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Information on Immigration, Investment, Education and Residence
What are the latest immigration policies of the United States in 2018?
How much does it cost to invest in immigrating to the United States?
What conditions are needed?
How long?
Expert answers:
Since Trump came to power, the immigration policy of the United States has been tightening.
In 2018, it finally spread to the United States to invest in immigration projects.
Recently, the official website of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) issued a notice that from September 11 this year, if there is insufficient evidence for foreign citizens to apply for immigration, officials have the right to refuse cases directly and no longer issue "Supplementary Notice" (RFE) or "Notice of Intention to Deny Applications" (NOID) to the parties.
All other categories of immigration applications, petitions and requests will be adjusted except for the cases of DACA, which are not affected by the preliminary suspension orders issued earlier by New York State and California courts.
According to the new regulations, some applicants in immigration cases can refuse applications directly without submitting the required supporting documents or submitting the supporting documents that do not qualify for application.
The immigration officer does not need to send the supplementary materials (RFE) or the notice of refusal (NOID).
The new regulations cover various types of immigration applications, including non-immigrant visa/identity and immigration applications, such as H-1B application for foreign workers and extension and conversion, B-1/B-2 conversion of student status (F-1/F-2), L-1 visa for managers of multinational corporations (L-1), O-1 visa for artists (O-1), as well as relative immigrants (I-130), professional immigrants (EB), and status adjustment (I-485).
This includes, of course, U.S. investment immigration programs.
Nevertheless, other aspects of EB-5 Investment Migration in the United States have not been affected, and it is still one of the lowest threshold immigration projects.
Applicants can immigrate to the United States for only $500,000.
However, due to the large number of people applying for immigration in mainland China, they are currently in the scheduling stage and have a long waiting time.
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