Air Force ROTc The school is a popular professional business / marketing, English, interdisciplinary research.
    The school has 95 full-time teachers, 94% have the highest degree of the professional.
    The student teacher ratio is 13:1. A total of 1500 students, including 1400 undergraduates.
    Boys and girls accounted for 60%, accounted for 40%.
    Students from all 28 states and regions.
    The students accounted for 77%.
    Overseas students accounted for 0.6%.
    In the second grade to 80% freshmen can continue to learn.
    School characteristics There are full-time teachers in 95 schools have 94% school characteristics, the highest degree of the professional.
    The student teacher ratio is 13:1. A total of 1500 students, including 1400 undergraduates.
    Boys and girls accounted for 60%, accounted for 40%.
    Students from all 28 states and regions.
    The students accounted for 77%.
    Overseas students accounted for 0.6%.
    In the second grade to 80% freshmen can continue to learn.
    Life navigation The school has a convenient campus network.
    There are 156 computers can access the internet.
    The library has a collection of 270 thousand books, 1000 journals.
    The campus of active 70 community organizations, including drama / drama club, newspaper, chorus In line with the conditions of 62% boys and 65% girls is the qualified or college fraternity and sorority of the ncaa.
    The school is the National collegiate Athletic Association (first division) and NAIA (NAIA) members.
    School sports (some projects provide scholarships) including baseball (boys), basketball (men), cross-country, football, tennis, volleyball and so on.
       currently there are several assets improvement projects, including $20 million air cargo complex expansion and return air carrier apron area.
    1 recently announced include adding another square and a new baggage screen concourse extension.
    The expansion and modernization, will begin in early 2008, will also include more modern passenger convenience, upgrade concessions and international door approved by federal inspection services.
    The estimated cost of terminal expansion is $161 million.
    a stop en route Bermingham International Airport (FAA) sketch Bermingham International Airport now has a built in Xiamen Airlines B lobby American Airlines (Dallas) American Eagle Airlines (chicago O'Hare) continental Airlines (Houston - Intercontinental) continental Express operated by ExpressJet Airlines (Houston - Intercontinental, New York - Newark) Northwest Airlines (Detroit, Memphis) Northwest Airlines l operated by Southwest Airlines (Detroit, Memphis) US Airways US Airways express operated by Mesa Airlines (Sherlock) US Airways express operated by PSA Airlines (Sherlock) US Airways express operated by Republic Airlines (Sherlock, Philadelphia) c lobby Delta Airlines (Atlanta) Delta connection operated by the Atlantic Southeast Airlines (Atlanta) Delta connection managed by chautauqua Airlines (cincinnati / Northern Kentucky) Delta connection operated by comair (cincinnati or North Kentucky, New York LaGuardia, Orlando) Delta Airlines operated by free contact (Orlando) Delta connection operated by SkyWest (Atlanta, Salt Lake city) ExpressJet Airlines (New Orleans, Rowley or Durham) Southwest Airlines (Baltimore / Washington, chicago midway, Dallas love field, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Houston, hobby, Luis Weil, Nashville, New Orleans, 4 March [11 start, Orlando, Phoenix, Saint Louis and Tampa) United Airlines United Express operated by Mesa Airlines (chicago O 'Hare Dulles, Washington) United Express operated by SkyWest (chicago O Hare, Denver) Best buy appliances in Argos, both cheap and quality assurance.
    chinatown day, and issued two china supermarket.
    But the biggest thing, the cheapest w Wing Yip in starcity, to do 66 road vehicles from city center.
    Bermingham lived in or near the students need not have those things with daily necessaries, china supermarket, and the price is not expensive.
    Rather than save a few kilograms of several books.
         Study in Aston university students to Asda the best buy, variety, cheap.
    Study in Birmingham University Selly Oak, if you live in, you can to Audi or sainsbury.
    Sainsbury what type of complete, but a little expensive, can apply for a card (nectar), get preferential.
    In Pritchatts Park students to harbourn shopping.
    The cheapest Kwik save, a little expensive, but many kinds of safeway.
    Iceland frozen food is good, but the price is very expensive.
    Don't buy things to Marks & Spencer, the rich people go.
    Live near hall Maison, you can go to tesco.
    but is far away, in the five ways.
         city center outdoor market and indoor market.
    Outdoor is selling fruits and vegetables, as well as the market china.
    Things are very cheap, good luck can also buy the wholesale price of fresh food.
    Indoor is a butcher and grocery.
    Where to sell meat is cheap, but most of the chicken on steroids, the girl ate grow a mustache oh.
         The needle is the cheapest POUNDLAND dollar store, inside the pillow, 8 boxes of glasses, gloves, winter underwear, a set of 3 boxes of food, film, there are a lot of groceries, snacks, sell 1 pounds.
    Is also cheaper than at home.
    Unfortunately, there is no quilt sold.
    Yes, not how to sleep pillow quality, a month on the flat die.
    Buy a quilt to go to the Argos, the price of about 10 pounds.
         If you live in the school dormitory, the school will send pillow quilt, do not buy.
    The pan can buy 2, 7, 8, September is the last student graduation sale period.
    To buy new to Argos, Sheng w Wing Yip, issued 3 pounds.
    Go to the open market free car, to take the train to city center (a few minutes), then walk to there.
    It sounds complicated, is also very convenient.
         I don't know about Aston.
    School dormitory laundry room, 1.7 pounds to wash, dry clothes plus 20p.
    Very expensive.
    There is no place to dry clothes in the dormitory, but you can buy the clothes rack.
    Outside rent generally have washing machine.
         Honestly, the school houses very nervous Even if you get housing guarantee, or even get contract, or can not guarantee you a place, at least can not guarantee that the school was originally assigned you a good place.
    Because Bermingham every year to recruit students are far more than it offers dormitory, many students got the housing guarantee, but as to the night, the dormitory or by others live out, very pocket.
         Bermingham housing service management is very confusing, what kind of house has been rented out, those who do not often confused him.
    I have a friend in china has got a contract for housing, even where room already know, but the move to reception, who told him that the house is already occupied, to arrange him to another room.
    He was lucky, moved in when there are available, if not, he do not know where to live.
         When we arrived, some people a day to run housing service 4, 5 times, because they did not receive the school housing guarantee, or have been received, but I do not know what was assigned to the dormitory, until housing service asked, to know all the dormitories to rent, they had to find another place.
    Imagine a stranger, no more pain to find housing, ah.
    If you have a housing guarantee, the school will arrange for you to B&Bs, if there is no guarantee, just have to solve.
    Some people came here, only to find the school housing contract sent to his home.
    He had to leave school again a contract.
    So you'd better come early, early contact housing service, in order to avoid the first several days on the streets.
    We were to get the contract to pay accommodation, no deposit.
         The dormitory facilities, you can rest assured that the quality is good, but often burned outside the bulb.
    Each dormitory to a spring mattress, two sheets, a quilt, a quilt and a pillow and pillow.
    A few months after the pillow will sleep very flat, you need to buy another.
    The summer night to cover the quilt, very cool.
         What are the bad things in the dormitory can call someone to repair reception.
    Pritchatts park is responsible for fixing things the old man with white hair, wearing glasses, very good.
    The last time my hair dryer brought over from china broke, he called second days to repair, he said again, gave a new to me.
    It was only he was so good, other people do not like.
         The cost of living each big difference, if not cut hair, don't go to the bar, do not eat in restaurants, not to buy clothes and shoes, eat snacks, all day to buy food to cook their own, about 10 pounds a week.
    Most people are not up to such a low level.
    A copy of a big book to 10 pounds, look at the pages, you don't have the original copy, the chapter on the line as long as the teacher.
    This is the cheapeSt. If the course of many people, the books in the library is not enough, are all classmates between rushing by.
    So either earlier or find those who borrow, borrow a copy, or find another way.
         can take condiment, but here the chinese supermarket selling condiment, kind of very neat, but the price is not expensive.
    So there is no need to take what.
    Drive the road, the quality of nature can tell the way.
    Sometimes, you need to do what field test The police, at the foot of the road will make you feel out of the local economic situation.
    When I from Niagara Falls near the town of buffalo from the United States, like driving in Beijing after running through the city of Victoria, and to the second, three ring will feel different.
    The road is not the world's best road, because the United States will implement a speed limit.
    In 1998 the United States highway provided a speed of 104 km / hour, california is now referred to 120 km / h, some in the middle of 130 km / hour road.
    When I asked about the matter, a car club who say: "the speed limit standard is based on the quality of the pavement.
    The speed limit of 120 km is to tell you, this section of the road in 10% to 15% of the value does not exceed the speed limit, to ensure safe and effective emergency braking.
    The higher the speed of the pavement roughness requirements are also higher, if the vehicle four wheel in the state of high speed can not balance the grip, brake again good no use.
    Due to brake less accidents, there are a lot of reasons is due to the road.."
    In addition to not speeding, this person also reminded me not with the car too close.
    Because at the same time, the california traffic act with such a provision: punishment on the road to love the trailing vehicle biting 0 run.
    This is not some caution for professionals, I still bear in mind, also began to care about the road speed limit signs, but also the loss of that without regard to rush of courage.
    For the use of speed limit signs, Americans are very important.
    They will be at the entrance of the road or some ramps, road traffic large bend and timely place different speed limit sign.
    In the corner and out of the highway, is also very eye.
    catching signs of deceleration.
    If you turn over 180 degrees, the sign will draw a similar sign that we turn around.
    In a word, the way in the calibration of the speed limit, give people the feeling that the pavement, tough, unlike many of our roads in a few years became a no longer stretch tension uneven cloth, but also add some patches.
    I think, in addition to material and construction of the road maintenance, we have also not enough attention.
    A paving material of Americans use nothing more than asphalt.
    I feel more and more close to the city traffic is a big road, road is hard.
    For example, those few overhead road and road intersection in place, as is constructed with cement pavement.
    In order to increase the hard road adhesion, I have seen the United States roadmen uses a special machine to make some texture texture in this has not yet solidified on the pavement.
    As for the road maintenance, I have not seen them how to construction, but often will see a road asphalt pavement cracks in some greasy, this shows their pavement in the use of the process will not be able to avoid the fracture and damage.
    Perhaps this is to prevent the deformation of subgrade seam with rainwater infiltration, the road collapse or damage the larger area.
    No wonder some of our road a few rain, it has a number of pits and depressions.
    Our loop multi curve, multi fluctuation, import and export, and the pavement quality is not ideal, the use should pay more attention to the speed limit sign.
    For example, some broken road, old and new pavement deformation serious South 3rd Ring Rd alternate use of the two ring road and lane narrow corners, great location and export and other places on the road, the speed limit is placed in different, and not just in accordance with the provisions of the whole lane or models that unified several speed limit loop.
    In addition, the use of that for people to design the speed limit is not visible, also need to be improved.
    The United States in addition to the speed limit the speed limit value, and the speed or the maximum speed limit sign words, mostly rectangular, than we were bigger.
    To travel to the United States, are generally to the big city, famous tourist spots, but it is difficult to enter the American people society, is difficult to really understand the American small town.
    To the United States for a few months, and therefore want to come to visit, and American civilians as involved in eating and sleeping, rice oil salt sauce.
    For the understanding of the United States may be more practical, more real -- the United States after all not just New York, Losangeles, Las Vegas, is not only the Grand canyon, Disney, Niagara Falls, and more is the small and medium-sized city, is the people's life.
    Last Saturday, my daughter said to take us to the north of the whale (local name) to go shopping, to the children photography, the first time I have the feeling of a us shopping, dining and service.
    We give the child photography.
    What services are almost in the United States to make an appointment, no appointment is not possible.
    For example, to the hospital, to auto repair etc.
    According to the daughter said, the child is an appointment for 100 days, the time is 11:30 in the morning.
    We arrive at 11 o'clock, and came in and a white woman with a child.
    A miss.
    Let's wait a minute, because they are reserved 11 points behind her, we.
    The studio equipment in general, in my opinion, technology in general.
    They will not the level of the camera than our home, two little girls, can have good technology?
    The studio is located in a supermarket.
    Because of the time not to, I will go out.
    The supermarket is very big, regional segregation is very strict, with daily necessities, household appliances and clothing products.
    I looked at the shoes, children's products, can be said that all chinese produced.
    We said, just met two women in the East, they heard us say chinese, asked us: "you are the china?"
    "Yes, yes.
    "We are also."
    When a chinese salesman like hear us coming.
    I asked her: "where are you from?"
    originally, the two women in Guangdong, married Americans;
    the waitress is Taiwan, husband years ago to study in the United States, they have joined the American nationality.
    And in their chat, we know to the supermarket in the United States that the similar blue collar jobs, there is no green card or naturalization is not possible.
    chinese students after graduation employment are big companies, research institutions, universities and other institutions such.
    12 photographs, the daughter said at the time to take us to eat.
    I stand against into the restaurant and I am not accustomed to eating American food, even chinese food is not authentic But even if the son to say in my honor, we went to a Japanese restaurant, than Western-style food delicious According to them.
    This is a big Japanese buffet restaurant, at the same time for hundreds of people eat no problem.
    Many varieties of vegetables, but because it is a Japanese cuisine, the food varieties are Japanese sushi, taste, cold, and hot dishes, barbecue.
    After all, Japanese and chinese close, still can enjoy meals.
    The waiters here are boys, and they are Japanese;
    diners chinese many, of course, more or Japanese americans.
    In the United States is the biggest characteristic of dining must tip the waiter, because they are no salary said, rely on tips.
    To tip in many places, such as taxi, hire service should give a tip.
    The tip is common in the United states.
    The average tip is spending 10% to 15%.
    I asked them to give me?
    They told me they ask: "Sir, you forgot to tip."
    A meal, $16 per person, plus four cup of tea, gave the waiter 8 dollars a tip, spending a total of 76 yuan is more than 80 dollars plus tax.
    If the dollar is 8 yuan, is more than 600 yuan.
    Ha ha, 4 people at home to spend more than 600 dollars to eat a meal that is really good ah, but I ate the food here really is so flattered.
    In one of the biggest features of American consumption tax is, whether you buy any goods, in addition to any consumption tax.
    Such as eating to pay taxes, buy a pair of shoes to pay taxes, is to buy food or to pay taxes.
    General commodity tax increase of 6%, of course, some consumption tax is relatively high, can reach 15%.
    That is to say, a pair of shoes for your price of $20, but in the payment to pay 21. 2 yuan, the tax is paid to the country.
    It is no wonder that the us government can have so much revenue, so the us government to respect taxpayers, the government can maintain that huge military spending?
    Eat out, we went to a shop to buy food in South korea.
    Because the United States is a nation of immigrants, together with the world almost all racial and ethnic immigrants, foreign nationals or many.
    Therefore, it has formed many national specialty shops to meet the needs of these countries nationals.
    Daughter's Bolley constant area, no china shop nearby, very convenient to buy food and vegetables.
    Because the structure of food chinese and Americans, many American food is not the food store.
    But the food structure of Korean and chinese similar, so near chinese became a frequent guest Korean store.
    This is a large South Korean grocery store, I think it is Korean open.
    There are vegetables, grain, fruit, seafood, carnivorous, and daily necessaries, cakes and biscuits etc.
    These foods are basically made in South Korea, there are some chinese and Taiwan production;
    some food is playing chinese brand, but the production is produced in the United States.
    As a renowned biscuit is produced in the United States want, as Zhenjiang is the domestic production of vinegar.
    Living in the United States, there is absolutely no china convenient, like a small domestic vegetable shop is hard to find, let alone to find the nearest in the area, so in the United States, no car can't do anything.
    Because they are shopping in bulk, enough to eat for a week, no car how to take home?
    We have no more purchasing, but still with a trunk, spent nearly one hundred yuan.
    My people have a habit of occupation, is where we would like to know where the market, human geography.
    My rough look, these vegetables basic meat and domestic similar prices, such as a pound of tomatoes 1 yuan a pound of potatoes, 0. 5 yuan, a 0 pounds of carrots.
    About 8 yuan..
    Of course you can not use the RMB exchange rate more than eight conversion, but should be one to one ratio that, because Americans if the income by a more than one, the United States and the basic chinese, our relative price almost or lower.
    But every time I buy what I have in the yuan and the dollar exchange rate, one can't live in the United States, it is too expensive.
    Some people say that the sun is chinese.
    That is very.
    In the shopping in the supermarket, I have met a lot of chinese.
    Shenyang, Anhui, Sichuan, Beijing..
    Haha, where can be said to have.
    See more, it is not at home, see a blond and blue eyes that he is a foreigner;
    in the United States is not the same, you can see the east face everywhere, can hear speak in Mandarin, you can not feel the face is a foreigner because some of these people are students, some immigrants.
    There is a green card, and some have been naturalized, maybe they will say it is chinese Americans.
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